Types of Motorized Scooters

Options in a Street Legal Scooter

Motorized scooters are a great purchase. But before you buy, you'll need to know more about your options, in terms of types of street legal scooters.

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Motor scooter brigade on the move...

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The most popular type of scooter in the US today is probably what is known as a "street legal scooter". These moter scooters can truly hold their own in heavy traffic or on the freeway with cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

Yes, I know I've misspelled motor on this page as "moter", so please don't write me about it. I'm trying to help people who don't spell as well as you and me to find this page.

Motorized scooters like the Genuine Buddy are a joy to ride

These aren't the little putt putt Vespas of yesteryear. Or rather, you CAN still buy the small models of street legal scooters if all you want to do is motor short distances at moderate speeds.

But if you want to go faster and longer, then the good news is, there are many different options... in scooters with engines of 125cc all the way up to 600cc workhorses that are every bit as powerful as a typical motorycle.

Scooters are just as legitimate for 2-wheel travel these days as any motorcyle on the road!

Get Familiar with Types of Scooter Choices

A Kymco maxi-scoot

Motorized scooters can be classified using a few different factors:

Knowing your needs and wants going into any moter scooter purchase is essential. A street legal scooter might be more scooter than you need. On the other hand, some scooters only go 45 or 50 MPH tops, so if you plan to travel on a high-speed highway, you may need more power and size in your scooter.

Here are just a few of the many choices you'll have when you start looking at scooters...

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In Summary...

So, take time to read through this section of the site to learn more about types of moter scooters and also to think about what you really want or need. You can use the links above to start your exploration and discovery into motorized scooters.

Other pages you might like to visit...

Do you know what you need to about your local state scooter laws?

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