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Honda motor scooters offer reliable quality...

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Honda Elite scooter is one of our Honda motor scooters reviews

Honda is a well-known company with a wide range of products, including cars, motorcycles, scooters and other powersports vehicles.

They're clearly versatile and focused on both quality and value, with strong American roots in the past few decades. People who drive Honda motor scooters seem to love them, as you can see by the reviews below.

The Honda Scooters line includes all of the following models:

  • Metropolitan
  • Ruckus
  • Elite
  • PCX
  • SH150i
  • Silver Wing ABS

So reviews of any of those scooters are welcome here!

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Share Your Honda Scooter Review

Can you speak firsthand about a Honda scooter? If so, that's great... I want you to share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about your Honda scooter. The more detail you include, the more meaningful this review will be for future visitors to this page.

A review that just says something like "Awesome scooter! Love it!" has no real value because it doesn't tell us what you liked... or didn't like.

At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

  • Appearance & design
  • How well it runs/performance
  • Reliability
  • Price vs. value
  • Customer support from seller, if applicable
  • How long you've owned this scooter

OK... please share! :)

Other People's Honda Scooter Reviews

Click below to see reviews from other Honda owners...

Review of the Honda SH150i Motor Scooter 
I have owned this scooter for about 5 months. I bought it new from a registered Honda Dealer. I paid $1000 less than retail, I think because it is a …

Review of the 2010 Honda Elite 110 Gas Scooter 
The Honda Elite gas scooter is a perfect machine for local riding. I average 300 miles per month throughout the cities along the Gulf Coast. Some notable …

My Honda Silverwing 600 ABS 2006 Scooter Review 
I am 5'10" with a 30 inch inseam and 230 lbs. I thought I would post a review of my Honda Silverwing scooter to share my experiences with it. I bought …

2009 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review 
I have been the proud owner of a 2009 Honda Metropolitan for three days....and LOVE IT! My husband owns a motorcycle and originally wanted me to buy …

2010 Honda SH 150i Gas Scooter Review 
The Honda SH 150i is a well made scooter. The large 16 inch wheels add to the appearance and make a nice ride even on dirt roads. Great suspension for …

Honda Silverwing Gas Motor Scooter Review 
I converted to the Honda Silverwing from a Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser in January 2011. I bought the Silverwing used from a local dealer. It had 22K miles …

My Review of a 2010 Honda SH150i Scooter 
The Honda SH150i scooter is made in Italy (where scooters were invented in the 1940s) and is the best selling scooter in Italy; better than the native …

Motor Scooter Review: 2010 Honda Elite 110 Scooter 
Shopped all the brands and prices before deciding this bike provides the best value for the buck. In fact it is really like three bikes in one: 1 Best …

1994 Honda SA 50 Scooter Review 
I'm 80 years old and use to own/ride a Harley. I have a golf car, a Mercedes Diesel Auto, a motor home, a 1994 Honda 50 cc 2-cycle motor scooter, and a …

2005 Honda 250 Big Ruckus Review 
I got this scooter cheap at a salvage place in Connecticut and it suffered badly before me. It spent some time under water and the interior of the engine …

2008 HONDA Silverwing 600D Scooter Review 
I own a 2008 HONDA Silverwing 600D scooter. This is my review of my Honda scooter... Like: handles very well plenty of power even with a rider …

2010 Honda SH150i Scooter Review 
I've only had this Honda SH150i scooter for a short time but it hasn't disappointed. If you can get past the hefty 4K price tag, then you will have a …

Honda Shi150 Scooter Review 
I love my scooter, have had Harley and several gold wings, my scoot is easy to maneuver, great performance, great on gas, but someone please hunt down …

Honda Silverwing 600 Scooter Review 
This Honda Silverwing scooter has a very comfortable ride, plenty of power and speed to ride any highway and ride with my biker friends. The original windshield …

2010 Honda Elite 110 Scooter Review 
This is one of the new kids on the block for Honda, along with the SH150i. I originally went to look at the SH but was taken right away with the looks …

Honda SES Dylan 125cc 
I have had my Honda SES Dylan 125cc for 4 months now and have become very attached to it over this short amount of time. My Dylan is 5 years old and has …

2010 Honda Elite Scooter Review 
I love this scoot! Now that I have that out of the way... the scoot is comfortable, economical, quick, and has great under seat storage. Did I mention …

Honda Helix 250 (1997) 
This Honda Helix scooter review details one rider's experience with a scooter vs. a motorcycle... Gaile says... I got my motorcycle license at the ripe …

2006 Honda Metro 50cc Scooter Review 
I love this Honda Metro scooter! It gets over 100 mpg and is perfect for my 8-mile commute across town to go to work. It just barely makes it to 40 mph …

Honda Dio 50 Scooter Review 
Heather shares this Honda Dio scooter review with us... My father bought this Honda scooter for me to use in college, instead of the car I wanted. At …

2010 Honda Elite Scooter Review 
I just recently purchased (August) a new 2010 Honda Elite 110 (NXH110WH) scooter and am pretty happy with my purchase. I've already put over 1000 miles …

2010 Honda Ruckus 50 Scooter Review 
My official opinion of the 2010 Honda Ruckus 50cc scooter is, "come on, Honda, are you kidding me... an MSRP of over $2k for this?". My personal thought …

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