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A Genuine scooter can be a great choice...

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If you've read through much of this site, you already know that I think very highly of Genuine motor scooters and the Genuine Scooter Company. They're high quality scoots and reasonably priced as well.

My Genuine Buddy scooter - a 125cc Series Italia model

You'll find my review of my Genuine Buddy here, but you'll also find other reviews below too. So, if you're here to read the reviews, click to skip to the Genuine scooter reviews at the bottom of this page.

Or, if you're here to leave your own review, then you can use the form in the next section to do so.

The Genuine Scooters line includes all of the following models:

  • Stella
  • Buddy
  • Roughhouse
  • Blur
  • Rattler (no longer in production)
  • Black Cat (no longer in production)

So reviews of any of those scooters are welcome here!


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While I appreciate your willingness to share your review here, I do have to require that you use use proper capitalization & punctuation when you type it. Please... no ALL CAPS! If you are not willing to do so, then I WILL delete your review! I'm sorry to be so inflexible, but... I just don't have time to do heavy editing and I won't publish ALL CAPS, all lower case, no spell checked or no punctuation submissions. No exceptions. So don't waste your time or mine in typing in such dreck, OK? Thanks for your cooperation!

Share Your Genuine Scooter Review

Can you speak firsthand about a Genuine scooter? If so, that's great... I want you to share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about your Genuine scooter. The more detail you include, the more meaningful this review will be for future visitors to this page.

A review that just says something like "Awesome scooter! Love it!" has no real value because it doesn't tell us what you liked... or didn't like.

At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

  • Appearance & design
  • How well it runs/performance
  • Reliability
  • Price vs. value
  • Customer support from seller, if applicable
  • How long you've owned this scooter

OK... please share! :)

Other Genuine Scooter Reviews

Click below to see reviews from other Genuine owners...

2002 Genuine Stella Gas Motor Scooter Review 
My 2002 mint green Genuine Stella scooter has been a complete defective product upon delivery new at 8 miles! Gone through numerous batteries, two charging …

Review of a 2002 Genuine Stella Scooter 
Upon delivery of a mint green 2002 Genuine Stella scooter with 08 miles and $3,100.00 cash paid what a disappointment in investment! This scooter drained …

I love my Buddy! 
This is such a cool scooter! The lines and molding are way cool! It has lots of pep and is just a joy to ride. I've owned scooters before and this is the …

2002 Genuine Stella Scooter Review 
Here is my review of my 2002 Genuine Stella scooter... I bought it new with 8 miles on it. The bike is very unreliable; it was defective upon day of delivery …

2010 Genuine Buddy 50cc Scooter Review 
Coming off of some bad experiences with my 2010 Genuine Buddy 50cc scooter... the right mirror stand broke with no explanation as to how... the scooter …

Genuine Rattler 110 Scooter Review 
I like my Genuine Rattler scooter... I have owned two Chinese scoots, and there is no comparison. I am a big guy... 260 pounds... this thing hauls me all …

Genuine Black Cat Scooter Review 
This scooter is amazing, the page says it only goes 30mph, but mine goes 45+ easy. I live in Illinois and I ride year round. We get rain and snow and …

2008 Genuine Buddy 125 Motor Scooter Review 
Within a year of buying my first scooter (Yamaha Vino Classic), I was ready for a scoot with a bigger engine. After reading many reviews about various …

Genuine Buddy St. Tropez Blue Tones 150 cc Review 
Here is my review of the Genuine Buddy St. Tropez model... well let's tell it like it is: THERE IS NO BAD. I am a single 48 year old "cool mom". I take …

Genuine Stella Scooter Reviews 
Here is my Genuine Stella scooter review... Scooter needed to be returned to the shop four times within the first two months of ownership. First week …

Genuine Buddy Reviews 
This is my own Genuine Buddy scooter review. You'll find information elsewhere on the site that is a bit less biased, but let me try to detail the pros …

2011 Genuine Stella 4T Review 
I've only had my Stella for 3 months, but so far I love it. Reminds me of my Vespa I had back in the 80s except this one is a 4 stroke. I have just over …

Genuine Roughhouse R50 Scooter Review 
If you are looking for a little scooter you will love the Genuine Roughhouse R50 scooter! At my friends' beach house, they purchased two Yamaha Zuma …

Genuine Blur Scooter Review 
Nothing but miles of smiles! I could write pages about this amazing entertaining scoot, but the first sentence sums it up!

Another Review of the Genuine Buddy 50cc Scooter Not rated yet
Good day, in 2008 I bought a PGO Metro 50cc scooter, which is the Canadian version of the American Genuine Buddy 50cc scooter. I fell in love, I used it …

2012 Genuine Stella 4 Stroke Scooter Review Not rated yet
I like the style of the 2012 Genuine Stella 4-stroke scooter although it seems overpriced. I have issues with the reliability. The speedometer quit working …

My Review of a Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter Not rated yet
I love my Genuine Buddy 125 scooter and the fun gift package they sent me after my purchase. I ride it everywhere as my old beater car sits rarely used. …

My Genuine Stella Scooter Review Not rated yet
I like everything about my 2008 Tangerine colored 2 stroke Genuine Stella scooter. Back in the 60s, my friend and I rode a lot. He always had an old Vespa …

2008 Buddy Series Italia 125 Not rated yet
When I went scooter shopping, I was pretty sure I wanted a Buddy - the organizer of my local scooter club said it was a reliable and speedy scooter. The …

Click here to write your own.

In Summary...

I think Genuine Scooters offer phenomenal value for the money. But I'm just one person... I'd like to hear what others think too... so please... share your Genuine Scooters reviews here with us, won't you?

If you'd like to see some of the other scooter reviews on this site, return to our main motor scooter reviews page.

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