Buying Cheap Scooters Online

Another Viewpoint on Cheap Gas Scooters

Cheap scooters deals abound online. But is it a good idea to buy cheap gas scooters from a Web source?

cheap scooters online

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NOTE: I use the term "cheap scooters" in quite a few places on this site, particularly here in the Chinese scooters hub. If you read my content, I think you'll realize that I try everywhere to provide balanced reporting on what is certainly a passionate issue for a lot of people.

I use the term "cheap scooter" not to be judgmental in any way. I use it because it's a popular search term. How popular? Try 58,672 searches a month! This site is meant to be found. As such, I sprinkle wording throughout it that is aligned with how people search for information about scooters.

I think I provide valuable information about Chinese scooters on this site and I want people to be able to find it. In addition, I don't think of the word cheap as having a negative connotation.

I often search the Web for "cheap" products. I love to save money too!

So I hope that helps my readers understand better why I use the words I do.

Finding a quality scooter today is often challenging. When I bought mine, there were plenty to choose from on the showroom floor at my scooter dealer. Sure, the Genuine Buddies were moving pretty fast, but there were still many other choices.

But a lot has changed over the past few years, with the constant fluctuation in gas prices. At this writing, gas prices are rising above $4/gallon, so people are once again flocking to the idea of scooters as an alternative, and cheaper, form of transportation. So much so that scooter dealers often sell out their stock within hours of it being delivered and uncrated.

Of course, that could all change once again, if gas prices go back down as they have in the past. Who can forecast such things? Meanwhile, scooters do keep gaining in popularity, but availability may always be tied to the price of gas.

However, despite availability issues, there is also the economic issue, what with our ongoing recession. Some prospective scooter buyers just can't afford the higher price points of the more well-known and reliable brands, such as Honda, Vespa and Genuine Scooters.

So, many more people are turning to the Web to find not only cheap scooters, but any motorscooters at all. And, it's true... you can find what appear to be some truly great deals on scooters on the Web. Cheap gas scooters abound online.

But, as covered in my dangers of buying scooters online page, there are many ways that such purchases can go wrong. Unscrupulous dealers can take your money and deliver a non-functioning motorscooter (or none at all). And their customer service may stink.

Still, there IS another side to the story, and I want to be fair here in giving you enough info to make an informed decision.

Advantages of Buying Scooters Online

Some benefits of buying motorscooters online

So, with all the negatives, why would anyone buy online? Well...

  • First, and foremost... cheap scooters! Who doesn't want to save money? And online dealers can often offer cheap deals on scooters because they have less overhead expense than bricks & mortar dealers. But, it's important to note that the quality of these scooters is usually less too. You won't find high-end scooters like Genuine, Honda, or Vespa being sold online.

  • Availability. The fact is, it's darn hard to find scooters locally these days. You often have to order and wait. Online scooters can often be had within days of ordering.

Types of Cheap Scooters Available Online

As mentioned, online gas scooters are usually of the lower end, and probably the smaller engine sizes as well. Makers often come from China, but could also be in Taiwan (the Kymco brand) and India (Bajaj brand).

Quality has improved greatly in these online cheap scooters, but they're still not going to be as good – in most cases – as the higher end types you can buy locally. Still, they require a much lesser investment, so if price is a factor for you, then buying cheap gas scooters online could be just the ticket.

How to Make Sure Your Cheap Scooter Is a Good One

Is a cheap gas scooter in your future?

Many people today are buying scooters online and are perfectly happy with them. The key is to buy from the right dealers, ones that are ethical and focused on customer service.

One of the best ways to find out who you can trust is to ask other scooterists online. Find scooter forums and find out who's been happy with their purchases.

Seek out reviews online for scooter dealers. And go with your gut. If the website looks amateurish and doesn't have any contact information or offer warranties, buyer beware.

Start your search for scooter forums and online scooter dealer reviews here:

Tell us about your online experiences!

If you've bought a scooter online, tell us about it... was it a good experience... or a bad one? What type/size scooter did you buy? Brand? Does it run well? Are you happy with the styling?

Come on... share...

Share Your Review of an Online Scooter Dealer

Did you buy a scooter from an online scooter dealer you can speak firsthand about? If so, that's great... Share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you did and didn't like about this particular scooter dealer. What kind/size scooter did you buy? Were you happy with your purchase? Why or why not?

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In Summary...

So, to sum up, it may be possible to buy cheap scooters online... and come out a winner. But you may have to accept that you're choosing price and availability over quality. And it's essential to choose the right scooter dealer if you're to avoid nightmare consequences.

With luck, you'll be scootin' down the streets of your town on your new gas scooter bought online before you know it!

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