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Buying a new scooter can be a big step, especially if you've never ridden a 2-wheeled motorized vehicle before, if your family think your nuts, or if you're not a kid. Chances are, you've got lots of critics in your life who will be happy to tell you the perils of buying and driving a scooter.

But those of us who've eliminated those barriers and made the leap into scooterism know that scootering is only as dangerous as you choose to make it. If you buy the right scooter for your needs, age, body type or desires, and learn how to operate it correctly, then you're probably going to love it... and be perfectly safe.

Still... if you have questions, it's important to ask them before you make that big buying a scooter decision. And the good news is, there's lots of helpful folks here who would be happy to answer any question you have about buying scooters.

How to Get Answers to Your Scooter Buying Questions

You can ask a question here, but since we've already had quite a few scooter buying questions asked & answered, there's a good chance you won't need to. You may be able to find the answers you need RIGHT NOW, without having to wait for someone to answer your particular question.

Here are 5 ways to find the answers you need:

  1. Check out our Scooter Buying FAQs below
  2. Scan the questions/answers on this page
  3. Scan the older repair questions/answers in our archives
  4. Search our question/answer database:

  1. Ask your unique question using the form below

Common Questions About Buying Scooters

Question: What if I am short, tall, heavy or disabled? How will I know which scooter is right for me?

Answer: In my opinion, there is no substitute for trying out scooters face to face. Even if you ultimately buy one over the Internet, you've got to know what you're buying. For instance, short people, especially those of us with short legs, have got to find a scooter with a seat height that still allows you to at least toe touch while straddling the seat when the scooter is not moving. You might be surprised to see how different a 29" and 31" seat height will feel to you. Also, the scooter weight may make a difference in your comfort and safety. How will you know what 350 pounds feels like in your hands unless you try it out?

If you can, take a test ride on some scooters... or at least sit on them in a shop. Also, ask the sales staff for recommendations, based on your needs. If you go to a shop that specializes in scooters, the staff there should be knowledgeable.

Question: What kind of scooter is best for my needs?

Answer: There are so many styles, sizes and types of scooters available these days, no one can truly answer that question for you but you. However, by doing your research and understanding what's available, you'll be in a much better position to make the right decision. Read through my types of scooters section of the site to learn more. Survey the many scooter reviews you'll find here. Maybe stop by some scooter dealers and get familiar with different scooter features, etc. Then, if you still need to, come back and ask for advice here.

So, without further ado, if you have scooter questions about buying scooters that you'd like to get answers to, you can use the quick and easy form below...

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This is MY website, so I make the rules. And one of them is that I don't publish "textspeak" here. If you ask a question, PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! You're getting FREE advice here, so I hope you'll be respectful and take the time to type intelligibly. I get dozens of submissions every single week & I just don't have time to do heavy editing. If you type your question or review in ALL CAPS, all lower case, don't use punctuation or spell check, then I WILL delete it! No exceptions.
Thanks for understanding,
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Have A Question About Buying Scooters?

If you have a question about buying scooters, ask it here and we'll try to help! But, please scan through and make sure someone hasn't already asked your question, so we don't have duplicate questions/answers on the site. THANKS!

Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

Other Scooter Buying Questions

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Click here to write your own.

Thanks for asking your questions about buying a scooter, and please check back often for new answers and comments. If you didn't find what you were looking for here, feel free to check out our archives of old scooter buying questions.

Or... if this isn't the right page for the question you had, find another scooter questions category.

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