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Riding a scooter isn't really that hard, but if you've never been on a 2-wheeled motorized vehicle before, it can be pretty scary... at least in the beginning, until you gain confidence. I know... I was petrified the first few times I rode my Buddy. After all, you have to balance a heavy vehicle–both while it's moving and when stopped, control the speed, brake steadily enough to prevent flipping, but fast enough to avoid collisions, turn without tipping, be alert for 4-wheel drivers who don't see you... it goes on and on.

Pretty darn overwhelming, right? I know, but it really DOES get easier, once you learn how to let go of the fear... and like I said, that just takes confidence, which comes from practice. You CAN do it... no matter what anyone else has told you. It's highly recommended that you take a motorcycle skills class. That's a protected environment that will really help you gain the skills and confidence you need to be safe on the road and to actually enjoy scootering.

We're here to help! So, if you have questions about riding a scooter, then you can ask them here... no judgment, just help & encouragement.

Common Questions About How to Ride a Scooter

Question: Is riding a scooter like riding a motorcycle?

Answer: The answer to this question is "sort of." The thing is, though, there are lots of differences between motorcycles and scooters. One big difference is that motorcycles tend to manual transmission, requiring coordination of clutch and gear-shifting, while most newer scooters are automatic, which makes scooters much easier to drive. Scooters also tend to be lighter-weight than motorcycles, which makes them easier to balance.

Question: Is riding a scooter like riding a bicycle?

Answer: Not really. Sure it helps if you know how to balance a 2-wheeled ride, but the addition of the motor really makes a huge difference that you can't overlook.

Question: Aren't scooters mostly for riding short distances?

Answer: It depends... if you're talking about 50cc scooters that only go about 35MPH, chances are, you're not taking a very long trip in them. Those smaller scoots are used mostly for around town and short commuting driving. But there are many other sizes of scooters available these days, and each of those are capable of different speeds and distances.

So, if you have scooter questions about how to ride scooters that you'd like to get answers to, you can use the quick and easy form below...

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This is MY website, so I make the rules. And one of them is that I don't publish "textspeak" here. If you ask a question, PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! You're getting FREE advice here, so I hope you'll be respectful and take the time to type intelligibly. I get dozens of submissions every single week & I just don't have time to do heavy editing. If you type your question or review in ALL CAPS, all lower case, don't use punctuation or spell check, then I WILL delete it! No exceptions.
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Have A Question About How to Ride Scooters?

If you have a question about how to ride scooters, ask it here and we'll try to help! But, please scan through and make sure someone hasn't already asked your question, so we don't have duplicate questions/answers on the site. THANKS!

Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

Other Scooter Riding Questions

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Can you ride a kymco agility 125cc scooter on the freeway? 
Is it safe to ride a Kymco Agility 125 on the freeway? Answer: I'll be short & direct: No, not in my opinion. I drive a 125cc scooter & I wouldn't …

Can you answer this short legged person question? 
I understand the scooters have a lock so that when you are coming to a stop and if you are slightly at an angle you may be locked in that position, which …

Where can I get a GPS and mount for my Buddy 50 scooter? 
I'm trying to find a GPS and mount for my Buddy 50 scooter (preferably waterproof, but not absolutely necessary). Any resources?

Can my 6 year old ride on the back of my moped in Wisconsin? 
I have a moped in the state of Wisconsin and would like to know if my 6 year old can ride on the back legally we live on a dead road would like to take …

Is it safe to coast down a long hill on a scooter which is not cranked? 
Just to get accustomed to riding a scooter for the first time, is it safe to coast down a long slightly sloped hill on a scooter which is not cranked?

How hard is it to learn how to make right and left turns on a scooter? 
I'm thinking of buying a Vespa 150cc scooter just for local riding, I live in the suburbs so not that much traffic. But I'm wondering how hard it will …

Can you give me some tips on crossing railroad tracks on a scooter? 
There are no riding classes near where I live. I am in a little town and we have RR tracks. How do you get across RR tracks on a Yamaha 125 Vino scooter? …

Could an overweight driver do a 10 mile commute on a Kymco Sting scooter? 
Hi I am 47 y/o and weigh 315 pounds; I know have to lose weight... but a friend has a Kymco Sting 50cc/49cc scooter for sale and I was thinking on getting …

What's the best way to control and turn a scooter at low speeds? 
Hi- so on a motorbike, you use the clutch and throttle in the friction zone plus rear brake to give more stability at low speeds when going round corners, …

Where on the road do I ride my 50cc scooter? 
Do I ride my scooter on the right side of the white line or the left? ANSWER: Steven, you need to check your local laws governing 50cc scooters, but …

Can my 5year old child ride with me? 
My wife and I would like to be able to ride down the block to a neighborhood park with our 5 year old daughter. We are using two scooters, one is gas powered …

Is there any possible way for children to ride with you on a scooter?  
I am a young single mother looking for a bike to commute on to UC Davis from Santa Rosa, and to and from work. I know little of the scooting world. …

Is a 125cc scooter big enough for two passengers? 
I am looking at a Kymco Agility 125 for camping. Will it handle me (200#) and my wife (125-150#; she won't tell me)? We'll use it for trips to local …

What's the best way to ride a scooter in sand? 
The street off my driveway is hard dirt, packed sand and loose sand. The sand can not be avoided. There is no way to tell how deep the sand is, and I keep …

What is the weight limit for a rider on a 49 to 50cc scooter? 
Can a person weighing 220 pounds ride a 49cc-50cc scooter, and have it get up to 35-40 miles per hour?

Can you safely travel at full throttle for an hour at a time on a scooter? 
I have a 2010 Jonway scooter with a 49cc air cooled engine. Can you travel at full throttle (40-maybe 45-50 mph) for an hour at a time? I have to travel …

How do I back up a scooter? 
I have never driven a scooter before and want to know everything before I do! So my question is: When you are parking and drive along side a parked car …

How many people can ride on a scooter at once? 
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how many people a scooter is allowed to carry. A cop told me that two people can not ride a scooter at once. Is that …

Where should you ride a scooter on a high speed highway? 
My daughter was almost run over by an angry SUV driver who came so close to her on the highway she was on and when he finally passed he made all sorts …

Do you have to know how to ride a motorcycle in order to ride a motor scooter? 
I want to purchase a motor scooter but don't know how to ride one. Do you have to take lessons like with a motorcycle or can you just get on and ride like …

What is a reasonable distance to drive a scooter in a day? 
I'm considering traveling across Europe on a scooter, but I'm not really sure how feasible it would be. Ideally I'd like to go quite far (like 1,000 miles …

Any Tips for Keeping Dry on a Scooter? 
If it should start to rain while out riding on your scooter how do you keep your body dry, and how do you keep your legs dry?

Is There an Easier Way to Get a Scooter On to the Center Stand (Kickstand)? 
I just bought an MZ Moskito scooter with a side kick stand and have not been able to operate it. I may just not be strong enough to roll it back. Is there …

Is There an Easier Way to Stand a Heavy Scooter on Its Center Stand? 
My new scooter is about 230 lbs and as an 84-year-old guy, I cannot find an easy way to stand my scooter on its center stand. The kick stand is OK, but …

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