Motor Scooter Modifications

What Scooter Mods Have You Made?

I thought it would be fun to create a page dedicated to motor scooter modifications. So... what scooter modifications have you made that have improved on the looks, functionality or power of your scooter?

scooter modifications
Customize your scooter with a few changes...

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I've been getting some contributions in other pages about changes folks have made to their scoots. Seems some of you really like to tinker! So, I thought it might be fun to create a dedicated page just for scooter mods.

I'm not really one to engage in such activities much, but from what I've seen scooter modifications might include things like:

Scooter modifications like adding a basket can make a huge difference
  • Changing the paint color or trim work on your scooter
  • Modifying the engine to give it more power or better performance
  • Rehabbing a broken down or non-functioning scooter
  • Adding functionality to the scooter
  • Enhancing the storage capabilities

Those are just examples... you may have come up with even more ideas. Smile

So, come on, tell us what you've done... you know you want to!


Worried smile

I really appreciate your sharing here, but I have strict quality standards, so if you leave a story... PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! Please... no ALL CAPS! If you are not willing to abide by my submission rules, I won't publish your story. I'm not kidding... I just don't have time to do heavy editing and I won't publish ALL CAPS, all lower case, no spell checked or no punctuation submissions. No exceptions.

Have You Improved on Your Scooter?

What have you done to your scooter to make it even better than it was the day you bought it? Have you added a topcase? Bought a custom seat cover? Affixed a stereo system?

Whatever, you've done... please share it with our community! Please be sure to give us as much detail about what you did and how you did it as you can.

Tell us where you bought the parts/supplies you used and anything else that will bring your scooter mods to life. And PLEASE... include pictures so we can see what you did!

Modifications Other Visitors Have Made

Click below to see what other visitors to this page have done to their scooters...

How to Add a Third LED Brake Light to Your Scooter 
I added a third flashing brake light to my Honda 2007 Reflex after I was rear-ended by a car at an intersection. I bought a Knight Riderz flashing LED …

EFI for 50cc-250cc Scooter! 
This article on EFI for scooters was written and submitted by Gregory Singer of Maine. It is not meant to be a product plug, he has no association with …

Yamaha Zuma dual headlight and JDM Tail Light Mod 
I've got a 50cc Yamaha Zuma. Most Zuma owners, when they talk about mods, it seems to be about putting on a 70cc big block kits on the engine, but I haven't …

Down and Dirty Resurrection 
I recently got a TANK scooter, the Urban 50cc from some time ago. She's pretty beat up and I think she's been abused every conceivable way. The thing …

Inexpensive Reflective Tape Adds Safety 
Inexpensive reflective tape costs at most $2.50 per roll. Draw a design, cut and paste to your scooter body. Since I made this video, I added the side …

Driver Back Rest 
This is my latest modification to my Tomos Nitro 50 -2008. I have wondered why only a passenger was able to get the comfort of a backrest and not the driver …

Cup Holder 
This is a simple Modification. I used a cup holder designed to hang over an open window of an auto. All I did was to cut off the bracket and add two strips …

Kick stand pilot light 
I have a tendency to take off on my scooter with the kick stand still in the down position. At times this can be dangerous, so I rigged up a simple LED …

Boris The Spider Modifications 
"Boris" lives in Colorado. It's a 2005 SunL 150 that has had a custom 2009 Honda Element Tawny Gold metalflake paint job w/3 coats of clear overlay; its …

I Added a Basket to My Buddy! 
Now, I have carried a tremendous amount of stuff on my Genuine Buddy, just by using underseat storage, a backpack and carrying bags on my running board. …

Music, Music, Music on a scooter. 
Well by now you realize that I like my creature comforts while riding my scooter. Today I added a cigarette lighter outlet found in my nautical junk box. …

Audio system for your scooter 
Well now I ask the question -- who of you have added an audio system to your scooter? I know some of you are lucky to have one installed as standard equipment, …

Rear Storage Area Needed 
I found that the under-seat storage area was not enough for my needs. There are some essential things that I always travel with such as additional tools …

How to make the center stand work easier 
In a prior posting I said what I planned to do to make it easier to get my scooter up on its center stand. My solution was to build an extension on …

See My Mirror Brackets 
In a prior posting I described how I relocated my rearview mirrors so that I could see past my body. It took me 1,000 words to do so. This time I'll let …

Click here to write your own.

In Summary...

Making motor scooter modifications can be a great way to customize your gas scooter, making it uniquely your own. It's also a great way to make the scooter your perfect form of transportation!

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