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Genuine scooters are great scooters! Examples are the Genuine Buddy, Stella, and several other quality models.

Genuine Scooters are America's favorite scooter! Click to learn more...

Genuine Scooters LogoI own the Genuine Buddy 125cc motor scooter, as you may have read elsewhere on this site. So, I am perfectly positioned to offer you an honest scooter review of this brand and model.

I bought my scooter from Scooters of Boise here in Boise, Idaho, and they told me the Genuine Buddy was not only the most popular motor scooter they sell; it is also the one with the highest quality. After seeing one and taking it for a test drive, I could see why. That was enough to sell me.

But let me give you a bit more detail about what makes Genuine scoots so special. By the way, I think they picked a great name for their company. The Genuine Motor Company is genuine... the real deal! They know scooters...

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Background Information

An orange Buddy from Genuine ScootersOn their website, Genuine Scooters says they are "the largest and most well-known supplier of vintage scooters, parts and accessories, in North America." They have a sister site, too, called ScooterworksUSA that sells both Vespas and Genuine Stellas from a location in Chicago, and that also offers parts and accessories through their online catalog.

Genuine has 20 years in the scooter industry and their board is made up of scooter dealers and drivers. They're known for being responsive to their market as well.

And, here's a fact you might not know that Scooters of Boise told me... their scooter parts are made by Piaggio, the same company that manufactures Vespas! They're the same exact high quality parts... but at a much lower cost. That's hard to argue with...

Genuine scoots are assembled in Asia, and they look on that as a good thing, since scooters are HUGE in Asia... entire families depend on them as their regular mode of transportation. As Genuine says, "The roads are rugged, and the climate is harsh: they're built to take a beating."

Video from Genuine

Genuine Scooter Models

Genuine Scooter Company is currently manufacturing the following models of scooters:

  • Stella Scooter (150cc)
  • Genuine Buddy (50cc/125cc/168cc)
  • Blur (220cc)
  • Roughhouse (cc)

But you may also find these older models being sold used:

  • Rattler
  • Black Cat
  • Blur 150

The Genuine Stella - A Classic

picture of Stella motor scooterThe Stella model is a Genuine Scooters classic, a true 150cc star. What Genuine calls "modern vintage" styling and mod colors have made her a much-loved scooter. Clearly, when you visit the Genuine Scooter Company website, Stella is their showcase model.

Stella scooters are crafted in India and come in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke models with a 4-speed manual transmission controlled by a twist grip shifter. But if you live in California, you'll have to pass up the 2-stroke model. It won't pass their strict emission standards.

Both models come in 5 different colors, and unlike most other scooters on the market, boast a durable steel frame and body panels. You can even get a matching sidecar to carry the family in. The 4-stroke model claims an almost unbelievable miles per gallon of 140 miles!

Do you own a Stella scooter? Would you be willing to write a review?

Get more info here on the Stella scooter

The Flagship Genuine Buddy Scooter

Genuine BuddyThe Buddy is one of Genuine's most popular models. It boasts a "seamless blend of modern technology, practicality, and vintage style."

The Genuine Buddy scooter is a high quality all-around street legal scooter with tons of great features. It's a very dependable scooter with great performance and power.

It comes in a 50cc & 125cc model, which has 6 colors, and in a "Little International" model in 50cc (either red/cream or avocado/cream). There is also a faster 170i model for 2012.

The Genuine Buddy is the Genuine scooters model I went for, as I said, and you can read more about the Buddy on this page.

Do you own a Buddy scooter too? Would you be willing to write a review for my readers?

The Sporty New Genuine Blur

Genuine Scooters Blur ModelThe Blur scooter is a newly re-envisioned Genuine scooter that's being marketed for its ability to go fast and generate fun. It's got a sporty vibe and has been upgraded to a larger 220cc engine and 13" wheels.

If you're looking for a fast gas scooter, this could be just the ticket for you. It features a super smooth – and fast! – acceleration, rocketing up to speeds of 70MPH. It comes in the gunmetal gray show, as well as a white color.

It has exceptional handling, taking sharp corners with ease. And front and rear disc brakes offer precision stopping power.

Learn more here

Do you own a Blur scooter? Would you be willing to write a review?

The Genuine Roughhouse Scooter

Genuine Roughhouse Scooter

Genuine Scooters bills their Roughhouse 50cc, 2-stroke scooter as "practical, tough, sporty and fun". It's designed both for on-road local commuting and runs to the store, as well as for off-road fun, with its fat, knobby tires.

To me, this scooter looks like a bit of a competitor for the hugely popular Honda Ruckus scooter, though it's not quite as bare-bones looking. The Roughhouse comes in 2 different colors: red and black.

Find more information here

Older Models

Rattler Scooter PictureThe Rattler is a 110cc scooter with motocross stylings and a 2-stroke engine. To my eyes, it looks just like the "new" 50cc Roughhouse profiled above.

Do you own a Rattler scooter? Would you be willing to write a review?

Black Cat ScooterThe Black Cat scooter was another of Genuine's 50cc, 2-stroke scooters. It doesn't go more than 30 MPH, but if you're looking for a city commuter type scooter, it might be right for you.

One thing's for sure... isn't it cute, in a wild sort of way? With it's bright color styling and black cat picture on the front fender, it's certainly unique.

Do you own a Black Cat scooter? Would you be willing to write a review?

Genuine Is a Sign of Quality & Customer Focus

One other thing I have to mention and that was a definite selling point for me... nearly all of the Genuine scooters come with a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty, PLUS 1 year of roadside assistance that covers running out of gas, flat tires, jump starts, and towing. I think that's a feature that's going to be hard to compete with.

In Summary...

Genuine Scooters offers a full lineup of small and mid-size scooters that you can depend on for great styling, durability and superlative customer service!

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Do you know your state scooter laws?

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