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Motor scooter reviews are a great way to learn about the best scooters (and the worst). At this page, you can even share your own scooter reviews!

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We're building a scooter community here... and I aim to offer authoritative information about scooters as well. To that end, I decided to give my readers the opportunity to share their scooter reviews here.

After all, I certainly can't speak knowledgeably about every scooter on the market. I've only driven a Genuine Motor Scooters Buddy myself, though I do know other scooter owners and can speak with some authority about a few other brands and models too.

But don't you find it's helpful to talk to people who really know about a product, because they've used it and tested it, inside and out? I know I do. And I always look for reviews on products before I make a purchase. It's just good common sense.

Owners who want to leave reviews can skip down to this section...

Tips for Scooter Buyers Looking for Brand Info

Find the best scooters here

So, if you're thinking about buying a new scooter but want to do your research first by reading reviews, then chances are, you'll be able to find a review about it here.

You can browse the categories below to get started. I've made categories for some of the most common brands, but if you don't see what you want there, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to view some of our miscellaneous scooter reviews.

Or... if all that clicking and scrolling is too much for you, then why not just do a site search?

Warning: Be sure you word your search carefully, in order to pull up the most relevant pages here. For instance, if you are looking for reviews of the Piaggio Fly scooter, then try searching on something like "Piaggio Fly scooter review". If you were just to put in the make and model of scooter, you might also pull up numerous question pages. These might also be helpful, but I'd start with the review pages, if I were you. Smile

For Scooter Owners Who Want to Leave Reviews

I would love to have my visitors keep adding new reviews to the site all the time too. So, if you own a scooter and would like to tell us about your experience with it, then we'd love to hear it!

Just browse the categories below to see where your scooter fits... or if none match your brand, then hop down to the form on this page to leave your review.

Scooter Brands Categories of Reviews

Leave us some scooter reviews love, won't you?

We have hundreds of scooter reviews here on the site. Some brands have gotten more reviews than others, so they have their own pages:


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While I appreciate your willingness to share your review here, I do have to require that you use use proper capitalization & punctuation when you type it. Please... no ALL CAPS! If you are not willing to do so, then I WILL delete your review! I'm sorry to be so inflexible, but... I just don't have time to do heavy editing and I won't publish ALL CAPS, all lower case, no spell checked or no punctuation submissions. No exceptions. So don't waste your time or mine in typing in such dreck, OK? Thanks for your cooperation!

Have A Scooter Review About a Brand
You'd Like to Share?

Do you have a scooter brand or model you can speak firsthand about? If so, that's great... Share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about your scooter. The more detail you include, the more meaningful this review will be for future visitors to this page.

A review that just says something like "Awesome scooter! Love it!" has no real value because it doesn't tell us what you liked... or didn't like.

At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

  • Appearance & design
  • How well it runs/performance
  • Reliability
  • Price vs. value
  • Customer support from seller, if applicable
  • How long you've owned this scooter

OK... please share! :)

Our Miscellaneous Scooter Reviews

Click below to see scooter reviews we already have that don't fit into any of the categories.

2008 Tank Touring 250 cc. Motor Scooter Review 
I like my Tank Touring scooter, but it costs a lot to maintain. First when I got it at 300 miles the starter went. Then little things started to go on …

Tao Tao CY50D Scooter Review 
I just bought this scooter and it is great. Took a couple of hours putting the pieces together but nothing terribly difficult. I am 6'3" weigh about 220lbs, …

Review of an E-TON Beamer II Scooter 
E-TON Beamer II Scooter Review: This is a 2005 2 stroke 49cc black scooter. I now have 5,000 plus miles on it. I like the manual choke. I had a problem …

Review of 2005 Daelim S2 150cc Scooter 
This Daelim S2 125cc Scooter (South Korea model) has been my first scooter (bought in Feb. 2006) and overall I have been pleased with it. It has a 125cc …

Magnum Chariot 300cc Trike Review 
I bought a Chariot 300cc trike, called Magnum 300cc, 2010 model online in March from County Motor Sports, distributed by Ice Bear. Came in a crate,still …

E-ton Matrix R4-150 Scooter Review 
I needed a scooter that could easily go 45-55 MPH for my commute to work. I looked at a number of scooters, and bought the E-ton Matrix 150 scooter. I …

I purchased this scooter from Sunny Sports on line. On its arrival it did not work. I replaced the battery with a high quality one, but it was to no avail. …

Flyscooters LaVie 
We purchased a beautiful Flyscooters LaVie in January of 2009. It had been brought back to the dealer by the original buyer because it was too slow for …

Garelli Tiesse 4t 
I like the design of these motor scooters... very attractive. Unfortunately, it's restricted; I don't know exactly where. It runs at 65 KPH. …

Schwinn Laguna 
Bad 2009 scooter. Just had the dealer take back the third one. All three would not run right. Spent 5 months in the shop trying to get them to work right. …

Lambretta Due50 Scooter Review 
The modern Lambretta Due50 scooter is one of those scooters you'll either love the look of or hate. While it's labeled a Lambretta, the new Lambrettas …

Keeway Venus 50cc Motor Scooter Review 
This scooter is the classic double-edged sword. On one hand, it was cheap ($1495 before tax), it's cute as can be, and is so small and compact it practically …

Aprilia Scarabeo Scooter Reviews 
Here is my Aprilia Scarabeo scooter review... With the rising gas prices, I started my search for a gas scooter that I could commute to and from work …

EagleCraft Verano Scooter Review 
This EagleCraft Verano scooter review offers one fan's experience with this motor scooter... I just bought an EagleCraft Verano scooter after seeing lots …

Review of an E-ton Sport 50 Scooter 
This review is primarily about the 2010 Eton Sport 50 with some comparisons to a 2010 Yamaha Vino 50. In the past, I have always been a die hard motorized …

Schwinn Hope 150 Scooter Review 
What I liked about the scooter: it's pink. What I don't like; Schwinn service is awful or non-existent. It spent more time in the shop than on the road. …

Review of 2008 Tomos Nitro 150cc Scooter 
I bought this scooter used last summer. I was looking to jump up from the Tomos Sprints (50 cc) that I already owned. Bought my first in 1994 and second …

Tomos Nitro Scooter Reviews 
Here is my review for the 2009 Tomos Nitro 50cc 4 stroke scooter I just bought. This scooter has great features... like both side stand and center stand. …

CPI ARAGON Sline Scooter Review 
So this is CPI Motor Co's new 50cc scoot. Bought it for about $1500 out in Hawaii at Pacific Mopeds and it has been a dream so far. It looks really cool …

TNG 150 Grand Sport Scooter Review 
First off, I have had 31 motorcycles in my life and this TNG 150 Grand Sport is my first scooter. I'm up in years but that's another story. I am finding …

TNG Milano Scooter Review 
The TNG (Twist n'Go) Milano scooter is probably one of the better purchases for the dollar anywhere in North America. Lower price point than others, but …

Vento Hot Rod Scooter Review 
The Vento hot rod is like a Vespa meets a Harley with Honda performance. It has a nice beefy look with classic style. The 150cc power is just right to …

VIP Super Champion Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
I have thoroughly enjoyed my VIP Super Champion scooter. It's comfortable, and most of all it's fuel economical. It offers a nice comfortable ride and …

2010 Honda Elite Gas Scooter Review Not rated yet
When I first bought the Honda Elite (110 cc) scooter, I did it so that I could haul it on a carrier connected to my pickup and motorhome. I found it to …

Click here to write your own.

150cc Gator Special Edition Scooter Review Not rated yet
When I bought both scooters brand new, my first thought was to read about the history, and the dos and don'ts. Well the first thing I discovered was bolts …

2005 Wildfire 125cc Scooter Review Not rated yet
I have been doing regular maintence to my Wildfire scooter, and even got it doing about 65 mph @8000 rpm, and I had an oil leak on the crankshaft, and …

Jinlun scooter 50cc Q6a Scooter Review Not rated yet
On our Jinlun scooter 50cc Q6a scooter, our likes are as follows: Gas Mileage is great Fun to ride Good turning Fairly light scooter Comes in …

2006 Aprilia Scarabeo 250 Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
My Aprilia Scarabeo 250 scooter is a great scooter. 16" tires give it a stability that most scooters lack. I've gone 60 on the freeway without concern …

My 2010 Tomos Nitro 150 Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
I have just purchased this scooter recently so I can't make too many comments as it relates to how it will stand up over time. I did my homework before …

Piaggio Fly 150 (2009) Scooter Review Not rated yet
I have a Piaggio Fly scooter from 2009. This is my scooter review of it... Likes: #1 Light, easy to maneuver. #2 Great gas mileage... I have registered …

Adly Jet Scooter Review Not rated yet
Here is my review of my Adly Jet 50cc scooter... Likes: Awesome Taiwanese build, rugged, fast, dependable Minarelli two stroke, locking glove box …

Direct Bikes JL50-QT7 retro scooter (50cc) Review Not rated yet
This is a very cheap retro scooter based on the Jinlun but badged as a Direct Bikes model in the UK. The hardest thing was to get insurance; however Rampdale …

Click here to write your own.

Thanks for taking the time to share your motor scooter reviews with me and my readers. We appreciate you!

In Summary...

Motor scooter reviews are a great way to learn the ins and outs of a gas scooter from someone who knows and isn't trying to sell you anything... the scooter owners themselves! Have fun!

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