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There's a common misconception among non-scooter drivers that scooters are only putt-putt machines capable of going short distances. People just don't think about scooters being used for long distances or cross country trips. But the truth is, some scooters are every bit as capable as motorcycles or cars of going the distance.

Capabilities, though, vary greatly from scooter to scooter, from where you want to go, and from personal factors too. So, you might have questions that need answers, and we are here to help you figure it out!

Common Questions About Where Motor Scooters Can Go

Where can motor scooters go? Maxi-scoots like this can go just about anywhere!

Question: What areas of the country are best for scooters?

Answer: Since starting this site, I've learned that it is possible to enjoy scootering almost anywhere, but if live in a cold or rainy climate, your actual scooter season might be kind of short. I think that areas with a warm, mostly sunny climate and a short cold season are probably the most favorable places to own a scooter. But that's somewhat subjective. I like to ride when the wind whipping past my face is balmy and I don't have to worry about skidding out on a turn due to wet roads. And I certainly don't want to ride in rain or snow. However... Daren Johnson, of Minneapolis, wrote to say that he'd ridden all through a Minnesota winter!

Question: Can scooters be ridden on interstate, high-speed highways?

Answer: Yes, if they're powerful enough to keep up with the speed limit (out west here, it can be 75MPH!) AND if you feel comfortable with larger vehicles, including semis whizzing past and creating torque.

Question: Can scooters be ridden in the rain?

Answer: Yes, they can, although it may not be real safe to do so. Two-wheeled vehicles are less stable on slick roads, and besides the rain, the moisture can create oil slicks of the residue that falls off cars and adheres (usually to the center of a lane) to the road. Not to mention that it's not very comfortable to ride in the rain. You'll need waterproof rain gear, including pants, a full face helmet and a way to keep rain drops from obscuring your vision through your helmet and/or windshield. Windshield wipers, anyone?

So, without further ado, if you have scooter questions about where motor scooters can go that you'd like to get answers to, you can use the quick and easy form below...

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This is MY website, so I make the rules. And one of them is that I don't publish "textspeak" here. If you ask a question, PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! You're getting FREE advice here, so I hope you'll be respectful and take the time to type intelligibly. I get dozens of submissions every single week & I just don't have time to do heavy editing. If you type your question or review in ALL CAPS, all lower case, don't use punctuation or spell check, then I WILL delete it! No exceptions.
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Have A Question About Where Scooters Can Go?

If you have a question about where scooters can go, ask it here and we'll try to help! But, please scan through and make sure someone hasn't already asked your question, so we don't have duplicate questions/answers on the site. THANKS!

Also, bear in mind, I am only one person reviewing all the questions I get each week (more than 20/week). If I have to do heavy editing, it takes longer for questions to go live.

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Thanks for asking your scooter questions about where motor scooters can go, and please check back often for new answers and comments.

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