Chinese Scooters Maintenance

How to Take Care of Chinese Scooters

Chinese scooters maintenance is an important component of keeping your cheap gas scooter running over the long term. You can get some tips here on how to take care of Chinese scooters.

Chinese scooters maintenance
Chinese Scooters

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NOTE: I use the term "cheap scooters" in quite a few places on this site, particularly here in the Chinese scooters hub. If you read my content, I think you'll realize that I try everywhere to provide balanced reporting on what is certainly a passionate issue for a lot of people.

I use the term "cheap scooter" not to be judgmental in any way. I use it because it's a popular search term. How popular? Try 58,672 searches a month! This site is meant to be found. As such, I sprinkle wording throughout it that is aligned with how people search for information about scooters.

I think I provide valuable information about Chinese scooters on this site and I want people to be able to find it. In addition, I don't think of the word cheap as having a negative connotation.

I often search the Web for "cheap" products. I love to save money too!

So I hope that helps my readers understand better why I use the words I do.

So, you bought yourself a nice cheap, fun Chinese scooter, huh? And now you're wondering how to get and/or keep it running?

That's an important issue, because chances are your new scooter didn't ship from the factory in road-ready shape (no matter what they advertised).

The first thing you should do, unless you bought it from a dealer that definitely did this for you, is to check "under the hood" for your hoses, fluids, wiring, etc. I'm no gearhead myself, but I've got some great advisors on this site, and that's what they tell me.

If you do that, you can nip any problems in the bud and have a scooter that runs right from the get go.

First, start educating yourself on some basics about scooter maintenance here. Then, check out my Scooter Answers section where you'll read all kinds of advice on tuning up, maintenance, and modifications.

You can ask your own questions there or you can even visit our Chinese scooter forum to discuss issues you are having with other owners.

Don't Give Up on Your Chinese Scooter!

Chinese scooters maintenance is essential

Many inexperienced scooter owners buy a cheap Chinese scooter, because they are entranced by cute looks or that "hard-to-believe" price. And then when things go wrong... and they will... they immediately give up in frustration.

If you're like me and you don't really know a spark plug from a drain plug... or you just don't want to get your hands greasy and dirty... then you NEED to find a reliable mechanic as soon as possible.

As I outlined above, there are some basic tasks in Chinese scooter maintenance that should be done the minute you buy the scoot... and pretty frequently within the first 1000 miles as well. Belts may need to be replaced, fluids replenished, etc. If you don't know how to do these things, then find someone who can and will.

It's worth the effort, because even if you didn't spend a lot of money on your Chinese motor scooter, you did spend some... and chances are, it's not money you just want to throw away. One of my best cheap Chinese scooter experts, Jimmy Z., has even said that someone who knows lawnmower engines might be able to work on the typical G6 scooter engine. Worth trying...

In Summary...

It's so worth taking the time to do Chinese scooters maintenance from the get go. Whether you agree with the need for it or not, the need is there. So, do the work or get it done before you put your scooter on the road for the first time. And then, keep up with the maintenance tasks on a regular schedule. Do that... and you should have many years and miles of happy scooting!

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