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Scooter clubs are springing up all over the world... list your scooter groups in this free scooter club directory!

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Scooter riding clubs are totally fun!

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List your scooter club in our free scooter groups directory!

Once you've started to ride a scooter, chances are it won't be long before you're itching to get together with your own kind... other scooterists, that is! Hence the formation of scooter clubs and scooter groups and scooter rallies everywhere. It's not just a form of transportation... it's instant fun on 2 wheels (or maybe 3)... it's a passion... it's freedom... you name it.

Our community is growing here at and I thought it was high time I gave scooter clubs and scooter groups a chance to help me put together a sort of director of scooter clubs here on the site. For my readers, it's another way to find a club in your area that you might join or at least investigate further. For scooter groups, it's another way to get the word out about your group and find new members.

So, if you're the organizer, or even just a member, of a scooter club, then please list it here, won't you?

Want to Publicize Your Scooter Group?

I'd love to add your scooter group to our Scooter Clubs Directory. I have readers in every U.S. state, Canada and even many other countries around the world, so don't be shy... list your scooter group, won't you?

You never know... you just might recruit some new members!

More Scooter Groups

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Scooter Couv of Vancouver, Washington 
Scooter Couv is a scooter club in Vancouver, Washington State. This club aims to fill the gap that Couv scooter riders have had to ride to Portland to …

The Largo Maryland Scooter Group 
As a disabled rider, a friend and I started this scooter riding group in 2009 and we ride during the Spring, Summer and Fall. We have meet up groups at …

Scooter Dudes 
Scooter Dudes Scooter Group: As of 2011, there are more than a dozen of us who meet at campgrounds along the FL-AL-MS Gulf Coast area and ride once-per-month …

Lake Havasu Low Rollers 
An informal association of adult motor scooter enthusiasts. We are on Facebook and welcome new members. We are a loosely organized association; we have …

Nevada Scooter Brigade 
We at the Nevada Scooter Brigade scooter club will be 2 yrs old in Feb. Might not be strong in numbers but we're strong in scooter spirit. We have …

Scooter Club of Capetown South Africa 
If you are a proud scooter owner and would like to join a Scooter Club where any scooter Make, Model & Engine size is welcome... no matter if it is …

DownRiver Scooter Club 
The DownRiver Scooter Club seeks members in the Down River Area of South East Michigan, Wyandotte, Trenton, Taylor, Ecorse, River Rouge Riverview, etc... …

Nevada Scooter Brigade 
The Nevada Scooter Brigade is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We love to ride. Follow our adventures at …

Montgomery Motor Scooter Club 
We are a brand new scooter club, located in Montgomery, Alabama. Our mission is to spread the word about the environmental benefits of riding scooters. …

Red Stick Scooter Society 
This is a scooter club for Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas. Anyone with any kind of scooter is welcome to join. We organize rides and events. …

Scooter Enthusiasts of Western New York
NOW Niagara River Scooter Club!
I am trying to start a Scooter Club in the Buffalo area of New York. There are two that already exist, that I know of, but they are not the kind of club …

Road Rash Scooter Club of Central Iowa 
Road Rash SC, of Central Iowa, welcomes scooters of all makes, models and sizes. Open to riders of any age. Visit us at …

The Automatix 
The Automatix Scooter Club Cape Breton Island. Cold. Windy. Rainy. And roads that make the surface of the moon look …

The Hornets Long Island Scooter Club 
The Long Island Scooter Club AKA The Hornets, was founded in 1999 by Long Island scooterists for Long Island scooterists. We scoot to live & live to …

Just Scooten Indiana 
The world is going green all right. I see so many scooters on the roads nowadays. I love to ride and I saw a need in our area. We needed an adult group …

Long Island Shore Scooter Club 
We are located in East Meadow - Nassau County, New York. Long Island Shore Scooter Club rides every Sunday and we meet at: Panera Bread @ 2501 Hempstead …

Absolute Scooter Club - Long Island 
We are Long Island, New York's fastest growing scooter club. We ride from Brooklyn to Montauk, Jones Beach to Bayville. We meet on dry Sundays at the …

Click here to write your own.

If you can't find a local scooter group in your area in our directory, then it might not exist. But just to be sure, why not do a quick Google search, using the box below?

If that still doesn't net any viable results, then maybe it's time to think about organizing your own scooter club! To organize your own local scooter club, you can use our Scooter Forum. Just go there and look for the section called Let's Get Local and start looking for possible members in your area...

In Summary...

It can be a lot of fun to get together with other scooterists and take fun rides or just talk about your scooters (or show them off). That's why so many scooter clubs are springing up all over the country. We'd love to get all scooter groups everywhere listed right here on the site!

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