Can you answer this short legged person question?

by Jill
(Port Hadlock, WA)

I understand the scooters have a lock so that when you are coming to a stop and if you are slightly at an angle you may be locked in that position, which may end up in a "dumping" of the scooter.

Is there anything that a short person needs to know about stopping and reaching the ground that may be different for a long leg person?

Are there different brands that would be better than others for short persons, but still continue with the Retro look?

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Dec 26, 2013
Short legs NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 5'2" but have a short inseam. I researched and tried out several scooters before determining that I needed one with a 28 inch seat height. This height allowed me to comfortably touch the ground even while seated.

I tried the Genuine Buddy but it was 30.3 inches and I couldn't even reach on my tip toes. The salesman suggested I "hop down" before stopping or lean the scooter over when I stopped to balance on one foot. I didn't think this sounded safe or smart to do with something that cost over $3k.

I found that the Yamaha Vino Classic (think retro Italian model) was 28.2 inches and is a VERY comfortable fit for short legs.

That's the shortest seat height that I found. I did not consider any Chinese made scooters.

Feb 29, 2012
Three wheels
by: Anonymous

The Piaggio MP3 has two front wheels, and is equipped with a switch that you can use when stopped to keep your balance.

Feb 04, 2012
Look for 10" Wheels
by: John

I am a 5' 10" guy and certainly wouldn't be considered short. Even so, I find myself on the balls of my feet when at a stop lignt on my Eton Sport 50. This scoot has 12" wheels front and rear. Do not trust the listed seat heights on websites. Suspensions compress differently on different scoots and also react different to people of varying weights. In your case, I wouldn't even begin to consider any scoot w/o 10" wheels, go from there. Also, the nose of the seat on my Eton is very wide compared to other scoots, causing my legs be farther apart and ultimately putting my feet farther from the ground.

Feb 03, 2012
Not Sure
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Hi Jill... To be honest, I've never heard of the lean and lock issue with scooters, and I've certainly never experienced it. Perhaps Jim Z. or one of my other helpful volunteers can weigh in on that.

As far as short legs go, I have them too and I can definitely recommend the Genuine Buddy 125cc as being a good fit. But really, you just have to try out different scooters to see which feel comfortable and which feel too tall. Seat height isn't necessarily going to tell you, as designs can be different.

I've found that wearing a sturdy shoe with a small heel is helpful in reaching the ground (I'm about 4'11") comfortably when stopped, but even then I'm on the ball of my foot, not flat-footed. I am not as comfortable in sneaks or sandals (which aren't a safe shoe to wear at any rate).

I also slide forward a bit on the seat when stopping, so that I can easily put a foot down when I need to. Hope that helps...

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