Review of AKA Sunny Sports, Inc. Online Scooter Dealer

by Robert M
(Salt Lake City)

First I want to say I am happy with my Chuanl MP150 scooter. BUT I will never again do business with or recommend Scooterdepot (also known as Sunny Sports Inc) again. I knew that good customer service was an iffy thing when buying online, but I had no idea how bad it could be.

They were real quick to get back to me when I wanted to purchase and promised great after sale service. What a joke.

The first problem was they were "out of stock" on the model I wanted, but had another model that was EXACTLY the same according to the salesman. Well it didn't have the free trunk and the shipping was $40 more than my first choice (even though according to their web site all units were stocked in their own warehouse and pre-tested before shipping, so there could be no reason for a different cost) but they were going to let me have it for $200 less.

I reluctantly agreed and asked the salesman for an updated invoice with the corrected pricing, color (since the new model didn't come in my color choice) and model number. I was assured I would get an e-mail update that same day. Two days later when I still hadn't heard from them and I called, all I got if I wasn't disconnected (It happened 4 times on this inquiry alone), was transferred, put on hold and generally ignored by rude people.

It took over an hour total before someone finally took the time to look up my purchase to verify that the changes had been made and the scooter was being shipped, but that they couldn't send me an updated copy of the invoice.

A couple of days later I got a call from the freight company that they were in the neighborhood and wanted to drop off the scooter, even though they were supposed to call and make an appointment 24 hours in advance. It turned out OK because I was available, so I got the scooter rather quickly. The delivery itself was fine and I got busy uncrating the scooter.

After getting it out of the crate and checked out, the first thing I found was there was NO battery in the scooter. I immediately called Sunny Sports and got the same run around as last time. Disconnected over and over, RUDE people who wouldn't let me finish a sentence, transferred again and again, and generally NO ONE who cared enough to even try to help me.

I was finally transferred to Parts, where a semi-decent person told me that they would immediately ship out a battery, but it would take about a week. What could I do?

I waited 9 days (8 was Sunday) and called back to find out what was going on. The same thing again, even though I had a name of the person to talk to. Disconnections, transfers, and RUDE people.

When I finally got a hold of him, I was told that the order had got lost and they were having computer problems and they would try to find me a battery to send because the one that fit my scooter was not in stock, but I would have to measure the compartment for the battery and e-mail it to them so they could see if anything they had would fit.

WHAT? They didn't know what would fit or couldn't measure themselves?

What about a model number for the battery? Oh, they don't have that kind of information. ???? Well I did it, and waited another week. No battery and no idea when I would get one.

It was now a month from the time that I ordered my scooter and still not able to even start it to see if everything was all right. I had to go out on my own to find a battery, which cost me $45, to get my scooter running. This was not easy because the reason I bought the scooter was that it was my only source of long distance transportation around town.

I was tired of walking to the store at least once a week for groceries (hard to carry more than that when walking) or not really being able to get anywhere farther than 4 or five miles away.

I believe Sunny Sports first pulled a bait and switch with me on the scooter. (By the way, it was NOT the same as the other model. No rear disc brakes was the major difference. That with the other things I mentioned more than made up for the difference in price.)

And they have NO CLUE what customer service is. NEVER AGAIN.

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Feb 13, 2012
bait and switch
by: Anonymous

We purchased online a Zen D150s scooter , pictured 45 times clearly showing it as a milan lance manufactured scooter. they sent us a sunny dungfang product instead telling us it was the d150s,and that what was pictured was actually a d150tf model. I said I want what was pictured on your site and still is.. Call it what you want d150tf is fine but we want what is pictured. three days later they change the pictures on their website while still telling us they shipped what we bought. and now telling us that the d150tf model is out of stock with no eta.. when they finally picked up their intentionally shipped inferior product, they try'd to ship us two weeks later the d150tf model while saying that the pictures on the site are for the 2010 model we will be sending you the new and improved 2011 model... translation their dungfang substandard bike.. In the meantime they have held on to $700.00 dollars that they refuse to return calling it a restocking fee and transport fee for having shipped us the wrong merchandise... To this day they continue to show the scooter in two different categories available for immediate shipment, although as we now know this particular scooter is no longer being manufactured. they are bait and switch artists. They make their money through cancellation fee's, shipping fee's, restocking fee's and the occasional customer that actually keeps the crap that was sent. You order an apple they will send an orange and spend weeks telling you it is an apple.

Jun 21, 2011
Motorcycle Style Scooter
by: Cheesehead

I was looking at the motorcycle style scooter in either 150CC (automatic) or 250CC (manual). Jim - did you like the motorcycle? Has anyone ever purchased one of these? I was looking at Sunny Sports, Scooter Depot US, Happy Skooters, Proscooters etc....they are all the same company! That makes me wonder at first glance! The only reason I was looking at these is because I was looking for something easy to ride. I'm 49 but very active and not sure if I could ride a motorcycle with a clutch. I've never had a motorcycle (only mini-cycles) and wanted something not too difficult to ride that looked cool (don't like the moped looks) that I could just take to the gym and store. Any other suggestions? Please let me know if you have bought the motorcyle style! Thanks!

Apr 06, 2011
Bad News
by: Jim Zeiser

Yes, Scooter Depot is a terrible company. One day I tormented one of their online Chat flunkies about misleading copy for one of their motorcycles. They referred to it as a scooter that looked like a motorcycle even though the pictures showed a clutch and gear shift lever. Other people advertising the same bike called it a motorcycle. The person I was chatting with mysteriously disappeared when I began bombarding them with questions about why the pictures and copy didn't match. If you have any more trouble and need parts.

Apr 06, 2011
Sorry to Hear of Your Troubles
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Wow, that is quite a cautionary tale, Robert. Thanks for taking the time to tell us the whole story. This isn't the first time I've heard from one of the visitors/readers here that Sunny Sports is bad news.

I'm glad, though, that you are happy with your scooter and that it is currently running. Please be sure, though, that you've done the inspection recommended by Jim Z. and others on this site, to check for loose wiring, hoses, etc. And Jim also recommends a complete oil change from the get go.

Hope you get many years and miles of enjoyment from your scooter, despite your rough start!

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