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General Information

Home Page — Motor Scooters Guide is here to help you pick out the best motor scooter for you.

Talk to Us — Use the form on this page to ask questions, give feedback or just to "talk" with me about anything scooter-related!

About Me — Find out who the real person is behind this site. I'm not just some figurehead... I'm a real live breathing scooter lover & rider, you know.

About This Site - Part 1 — I built this site and indulged my passion for scooters thanks to a website building platform called Site Build It. Find out what SBI is all about.

About This Site - Part 2 — This is the continuation of the story of how I built this site.

What's New — Get the latest on new content and modifications to this site.

Scooter News — Read the latest news from Google and Bing about gas motor scooters and add your own commentary...

Scooter Basics

Getting Started with Scooters — You can find facts about scooters here to start getting a handle on this new scooter revolution that's sweeping the US...

What Is a Scooter? — Wondering what makes a 2-wheel vehicle a scooter? How do you define "street legal"? More...

Motorcycles vs. Scooters — What are the differences? The similarities? What specific design features set scooters apart from motorcyles?

Is the Moped the Same as a Scooter? — Get the answers to that question and more at this page.

Benefits of Scooters — Why should you buy a scooter? What are the pros and cons of this alternative form of transportation? The answers might surprise you...

Types of Scooters

Overview of Scooter Classifications — Motorized scooters can be fun, economical, and convenient. But what types of moter scooters are available? Street legal scooters are today's most popular scooters, but road-worthiness is not the only way to look at things...

Scooter Engine Size — The size of the engine, from the little 49cc scooters to the maxi-scooters of 650cc or greater, is one way of classifying scooters. Learn more here.

  • 49cc Scooters — 49cc and 50cc scooters are the "little guys", low on power & range, but big in tradition, from Vespa to today's Hondas and Buddies.

  • 125cc/150cc Scooters — 125cc and 150cc scooters are some of the most popular scooters today. Small enough to be easy for just about anyone to ride (even shrimps like me!), but large enough to hold their own on city streets and even the highway, you'll have tons of choices of styles, colors, and brands.

  • 250cc & Larger Scooters — Scooters with these larger engines tend to resemble motorcycles more closely, along with the power to go fast and travel unimpeded on just about any road around.

How You'll Use It — This page looks at some of the different uses of scooters... from riding on the road, to off-road adventures, to long distance touring. A scooter can do it all... provided you choose the right type.

How It's Powered — Most people think of gas propulsion when they think of scooters, just as they would with a motorcycle, but the truth is, green is in. And scooters are becoming more green too. Find out more...

  • Gasoline-Powered Scooters — Gasoline scooters are the most common, but even the type of gasoline may be changing in the future. Also, today's gasoline scooters are already more environmentally-friendly than the old 2-stroke Vespas of WWII days... read more about 4-stroke engines and beyond.

  • Street Legal Electric Scooters — We're not just talking pokey mopeds here. The next generation of electric scooters may just surprise you...

Scooter Brands & Models

Scooter Brands Overview — Get the lowdown on the wide variety of scooter brands available today.

Genuine Scooter Company — This best-selling scooter specialty company is still not that well-known, despite a solid reputation for producing high quality motor scooters. Learn more about this Chicago-based company that is taking the scootin' world by storm. (Hint: They make my beloved Buddy!)

  • Genuine Buddy Scooter — The Buddy is one of the hottest selling models for Genuine Scooter Company. Cute & retro looking, it has all the modern conveniences, from a powerful 4-stroke engine to tons of storage and even a holder for your coffee cup. It was my top choice! Read the review...

Kymco Scooters — Kymco Motorsports, Inc. is a Taiwan-based company that also makes motorcycles and ATVs. They have a full-line of scooters in a wide variety of engine sizes.

Diamo Scooters — The name "Diamo" comes from the Italian word, andiamo. This name signifies Diamo USA's commitment to provide exciting, reliable products capable of both adventure and utility in many forms, including scooters.

Scooter Reviews

Motor Scooter Reviews — Help me build this section of the site by filling out your own review at this page. I know I and my readers will appreciate your efforts and contributions!

Buying a Scooter

Buying a Scooter Overview — This page discusses some of the things to think about when you're ready to start exploring buying your first scooter.

Dangers of Buying Online — I am a power online shopper. I'd prefer to buy just about everything online... because it's usually cheaper, more convenient and faster. But when it comes to scooters, that may not be a great idea. Find out why.

How to Buy Online More Safely — But not everyone agrees that it is unwise to buy online. Find out the up side of doing so...

Choosing a Gas Scooter Store — Not every store that sells scooters is the same. Find out how to select a scooter dealer that will match you with the best scooter for your needs.

Scooter Store Reviews — In an effort to help my readers find the best scooter dealers in different areas, I'm offering scooter store reviews. Please help me build this section of the site by submitting your favorite scooter store, won't you?

  • Scooters of Boise — This is MY local scooter shop. Find out what I thought about my experience with them.

Used or New Scooters - Which Is Best? — There are a ton of used scooters available through, eBay, and many other outlets. Is it a good idea to buy used?

Scooter Insurance — Get the scoop on whether you need it and how to get it, including where to find cheap scooter insurance.

Overview of Motor Scooter Laws — It's not the same in every state, so find out what the facts are for driver's licensing and vehicle registration/insurance in your state.

State by State Scooter Laws

Learning to Ride a Scooter

How to Ride Overview — Get some basic tips on how to ride a scooter and why professional riding courses might be a good idea...

Scooter Driving Classes — Almost anyone can benefit from taking one of these certification courses in scooter/motorcycle driving. Find out how you can find a course in your area.

Scooter Safety Tips — These safety strategies can help keep you safe when you're riding your scooter on the roads.

Scooter Gear & Accessories

Scooter Gear Overview — With any new hobby comes the fun of shopping for gear and accessories, but when it comes to scooters, some of the gear is more than fun... it's a necessity if you're to ride safely. Find out what you need...

Scooter Helmets — In my opinion, a helmet is essential safety gear for every scooter rider. Hey, I'm a nurse... I've seen the devastation of traumatic brain injuries firsthand, and it's not a pretty sight. Learn about the 3 types of helmets here and why you need one.

Scooter Gloves — Another form of crucial safety equipment, scooter gloves come in many varieties. Get the scoop here...

Scooter Jackets — They don't call them "armor" for nothing. The right scooter jacket will keep you warm, dry and intact. Find out how...

Scooter Ramps — If you plan to transport your scooter regularly without driving it, a scooter ramp might be useful. Learn more here.

NOTE: More will be added to this section as time goes on, so please check back...

Scooter Care & Maintenance

Scooter Maintenance Overview — A well-maintained scooter will pay off in terms of performance and reliability. Find out how to care for your scooter.

Scooter Mods – Learn more about changes you can make to your scooter to help with storage, comfort, performance and more.

Winterizing Your Scooter — Winterizing is an important part of gas scooter maintenance... at least, if you plan to start riding again, come warm weather!

NOTE: More will be added to this section as time goes on, so please check back...

Scooter Questions... And Answers

Scooter ANSWERS – Get answers to your scooter questions here, whether they're about buying decisions, repairs or anything else.

NOTE: There are far too may questions to list individually here, so if you want to see what there is, please visit the relevant category...

Scootin' Life

Scooting for Fun — Sure, scooters can be a great way to get back & forth to work or the store, but they're also darn fun! Find out how to join a scooter club, meet up online with other scooter lovers like you and more...

Motor Scooters Guide Forum — Come visit our forum and join in the conversation! Ask questions, share experiences, arrange group rides, organize local clubs and more.

Local Scooter Clubs Directory — List your local scooter club here or find a nearby scooter club you can join.

The eScooter Club — Create your profile today and upload your scooter adventures, pictures and more to share with like-minded people...

Scooter Stories – Tell us your motor scooter stories. We would love to hear your scooter adventures!

My Scooter Journal - Motor Scooter Mama — Read about my personal adventures in scootering.


Scooter Related Resources

Advertise on this Site — Find out how and why advertising on this thriving scooter community can benefit your business.

Terms of Service/Disclaimer/Advertising Disclosure — These are the policies that govern all we do here.

Privacy Policy — Maintaining your privacy is important to Motor Scooters Guide, so we protect it. Find out how.

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