Piaggio Fly 150 Scooter Review

by Brittany
(Santa Fe, NM)

Picture of the Piaggio Fly 150

Picture of the Piaggio Fly 150

Here is my Piaggio Fly scooter review... I lived in Bermuda for a year and while I was there my boyfriend and I had a Piaggio Liberty scooter, which I LOVED AND ADORED almost as much as I wanted a Vespa scooter (only I couldn't afford one).

Anyway, when we came back home we realized we really missed our scooter, so we bought the new Piaggio Fly with a 150cc, which I am also equally, if not MORE in love with. I'm not usually a driver, but a passenger most of the time, but I can say that it's a nice smooth ride and is perfect for local commuting.

My boyfriend is a bike mechanic by hobby, so he insisted on getting a new pipe for it to give it some more power, which we did and it's got a quicker pick up to it now. I couldn't care less about the additional noise and would have stayed with the original pipe, but everyone who likes bikes and scooters enjoys the added purrrrring .

He also is the type to prefer shifting bikes, but since I don't shift we chose the Fly and he tells me all the time he doesn't know why he loves this scooter so much because he usually hates automatics- clearly this says something about how awesome our little scooter is!!!

A few things I like... the Piaggio Fly isn't too heavy, like the BV250 (one we were also looking at), which is important when a small person like me handles a bike. I like to know I can pick it up if I slide out and I also like knowing I won't look like an idiot trying to lunge my body weight into it to get it off the kickstand!!!

The Piaggiio Fly is not too bad on the wet roads when it rains; I don't get much sliding or skidding, just really wet! So make sure you pack those rain jackets!

I'm also known for carrying way too much stuff on the bike with me so the added compartments are nice to have. Also, the price on the Piaggio Fly is affordable compared to the other bikes we were looking at and it's AMAZING on gas, which makes our lives even better.

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May 24, 2016
regarding "lookinglass" comments NEW
by: Randolph

The truth is most male scooter owners have nothing they need to prove. Just like to have fun riding. "lookingglass"'s comments about "metrosexual" and "homo" to attack scooter owners suggests he owns a "big bike", and I suspect the reasonis his desperate need to compensate for the parts of him that are tiny. lol

Nov 07, 2015
Harley Davidson - Woman's Bike Now. NEW
by: Anonymous

I loved motorcycles - Harley/Kaw/Suz/Yam/Try/-and have had all at one time - But I have more fun on my Yamaha Vino Classic 50cc and get more att. so me and my girl are getting the Fly 150 next. - And all you HD. Nuts can vibrate you nutz off ! and stop at every gas pump - will see who's having more Fun. LMAO.......

May 02, 2013
by: Lee

To address the idiot "looking glass", you must be a closet "[homo]" yourself. I love scooters and have ZERO inclination of being "metro". I also love motocross, shooting woodland animals, have every power tool you can buy and love my wife and kids.

Pull your head out of your a$$ and admit scooters are fun. Let me see you get 75-110 miles per gallon in your beat up '73 bronco.

Yes I also own a Piaggio 150 and love it. Great build quality, quick around town and have hit 70 mph on flat ground on the freeway.

Aug 16, 2012
Ride not Judge NEW
by: Harley Rider

Scooters are so much fun and the Piaggio is a high quality scoot. Once you have one, it is hard not to have a scooter around even if you have other motorcycles. I have a Harley Fat Boy and like other true riders, i don't need to ride it for self image, especially when it is a short distance trip. Grow up and help save the environment while having a lot of fun riding.

Jun 30, 2012
cool bike NEW
by: LauraNorder

I have been driving scooters for 12 years now and have only ever tried PGO scooters, but that was 4 years ago.
This is my 2. Piaggio fly as my first one got stolen after about 1 year. They drive very good even in the winter time, if you get some good winter tires for snow driving. Only problem can be the starter that does not like the cold, so it can take a few minutes to start it when it gets really cold, as it does here in Denmark.
And the gas milage is really really good, 7,5 liters of gas goes a long way in this scooter. The only problem i have had with both of my Piaggio scooters were the speedometre would get stuck and not move. Dunno if that is a general problem tho.
Overall i would say, this scooter is made to last, yes it is a little more expensive than the rest, but you get what you pay for.

May 03, 2012
women ride scooters NEW
by: looking glass

any self respective guy would not be caught dead or alive on one of these metrosexual things -one word [homo]if you notice the majority of the comments left are by female's
anyway is this the vehical you want to live your mid-life crisis on????????

Feb 09, 2012
Just got one . . .
by: Anonymous

I've been riding bikes (and a few scooters), for many years, but as I'm getting less inclined to go on road trips any more, I decided to get another scoot, and sell my bike.
I looked at lots of options, but I am really quite fussy, and it came down to the Piaggio Fly 150 in the end. They are excellent quality, look great, and are really fun to ride.
It's now my ride to work, and to use for a bit of fun in the weekends.
I think I have made a really good decision in buying this new scoot. I'm sure I will get many years of fun out of her !

Aug 25, 2011
My other bike is a Harley
by: Brian

The Vespa dealer told me I'm not the only one; lots of motorcycle riders are buying scooters. In particular, I wanted a SMALL scooter, since I already have a 1450cc Harley Davidson Springer. The draw of efficient, fun personal transport utilizing just 150cc's is irresistable, as I get older (I'm 52) and more environmentally responsible. It's like the Toyota Yaris of two-wheeled vehicles. My Fly 150 possesses the high quality of design and build that I require of all my things, especially those that move. It is truly a thing of beauty. And it recaptures the simple moments of childhood mini-bikes, albeit with suspension and steering that actually work. Anyway, my beautiful 150cc Piaggio, with its nearly 50cc proportions, is just what I wanted; relatively big performance in a small package. I don't even mind putting it up on the centerstand at each stop.

Jun 23, 2011
Fly 150 with windsheild (well worth it!)
by: Pat Conmy

I love my Piaggio Fly 150... It moves right along and gives a comforable ride. I bought a windshield for it which was my best investment! I drive it to work in Buffalo, NY and felt like I was beat up by the wind without the windshield... I bought the Givi fullsize windshield for $250 and it was the BEST INVESTMENT! I love the scooter now... I can't ride it enough... It's just like riding in a convertable, no wind, no cold (even your hands are protected) you absolutly should spend the money on the windshild and the rear storage compatment! Very useful!!!!

Jun 29, 2010
Look Here
by: Kathi

Regina... You'll find some suggestions here:

Jun 24, 2010
by: Regina

I am having the kick stand problem, I use all my weight and I am sure I look like an idiot, there has to be an easier way. Any ideas?

Apr 02, 2010
Selling Piaggio Fly 150cc
by: Judith

I'm selling my Piaggio Fly 150cc, for $2200, OBO (Mint condition). Only 7 miles on it. Has front windshield. Decided I prefer a motorcycle. If you know anyone who is interested. Location Milwaukee,WI. BEAUTIFUL SCOOTER!
contact me at Judithkargol@rocketmail.com

Jul 25, 2009
About to buy it...
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and this is going to be my first motorized vehicle! It was either an $11,000 car or a $4,000 scooter with cheaper gas mileage and insurance... guess what I chose? Especially after I test drove it! Just sooo much fun to ride! Not to mention that getting a motorcycle permit will be EASY!

Apr 04, 2009
Thanks for the great review!
by: Marie

Thanks so much for the really informative and detailed review. I just put a deposit on a 2006 Fly 150 today and I am thrilled to read your review!

Dec 02, 2008
by: Kathi

Thanks, Brittany, for the entertaining and informative review of your Piaggio Fly scooter. Much appreciated... Have fun scootin'!

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