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The Piaggio company is based in Italy and its history includes ship outfitting, railway construction and aviation. After WWII, when there was a need for practical transportation alternatives, they moved into scooters with the Vespa line.

They are known for their quality (and also their high prices). But if you want the best from a premier scooter manufacturer, then this is definitely a company you should check out.

Plus, Piaggio is innovative... as evidenced by their new 3-wheel scooter, the Piaggio MP3, which is pictured here. It's not really my bag, but who knows? It might appeal to a select group of people. Are you one of them?

You can skip down to our Piaggio reviews here and read all about this elite brand of scooter.

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Besides the MP3 (which comes in 3 sizes: 250cc, 400cc, 500cc), the Piaggio line includes these other two models:

  • Fly (50cc & 150cc)
  • Tourer (250cc & 500cc)

So, reviews on any of those various sizes and models of Piaggio scooters are quite welcome here!


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At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

  • Appearance & design
  • How well it runs/performance
  • Reliability
  • Price vs. value
  • Customer support from seller, if applicable
  • How long you've owned this scooter

OK... please share! :).

Other People's Piaggio Scooter Reviews

Click below to see reviews from other Piaggio owners...

2008 Piaggio MP3 250 Scooter Review 
Here is my Piaggio MP3 scooter review... Background which informs the following comments: I've ridden bicycles since I was a child. I've driven cars, manual …

Piaggio Fly 150 Scooter Review 
Here is my Piaggio Fly scooter review... I lived in Bermuda for a year and while I was there my boyfriend and I had a Piaggio Liberty scooter, which I …

Piaggio Typhoon Motor Scooter Review 
The first time I saw the Typhoon, I didn't really like it. But the more that I saw, the more I liked it. None of us could drive cars and so we all got …

2010 Piaggio MP3 400 Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
I bought this Piaggio MP3 400 scooter as a present to myself for my 50th birthday this past October, 2011. A co-worker has the BV300 and initially, that …

My Piaggio MP3 250cc Gas Scooter Review Not rated yet
I own the Piaggio MP3 250cc gas scooter, and this is my review of this motor scooter... Likes: Styling, quality workmanship, reliability, safety (3 …

MP3 Piaggio 205cc Gas Scooter Review Not rated yet
I am a 61 year old scooter commuter in Texas. I have ridden all types of bikes and have found that the MP3 is a great model. Why? The third wheel! That …

Piaggio Fly 50cc Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
My 50cc Piaggio Fly scooter is a great scooter, a little slow on pick-up & hills, but I'm 190 lbs. and losing, so this will help! On a flat road, I can …

Piaggio Fly 150cc Scooter Review Not rated yet
Purchased a new Piaggio Fly 150 1n 2008. Love the scooter, no problems, have 4400 miles on it and it runs as new. I added a windshield (which slows it …

2010 Piaggio X7300 Scooter Review Not rated yet
An observation from one of our club members who recently bought the above scooter brand new after having ridden a Sym HD 200... The Piaggio has very hard …

Piaggio Fly 50 Review Not rated yet
I picked up a Piaggio Fly 50 two months ago. It retails for $1,999. I really enjoy mine! It's a nice looking scooter. Mine came in white (as in the …

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In Summary

Reading Piaggio scooters reviews is a great way to start learning about the pros and cons of Piaggio scooters. No matter what the reputation of a scooter brand, there will always be some aspects of that brand or certain models that work better than others. Reviews can help you understand what to look for.

If you'd like to see some of the other scooter reviews on this site, return to our main motor scooter reviews page.

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