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Whether scooters need to be licensed, if you have to get a special driver's license and what overall scooter laws apply can vary greatly from country to country and even from state to state in the U.S. It's important to know what the scooter license and registration requirements are in your area before you ever buy a scooter. You don't want to make purchase you'll later live to regret. For instance, one of our readers told us that he bought a scooter over the Internet, only to find later that it could never be made compliant with the strict California emissions laws. What a disaster!

If you're looking for specifics about a state, then check out our state scooter laws page. If there's no link for your state, I apologize. It's a big project to research and write up the scooter regs for every state, and I may not have gotten to your state yet.

How to Get Answers to Your Scooter Laws Questions

You can ask a question here, but since we've already had dozens of scooter laws questions asked & answered, there's a good chance you won't need to. You can just find the answers you need RIGHT AWAY, without having to wait for someone to answer your particular question.

Here are 5 ways to find the answers you need:

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Common Questions About Scooter Laws & Licensing

Question: Do you need a special driver's license to drive a scooter?

Answer: As stated above, this can vary, but as a general rule, if you intend to ride anything over 50cc, then you will almost definitely need a special license endorsement (usually the same thing as a motorcycle endorsement) and the scoot will need to be tagged and insured. In many states, scooters 50cc or 49cc can float under the radar, even though you have full rights to the roads (as long as the speed limit doesn't exceed your capabilities!).

Question: Are scooters street legal or highway legal?

Answer: Again, this varies... with the scooter's capabilities. All scooters 49cc and above are considered street legal these days, meaning they must abide by the prevailing traffic laws, ride in the road (not on the shoulder or sidewalk), etc. Larger scooters may be highway legal, depending on the highway. Most 125cc/150cc scoots can go up to 55 or 60 MPH, and can ride on roads with higher speed limits. But to ride on an expressway type road, such as in interstate, you'll probably want to be on at least a 250cc scooter. Even then, be prepared to feel the wind of passing vehicles, especially large trucks. Only you can decide if you are comfortable at those speeds, no matter what your scooter is capable of.

Question: Is it necessary to take a skills course?

Answer: Motorcycle skills classes are highly recommended for all new scooter or motorcycle riders. There are many skills that are completely different from anything you've done in a car or even on a bicycle. Learning how to do them from a pro and in a protected environment can be very empowering. Some states require passing a skills class, at least for younger drivers, but most adults won't have to take one. Still, it's a great idea. Look for an MSRF-certified course. If you live in an area where such courses aren't readily available, then try to get an experienced rider to mentor you. That's what I did... the classes here in Boise, Idaho were booked for months in advance, so I learned how to ride from my husband, who was an experienced and confident motorcycle rider.

So, without further ado, if you have other scooter questions about scooter licensing laws that you'd like to get answers to, you can use the quick and easy form below...

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Have A Question About Scooter Licensing/Laws?

If you have a question about licensing of scooters or specific laws that apply to scooters, ask it here and we'll try to help! But, please scan through and make sure someone hasn't already asked your question, so we don't have duplicate questions/answers on the site. THANKS!

Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

Other Scooter Licensing Questions

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I live in Nashville and I don't know what anyone trying to purchase a 150cc or above has to do. Take a test or just walk in and get an endorsement? I have …

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If your driver's license is suspended, can you still legally drive a scooter? 
This question pertains to the state of Indiana. If someone has a suspended driver's license, can they legally operate a scooter that is 49 ccs? Answer: …

Am I allowed to have a passenger on my scooter in Denmark? 
I have a 30 km/hr scooter and it has seats for 2. I don't find anywhere where it is written that I may have a passenger on the back. Can I? Answer: …

Do you have to register a scooter if you have never used it? 
I bought a scooter online and never got it registered. I have the title for the bike, am moving home from college and am trying to sell it. Can I sell …

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement in Oklahoma? 
I think I need one, but I am not sure. Also, so I need insurance for a 49cc? ANSWER: (Not!) E, I waited to publish this answer because I thought …

Do i need a title for a 49cc moped in WA state? 
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What is the Texas insurance requirement for scooters? 
In the state of Texas, do I need insurance to ride a 49cc scooter? Answer: If you check the page on my site on Texas legal requirements, you'll find …

What is the license requirement (for adults) for 49cc Moped in Washington State? 
Hello... I saw on DOL's website that I would need a license (motorcycle endorsement is not required) to drive any moped. I do not have any license right …

Is it illegal to drive my scooter into a state where the laws are different? 
If I'm from Maryland where tags are not required to drive a 49cc scooter on the street, would it be illegal for me to drive into Pennsylvania without the …

What states require no drivers license to ride a 49 cc scooter other than North Carolina? 
I'm looking to move because I have no license and know NC doesn't require a license. Are there any other states that don't need a license to ride a 49cc …

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement in Arizona? 
Do I need a motorcycle endorsement in Arizona? Answer: This answer is on the site on this page: …

How do I optain a license plate for my scooter? 
I live in WA state and I bought a scooter a year ago and I need to get a license plate for my scooter before I can put the scooter on the road correct. …

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement to ride a scooter in Florida? 
I'm getting a scooter with a 49cc motor, and I'm wondering if I will need a motorcycle endorsement on my drivers license to ride this size scooter?

Do I need a title for my scooter in Michigan? 
I just bought a new scooter and I live in Michigan. Do I need a title to get a new tag for my scooter?

Do I need a driver's license to drive a 49cc scooter in Missouri? 
I have a 49cc scooter and just got issued a summons for not having a driver's license. I was told I did not need one with a 49cc scooter.

Do I need to have a title in Georgia for a 50cc scooter? 
I'm contemplating buying a scooter and I wanted to know if I needed a title to register my scooter here in Georgia. Please let me know if this is necessary. …

Do I need a motorcycle license in New York to drive a scooter? 
At how many ccs does it become necessary to have a motorcycle license to operate a scooter in New York? ANSWER: Susan, you'll find the answers on …

Am I old enough to ride a scooter in Texas? 
Hello, my name is William, and I had just turned 14 not but a week and a half ago. So when I was hanging out with my dad and his friend, and he had said …

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