49cc Scooters & 50cc Scooters

Little, But Still Useful?

49cc scooters and the 50cc scooter size are small and slower, but they DO have their advantages...

49cc scooters pictures
Scooters come in many sizes...

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If you want a great around town type of scooter, a 49cc motor scooter or a 50cc scooter (depending on the maker) could be just the ticket. You'll be able to keep up just fine with stop-and-go traffic in the city or 'burbs and some models can even get up to 50 MPH, though 35 to 40 MPH is probably a more average top speed.

49cc scooters or 50cc scooters are relatively inexpensive too, with some brands running under $1000, although you can pay as much as $4000 for an import.

And, after all, most of the vintage Vespas and Lambrettas were this smaller size.

Many people take this size scooter on vacation with them, loading them up on a rack behind their RV. How perfect for sightseeing, running around the campground or into the nearest town, etc.

Operating Small Scooters May Be Cheaper, Too...

Another nice thing about a 49cc gas scooter is that – depending on where you live – you may not need a driver's license or registration/tags/insurance. Some states say that any motorized vehicle under 50cc is not affected.

That isn't true of Idaho, where I live, but I know that it is true of Connecticut where my brother lives. So, check out your state's laws to be sure.

In Summary...

49cc scooters aren't going to be right for everyone. If you're looking for speed or power, then anything as small as a 50cc scooter is probably going to leave you frustrated. So something at least a bit larger may be in order.

But for an economical commuter vehicle that can zip in and out of traffic easily and park almost anywhere, 50cc scooters can be just the ticket!

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