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Motor scooter accessories like a top case can be an essential piece of scooter gear

First, you buy your new motor scooter, and you're excited to take it out of the showroom and start riding. But next thing you know, you realize there are accessories and related gear that you need (OK, want) too...

Of course, there are the bare essentials, such as:

But then, there are other "nice to have" motor scooter accessories as well...

Storage accessories, such as a locking topcase, rear or front rack, baskets, tank bags, etc., can help if you plan to haul shopping bags, work gear, workout gear, and so forth. I decided not to buy any kind of add on rack or case at first, since my Buddy had such roomy underseat storage, but I did purchase a couple of inexpensive tote bags I could use to supplement that space.

Update: My feelings on that changed over time, though, as I realized how much fun it was to go shopping on my scooter... but I needed more storage capacity! So, I added a rear rack and basket.

Scooter covers, if you plan to keep your scooter outside in the elements. I have a garage, but if I didn't, I'd probably want a cover to protect my beautiful Buddy's finish!

Scooter ramps can be a useful motor scooter accessory if you plan to transport your scooter very often. The 49cc to 150cc scooters aren't that heavy, but they're still going to be a bear to get in and out of the back of a pickup truck unless you have at least 2 to 3 strong people to lift them in and out.

Scooter upgrade accessories might be something you want to look at in the future, depending on your needs and preferences. Paint and trim changes, special seat covers and more are available.

In Summary...

In the end, I think it's largely a matter of personal preference as to what – if any – scooter accessories will be useful to you. How you use your scooter will also dictate your decisions. And, of course, there's also how much money you want to spend. But, it IS fun knowing you have choices, isn't it? smile about scooter accessories choices!

You can use the links sprinkled throughout this page to explore some of your options for the various types of motor scooter accessories you might want to consider.

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