Scooter Tuning for Gas Scooter Performance & Scooter Repair

Scooter Care & Scooter Maintenance

Scooter tuning is one part of scooter care/maintenance. But for ongoing gas scooter performance, you also need to know about scooter repair.

scooter tuning at a garage
Scooter tuning & scooter repair shops are needed...

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OK, so now you have your gorgeous new scooter and it's running smoothly. And that's as it should be with a brand new vehicle. But don't expect things to always stay so rosy. At least not unless you take care of your gas scooter the right way...

Like cars and other motorized vehicles, motor scooters need regular care and maintenance. Oil changes certainly, but also scooter tuning and maybe even scooter repair at times, that is if consistent, dependable gas scooter performance is important to you.

Pre-Ride Checklist

A scooter tuning checklist before every ride

Each time you go out for a ride on your scooter, you should routinely check a few things to make sure they're running right:

  • Lights come on and will adjust to bright/dim
  • Turn signals are working
  • Tires are fully inflated
  • Brakes – both front ones and back ones – working correctly
  • Windshield, if you have one, is clean and clear
  • Gas tank above 1/4 tank mark
  • Adequate motor oil
  • Adequate coolant, for water-cooled engines

Depending on the model and size of your scooter, there may be a couple of other items on your list too. The important thing is that you DO have a routine for making sure your scooter is in good working order before you ever get on it.

Routine Scooter Care & Maintenance

Gas scooter performance is best when you care for your scooter

Of course you'll want to keep your scooter as clean and shiny as possible. If you can't garage it, then you should probably think about getting a scooter cover to protect it as much as you can from the elements.

If it gets wet, dry it off. If it gets dirty, wash it. Patch any chipped paint to avoid development of rust spots. Simple, common-sense stuff.

You'll also want to change your oil periodically. New scooters should probably have this done within the first 300 to 500 miles, and then about once every 1000 miles thereafter. You'll need motorcycle oil; 15W-40 is a good choice for many scooters.

Winterizing Your Scooter

Winterizing your scooter is essential

Unless you live in a temperate climate, where you can ride your scooter year-round, there will be at least a couple months each year, when you aren't riding at all, due to cold temperatures, tons of rain or snow/ice.

During these times, you should do what is known as winterizing your scooter. This includes tasks such as:

  • Protecting the battery from draining
  • Stabilizing your fuel
  • Changing the oil
  • Cleaning the scooter from stem to stern
  • Checking for loose parts
  • Inflating the tires to full pressure
  • Protecting the scooter from rust
  • Covering the scooter

Learn more about how to winterize your scooter here

Where/How to Get Scooter Tuning & Maintenance

Probably the best place to find reliable scooter maintenance and repair mechanics is at the dealership where you bought your scooter, assuming they are scooter specialists. If they're not, then definitely look for a mechanic who knows scooters and has experience in repairing them.

To find a local scooter repair shop in your area, you can use this handy Google search form:

Type in something like scooter repair + boise (or whatever your town is).

Some Scooters Need More Care Than Others

From what I hear, if you buy one of those cheap Chinese scooters, you may need to know a bit more about scooter tuning and scooter maintenance. Those babies seem to need a lot more care & nurturing!

That's not to say you shouldn't buy one... as long as you know what you're getting into and you have the skill/knowledge/interest to do all that "gearhead" type stuff. smile

If You Have Questions...

If you have motor scooter questions, our experts have answers!

After I built this site, I found that people often came here because they were having trouble with their scooters and were looking for solutions. I'm not any kind of expert on scooter fixing; that's why I paid more for a scooter I knew would run well out of the box!

But luckily, I have a number of volunteers on the site who love to answer those kinds of questions. These are guys and gals who love to tinker with scooters and who know what they're talking about.

So, if you have questions or problems about getting – or keeping – your scooter going, then ask away:

In Summary

So keep your gas scooter running at top performance by getting the scooter tuning, scooter maintenance and scooter repair it needs!

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