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Essential Facts About a Diamo Scooter

Diamo scooters are made by Diamo USA. Find out whether a Diamo scooter would be the right choice for you...

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The name "Diamo" comes from the Italian word, andiamo, which means "Let's go!" The company website says that this name signifies their commitment to provide exciting, reliable products capable of both adventure and utility in many forms, including scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes.

Background Information

Diamo USA was originally marketed through a company called LS Motorsports, which has since gone out of business. The Diamo scooter assets, however, were picked up in 2009 by a company called Precision Powersports, who recognized the value of this product line and plans to keep developing it.

The Diamo website says they set themselves apart from the many other scooter brands through their commitment to customer service and high quality products. All of their products must pass a 76-point checklist covering all components. Dealers must be validated and MUST share the focus on great customer service.

Innovation is another core value, which for them means blending unique designs with functionality. They look to push the boundaries of the status quo in the area of design.

They claim to have one of the fastest growing dealer networks in the U.S., but to get information on where to find a Diamo scooter dealer, you have to fill out a form first, which is a bit annoying. As a whole, the entire Diamo USA website is quite outdated and is not a great source of current information on their product line.

Diamo Scooters Models

Diamo USA offers 7 different models of scooters. Some of them are available in more than one size. All of their models use components that the company has been using for many years and that have a proven track record with warranty claim rates of less than 3%.

  • Classic, in 50cc size
  • Velocity, in 50cc and 150cc
  • Tuscany, in 50cc and 150cc
  • F8, in 50cc and 150cc
  • Retro, in 150cc
  • Torino, in 150cc
  • Turista, in 300cc

The Tuscany and the F8 are their newest models and offer a blend of sophistication and performance.

Facts About Diamo Scooters Models

Diamo offers a variety of scooters to match various tastes, needs and budgets. Nothing can replace seeing the scooter in person and trying it out for the feel, but the descriptions below should help you narrow your choices. (NOTE: All descriptions are taken from the manufacturer's website or from press releases.)

49/50cc Models

Scooters with 50cc (or less) motors are great "around town" vehicles or even off-road vehicles, depending on the model. They don't go real fast, but that doesn't make them any less fun! Diamo offers 4 different choices, currently:

Diamo scooter - The Classic 50cc

Diamo Classic

This racy little scooter blends classic design (hence the name!) with ultra-modern technology. It's a stylish, zippy 4-stroke Diamo scooter with great acceleration and performance.

It features 10-inch wheels, ABS front disc brakes, lots of storage and the racing stripe pictured at left. It comes in 6 hot color choices too.

Diamo scooters like Velocity are cool!

Diamo Velocity

This sport-style scoot is designed and built with racing and performance in mind. The sporty looks in 4 bright colors only enhance its superb handling and feel.

Key features include color-keyed wheels, a Silverstone high performance Italian exhaust and a digital clock.

Diamo Tuscany picture

Diamo Tuscany

The Tuscany is one of two 2011 models from Diamo scooters. A recent press release says that, "With European styling, the Tuscany Scooter will turn heads for those with discerning taste." It offers incredible MPGs and low maintenance, making it eco-friendly.

Some reviews have called the Tuscany a badly-veiled Vespa knock-off, but Mathu Solo of Precision Powersports says, "The Tuscany scooter compliments the classic scooters from Italy but has its own unique character." The Tuscany design has round flowing lines and tasteful classical accents. Despite its vintage styling, the Tuscany scooter uses modern technology, making it safe, efficient and reliable. It has a 4-stroke engine.

Diamo F8 Scooter

Diamo F8 Scooter

The F8 scooter is the other new entry in the 2011 Diamo scooter line. It screams performance and offers a combination of comfort, style and convenience.

The F8 scooter has a sporty look with aggressively styled bodywork that blurs the lines between scooter and motorcycle. The F8 is a large frame 49cc scooter that has comfortable seating for two riders. The recent press release mentioned avoe said that this 49cc engine is a 2-stroke model that was the fastest scooter in a Scooter Shoot-Out, beating some of the top brands in the industry.

In 2009, a Diamo scooter won the Polini Cup, making it the fastest scooter in its class.

150cc Models

Want something that goes a bit faster and longer than the 50cc models? If so, one of these 150cc size Diamo scooters might be a choice to consider...

Diamo Retro Scooter Photo

Diamo Retro

When I was shopping for a scooter, I was choosing between the Diamo Retro and my Genuine Buddy. Ultimately, the Buddy fit my short body better, but I really did like the styling of this Diamo scooter.

In looking at the Diamo USA website, they've labeled the Retro as the larger counterpart to the 50cc Classic model. If that is true, I don't know why they have two different names.

The Diamo Retro offers "deco design lines" along with six fun color schemes that add up to vintage style, but truly modern power and functionality. This scoot also has a fairly small frame compared to others in its class (though still a bit too big for me). The Retro has all the usual Diamo features. It's fast, sporty, easy to handle and fun to ride.

Picture of a Diamo Torino 150cc Scooter

Diamo Torino

The Torino scooter is pricier than the models already described, and that's because it offers more, such as a liquid-cooled engine, which I understand is quite desirable in a scooter (don't ask me; I'm no "gearhead"!) smile

This scooter features Italian styling in 4 different color choices, powerful performance and comfort. Its 16-inch wheels (as opposed to the usual 10" size on scoots), along with a short wheel base gives it a smooth ride and superb handling.

Lots of standard features like a digital clock, ABS brakes and a rear carrier round out the picture.

The 150cc line also includes larger (4-stroke) versions of the Velocity, Tuscany and F8 models described above in the 50cc line.

300cc Models

There's only one entry in this larger Diamo scooter size, and it has a 300cc engine:

Diamo Turista

Diamo Turista 300cc scooter

Turista in Italian means "to tour" and that's an apt name for this great touring scooter. It's built for luxury and comfort, as well as nimble handling in country or town, but particularly for long distance riding, either alone or with a passenger.

This Diamo scooter features loads of luggage room, a longer wheelbase for more seating space, a taller windshield and a sport suspension. The liquid-cooled engine and ABS disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels just add to the value. The Diamo Turista comes in 4 colors and even has a locked glove box.

In Summary...

Diamo Scooters offer amazing style, superb performance, and proven reliability at a cost that is easy on the wallet. With Diamo's attention to safety, reliability, and performance, Diamo scooter riders can enjoy their scoots wherever the road leads them.

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