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Truly, though, isn't riding your scooter the best thing ever? I mean, when you just gotta scoot, there's nothing else for it.

I thought I'd dedicate this section of my site to all of the great ways we can have fun in our lives with our scooters. I expect it to grow over time, and I'm certainly open to your suggestions.

Tell me... what are the ways that you go scooting for fun? Do you just tool around town... challenge yourself to see how much you can carry on one little scooter? Try to hang with the big boys (if you have one of those 650cc scoots)? Go on long trips into the mountains (my goal)?

One of the best ways to share your scooter stories is by joining our virtual online scooter club...

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Here are a few of our members...

You can post your own profile there or just browse profiles of the people who are already there. It's purely scooting for fun, all the way. Won't you join us?

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Scooter Groups

Did you see the video on the Home page about the rise in popularity and acceptance of scootering in the US in recent years? It's true... you're seeing more and more scooters on the roads all the time, partly because of the high cost of gas, partly out of concern for the environment, and partly because scooting for fun has just become so mainstream.

One of the ways that people have scooter fun is by joining a scooter club in their local area. This can be a great way to meet other passionate scooter owners, get tips on customizing and maintenance, and participate in fun scooter group rides.

Scooter groups tend to form wherever scooterists can be found... and these days, that's just about everywhere! Scan our directory of scooter clubs to find one near you that sounds like a good fit. There is tons of fun to be had when you join with others who share your passion for all things scooter. smile

Or if you belong to or know of a scooter club that's not listed in the directory yet, feel free to add it!

If you can't find an existing scooter club in your area in our directory, then you can use the search box below. Just enter a term like "scooter club" + boise (or wherever your town is) and see what you find. I can't guarantee there's a scooter club in every area of the US at this point, but if you live near a city, there probably IS one somewhere near you!

If that still doesn't net any viable results, then maybe it's time to think about organizing your own scooter club! To organize your own local scooter club, you can use our Scooter Forum. Just go there and look for the section called Let's Get Local and start looking for possible members in your area...

Here's a cool map too, where you can see some Buddy scooter owners (and add yourself if you drive a Buddy – see if you can find me there, near Boise!):

Buddy Scooter Owners Map (Click to load)

Follow My Adventures

If you'd like to keep up with my scooting adventures and scooting life, check out my blog. You'll see my latest post headlines in the box to the left. I post as often as I can, depending on what's happening in my life.

In addition to my own "exciting" scootin' tales, I may even post reviews, tips, and alerts on new eScooter Club members. Feel free to post your comments on the blog too.

Scooter Group Rides

Group rides can be another way to make great scooter friends, not to mention just to have plain old-fashioned fun. So, if you just gotta scoot, find a group ride in your town.

If there's a scooter dealer, you might start there. I know my local scooter dealer, Scooters of Boise, has a weekly ride. I haven't been able to participate yet, but I hope to soon.

You could also check out to find like-minded scooter fanatics near you. I didn't find much that was current in my hometown, but your experience might be different:

Scooter Meetup by City

Or organize your own local group ride in our Scooter Forum.

Scooter Discussion Boards

Scooter discussion boards can also be a fun place (if you have the time) to find scooter reviews, meet scooter lovers, and even find out about local events.

Of course, the one I'm going to recommend first is my own! It's still gaining in popularity and traffic, but with your help, I'm hoping to make it the best place to meet other scooter lovers on the Web!

Join us in our scooter forum

Since August 2009, our Motor Scooters Guide (MSG) Forum has existed to help my readers connect with one another by discussing scooter brands and models, asking and answering questions and arranging group rides or organizing local scooter clubs. It's all there, just for you...

Check out the scooter forum NOW!

The sales guy at Scooters of Boise steered me to ModernBuddy, when I was looking for more information on the Genuine Buddy before I bought it. I really appreciated the tip and reading about real people's experiences really did help me to make a more informed buying decision. and are two other popular scooter discussion forums, if you want to check them out...

Again, you can use the Google search box to find a discussion board relevant to your particular type of scooter (or to scooters in general, if you're still not sure which one you want to buy):

Scooter Events & Rallies

There are also many annual and semi-annual scooter events and rallies that you can take part in. Talk about the ultimate in scootering for fun! There's an annual one here in Boise called Scooterpalooza that I hope to go to at some point. Rides, dinners, all round fun... can't wait! has tons of events listed like this all over the US and even Canada.

I happen to think scooter fun is limited only by our imagination, but it remains to be seen how my readers feel...

In the future, I'll add some scootering touring tips here too... but for now, keep on scooting for fun! I know I will...

Summary of Pages in This Section

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