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portrait of kathi macnaughton, webmaster hereHi there! Thanks for stopping by...

I love to hear from my site visitors. You can use the handy form below to send me your comments, testimonials, or whatever else you want to tell me. It's totally up to you. And I'll do my best to answer you, if needed. But bear in mind, if the weather is nice, I just might be out scootin' and not in front of my laptop!

If you're selling SEO services or some scooter product, then the best way to get in touch with me about those things is on this page.

For Questions & Scooter Stories

Please understand I am just one person and this is not my only website, so when you write to me, I can't always get back to you immediately (though I DO try). Also, while I am knowledgeable about scooters and scooter riding, I am not an expert in every aspect of scootering. And I can't answer ANY questions about mechanical/engine stuff! So I rely heavily on members of my community to keep the information accurate on this site and to respond to inquiries of that nature.

Please use the form on this page ONLY for comments and questions about this website itself, not to gain information about scooters!

To ask questions or to share your experience with scooters, use these pages instead:

  • Scooter ANSWERS — A page where questions about scooters and scootering can be both asked and answered, not necessarily by me, but by anyone who has the knowledge. Have you heard of Yahoo Answers? Well, this is kind of like that, only it's just about scooters! There's a category for just about every kind of scooter question you can come up with.

  • Scooter Stories — When you love scooters, motor scooter stories will naturally follow. So tell us about your scooter adventures on this page... or comment on someone else's story. It's all in fun...

  • Scooter Reviews — Want to know more about a specific brand? Want to share your experience with a scooter brand or model? This is the place to do it!

  • Scooter Discussion Forum — New in August '09 is our discussion board, or forum where you can talk to me and other scooter owners about all things scooter.

DO NOT use the form on this page to ask a question about scooters, scooter maintenance/repair or anything other than this website itself! If you do send me a question about scooters or scootering, you won't get an answer from me, because I don't respond to those types of emails. To get an answer to questions like that, please post them at the Scooter Answers section of the website. I'm sorry, but there are only so many hours in a day and I cannot answer every question personally... I have to rely on my helpers, like Jimmy Z (just see how many questions he answers!). tiny smiley face

Other Ways to Interact...

The Web today is all about communities, and making virtual "friends", people you have something in common with (like scootin'!). So, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too and give scooter lovers a way to connect, share their scooter experiences and upload photographs of their scooters, and more. If you want to participate, visit The eScooter Club to find out the details. IT'S FREE!

Or visit our fairly new Facebook page for Motor Scooters... we've started to have some lively discussions there.

Another option is to talk with me or other scooterists at our motor scooter forum.

But... If You Still Want to Use This Form...

If you've read all the better options above, but all you want to do is make a comment or ask a question about the site or request a link exchange, then have at it...

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PS I won't use your personal contact info for anything other than to answer you back (if necessary)... Promise.

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ATTENTION! I have had to delete the Scooter Forum for this site, unfortunately. Despite my best efforts, I could not adequately prevent daily attacks by hackers and spammers. Even though most of their posts did not go public, they still cluttered up my website host's server space, jeopardizing my account. I appreciate everyone's contributions over the past few years and I apologize for having to do this.

Wondering why your scooter question never got posted?

Chances are, there is a good reason. Did you...

If you "checked yes" on any of the points above, then I've deleted your post. Sorry, but I have standards. Feel free to re-submit, following the instructions I have everywhere on the site.

Also... all submissions have to be reviewed by me, and I am currently backlogged. Comments go live without approval, but still take 30 to 60 minutes to show up, so don't repost them, please.

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