PowersportsMax Review

by Judy
(Dallas, TX)

I took the plunge and went with a cheap China scooter outfit, Powersportsmax. When, after 7 days and no update to my order status (although the money had been removed from my account 6 days earlier), I was able to talk to someone after a 25 minute hold.

The response was good, and I actually received my scooter two days later. It took a day and 1/2 to get it freed from the cage and put together. I never expected it to start, but it did!

So far so good, except that the front (plastic) fender touches the front tire, and after some disassembly, we still cannot figure out how to correct that. I have an email into tech support regarding that, and regarding a bit of play in the handlebar/steering column.

Considering all of the horror stories I have read about buying from one of these dealers, I feel like I got very lucky. However, people do need to realize that few people post about a good experience, and that must be kept in mind when evaluating on-line rants, however justified they are. For every on-line horror story, there are probably 100 that were OK and just not reported.

I'll update this post as things develop, good and bad. Thanks.


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Sep 25, 2017
by: Outraged

I believe that any postive reviews about this company are the exception by far, and they got very, very lucky. This company is absolutely HORRIBLE, is 100% on them and nothing to do with the buyer. Save yourself time, expense and aggravation by running as far away from them as possible. BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!! I've had an experience similar to many others, buying a defective unit right out of the box. Given the runaround and empty promises for months. Filed and won a dispute with my credit card company, only to get a letter from an attorney 6 months later to pay Powersports. They should be investigated for fraud, then shut down and be the recipient of a class action suit.

Sep 15, 2016
PowersportsMax is the worst NEW
by: Anonymous

We ordered a scooter from PowersportsMax on August 10th and received it within a week. Scooter is great, problem is they sent the title to us unsigned and therefore could not register. We priority mailed the title back on 8/23 and it was delivered to them on 8/25. Multiple multiple phone calls to find out where it is and they told us they didn't have it then supposedly it was mailed to us on 9/9 and we still didn't have it on 9/15 and they told us our title was received today and mailed out. They lie and we will be contacting the better business bureau and calling our credit card company to take the scooter back and we will shop somewhere else. Do NOT buy from them.

Mar 21, 2016
Ssr 125 is great and so was the buying experience NEW
by: Corey

The main thing I see in reviews is that most are not researching the product and expect a running ready to ride toy delivered to thier door in 1-3 days. People it is coming from California it takes time to ship it across the country and they give you a detailed diagram showing the estimated time of delivery. The site also explains in detail the small assembly required on most purchases. If you have no prior knowledge of engines or bikes in general you should not purchase one of these. If you do however you will be fine. You get what you pay for that is why a honda crf 125 new will cost around $1,500 as compared to the ssr 125 costing around a little less than a grand and remember "free shipping" means the price was added in so wo shipping these machines cost a little over $500! Stop complaining and do some reasearch and if you know what youre doing you will be fine. I ordered a 2016 ssr 125 and have had zero issues with it or the delivery because I knee what I was ordering and what to expect when it came. I suggest you-tubing ssr pit bike assembly and watch a fee vids so you know what to expect and then decide if the bike is for you. As for quads and hoverboards...they are junk and anyone with any atv knowledge knowd not to buy either that are chinese. Ssr bikes however are the better of the cheap stuff and if assembled correctly and taken care of are def worth the price! For $858 I recieved the bike with free break and clutch handle covers that matched the bike colors, extra foam grips (vert cheap and low value I admit) a full size cover for the bike, a brand new dot approved helmet, and a set of goggles. All arrived in the amount of time stated on the website and without hassel. I was very nervous after reading the bad reviews, but now am very happy I chose this company. I assembled my bike in about 2 hrs (with changing and adding new oil) and was riding for 4-5 hrs after with zero issues so far! Changed the oil again today as reccomended, checked over all the nuts and bolts and seem to still have zero issues. Very satisfied with my purchace from powersportsmax.com.

Dec 14, 2015
poor customer service NEW
by: Anonymous

purchased a 2015 scooter its 2 weeks old has a bad voltage regulator tried to contact company with no results tried calling there toll free number always busy or if your lucky will get a recording to leave a phone number and they will get back to you as soon as possible still waiting i am afraid to ride it because it might break down and have to push it home a real good company would do their best to help with any problems but i guess i picked the wrong one they only take your money and you get junk

Jul 31, 2015
Buyers are more questionable than the dealer. NEW
by: David

If you buy a scooter online and have to bring it to a mechanic to change the oil, you better just ride a bicycle.

Apr 23, 2015
They scam you NEW
by: Anonymous

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE DO YOURSELF THE FAVOR !!! They rip u off & don't help u

Feb 23, 2013
Not impressed NEW
by: Steve in Texas

Bike arrived on time and in great condition but with several problems. I bought from a warehouse and expected to do the dealer prep work myself. No problem.

Here is the problem: Sent the MSO request with $25.00 for three day service. Three days later I got an email saying they can't find the money. I called and said please just send it via their regular procedure. (my bank show the payment has posted.) I'm still waiting on the MSO and the scoot is usless without it!

Although this scooter is new in the crate, it was made in 2008 and has been sitting in a warehouse for 5 years! Also, it came with flat tires and would not start so the "Feee PDI could not have been completed."

Feb 13, 2012
Total and complete waste of time and money.
by: Anonymous

PowersportsMax has THE worst customer service ever. They don't want to talk to you, they sometimes don't talk to you, and they always blame someone else. The ATV I bought had missing parts and broken welds. The factory tightened bolts were loose after 1 ride. The factory oil shouldn't be used on a bicycle chain. I had a clutch failure after 5 rides. Broken a-arm bushings from factory, broken tailight from factory, and my 10 year old could have put it together better. I had to grind, drill and shim the footguards to even fit the quad. Anyone without a strong knowledge in ATV mechanics should steer way clear of PowersportsMax.com and/or Deeal Inc. I have ordered numerous other Chinese quads online before this one and haven't had any problems. This was the worst experience I have had with an ATV and will never order from this company again.

Aug 23, 2011
Overall Evaluation of Buying On-Line
by: Anonymous

Well, I have had the scooter long enough to feel that I can give a good sense of what it is like to order on line. I feel fortunate that my experience has been successful, however, it did take work. If I had it to do over, I would buy one--on sale only--from a local shop. To get my scooter into a shop to change the oil (it must be changed before using the bike much) and fix the brakes (which were malfunctioning due to the front wheel forks being assembled backward from the factory) was a challenge.

Did you know that ramps cost lots of money? We ended up using a board to load the scooter onto the back of the truck, but I don't recommend doing that. Also, it is hard to find a shop that will work on a China bike.

All in all, I probably have saved less than $100 by going on-line, and would have saved a LOAD of aggravation, time, and trouble if I had bought from a local shop.

Aug 23, 2011
Thanks for Sharing!
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Thanks for taking the time to share a positive review, Judy. You're right about people being more willing to vent negative reviews.

Glad to hear you got things worked out in the beginning. How are things going now it's been a couple of weeks?

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