You NEED a Motor Scooter Helmet

An Essential Gas Scooter Accessory

A motor scooter helmet is the one piece of scooter safety gear that every scooter driver should have, an essential gas scooter accessory.

Motor Scooter Helmet Choices
Scooter helmets come in 3 levels of coverage...

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Wearing a motor scooter helmet ensures better safety when riding

When you drive a scooter, you're out there in the open with very little protection... at least not the type of protective walls that a car, truck, or SUV provides. One slip and your head could be hitting the pavement... and that's not going to be a pretty sight.

Head injuries are one of the biggest risks of riding a 2-wheel vehicle, whether under your own power or gas powered. A motor scooter helmet can make the difference in an accident situation as to whether you live or die.

Some states, like Idaho where I live, don't require motorcyclists and scooterists to wear helmets. It's that old "live free or die" philosophy, but I don't buy into it. I'm a nurse and I've seen the tragedy of traumatic brain injury that a scooter helmet or bike helmet might have prevented.

So, please... if you're riding a scooter, do consider wearing a scooter helmet.

Your Motor Scooter Helmet Choices

OK, so hopefully, I've convinced you of the value of wearing a scooter helmet. Now you need to choose which type you'll wear.

Scooter helmets come in 3 types of coverage:

  • Half helmet
  • 3/4 helmet
  • Full helmet

Which one is right for you will depend on personal preference, price, and how/when you plan to ride the scooter.

half helmet

A half helmet provides the least protection, but is also the least restrictive. I decided on this type of helmet and so far it has worked well for me.

One nice feature of the scooter helmet I bought is a zip in and out insulated liner that makes riding even in cooler temps pretty comfortable.

3/4 helmet

Another option is the 3/4 helmet. This type of scooter helmet offers slightly more protection, including a face mask. That can give you more comfort in wind & rain, as well as more face protection from bugs, dirt, and accidents.

full motor scooter helmet

Finally, there is the full helmet that comes down completely around your ears to your neck and with a full face shield. This type of motor scooter helmet, naturally, provides the most protection from the elements and from injury.

I'm fortunate in that my significant other is a motorcyclist who already had an extra full helmet I can wear in cold/inclement weather. So I have 2 choices!

Whichever type of motor scooter helmet you ultimately decide upon, do make sure you get one that fits your head snugly... and then wear it every time you get on your scooter. It's also important to choose a scooter helmet that is DOT (Department of Transportation) certified.

In Summary...

In my opinion, wearing a motor scooter helmet is THE smartest thing any scooter rider can do. It shouldn't matter what your local laws say about wearing a scooter helmet... it's not a matter of personal freedom of choice... it's about wanting to be safe in the event of an accident or fall. And why wouldn't you choose life and your health over freedom of choice?

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