About Site Build It - Part 2

What SBI Can Do For You

This is the continuation of my About Site Build It story... what SBI has done for me and how it can help you launch a Web-based home business too!

There is no question... SBI is a great package. Google them on the Web and you're going to find lots of positive reviews.

But you're probably wondering about now... what IS SBI anyway and why should I care? And those are fair questions. I haven't been telling you about SBI to make myself look cool... I just wanted to share with you how much it can do for you too...

A Brief Overview of Site Build It

SBI is many things...

Some people describe it as a sort of "Swiss army knife for webmasters. Here are a few of the most important tools it includes:

  • Web hosting
  • Website builder (no tech knowledge required)
  • Keyword researcher
  • Technical guru
  • Teacher
  • Friend...

The list goes on and on. Maybe the best way to understand Site Build It, though, is to "tour" it. You can do it 3 ways...

  1. You can take the long, guided tour, where you'll learn EVERYthing there is to know about SBI, OR...

  2. You can take a 5-minute slideshow tour for a quick peek,

  3. You can take the video tour, where you'll glean the high points in a nutshell

The choice is totally yours!

Real Stories of Real Success

I don't know about you, but before I plunk down my hard-earned money on something, I need some proof that it actually works. And yes, I know I've been telling you how SBI worked for me, but...

You might be wondering if YOU could do this too, right? Are you smart enough? Do you know enough about business? I know; I had many of those same questions myself when I first got started. But here's the thing... SBI is so thorough that just about anyone can succeed using it... provided you're willing to put in the hours and the work. It DOES take work.

But many of us SBIers got started part-time, in the evening hours after our kids were in bed. If you can give even a few hours of work a week to your SBI website, then you CAN succeed. The speed at which you do so, though, is directly dependent on how much time you can actually put into it.

Here's some concrete proof that SBI works for ordinary people like you and me:

There's Nothing Else Like SBI

There are many other webhosts and website builders that claim to do everything SBI does and more, but don't believe it. I've tried some of them, and they are NOT the same, by a long shot. Sure, they might have some similar tools, such as ways to optimize for the search engines or web page builders, but not one of them can lay claim to SBI's greatest strength...

To me, one of the things that sets SBI apart is the people. Not only all the great SBI users doing wonderful things that you might have seen above, but also Ken Evoy, the warm and accessible human being who is the heart of SBI. Or his daughter, Nori, who at age 15 built a website on a tiny island called Anguilla which has become the star demo site in the Site Build It world.

And then, there are all the people who work for SBI, from Al the Graphic Guy to Jim and Judd, who answer questions by email and many others.

And then... there are the SBI forums, chock full of fellow SBI users who volunteer their time to answer questions, offer tips, and critique your SBI website in a warm, friendly and wonderful way. "Pay it forward" is the culture on the SBI forums, and it's not just rhetoric. It's real.

There's the "superstar" moderators, all of whom do their duties for free, just because they love SBI. Debs, of DebtSteps.com, who's made over 25,000 posts at this writing; Erwin, always there with a helpful and practical tip; and many, many more. It's an unbelievable community that welcomes both newbies and old hats alike.

A Free Intro

If you want to get a feel for what SBI can do, check out some of their free tools:

Are You Ready to Try SBI For Yourself?

I'm not trying to push you into anything. But I have to think maybe other scooter lovers are free spirits like me, looking for a way out of the rat race.

If you are, I just thought I'd share my passion for SBI and building content websites that work with you. Who knows, in a few months, you just might have your own site making money for you and funding all those scooter excursions!

But, if you still have questions about Site Build It that I haven't addressed, you might want to email a real SBI owner (not employees):

Ask your questions here

SBI! Order Page

And, if you have any questions you'd like to ask me, feel free to email me, OK?



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