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Chinese scooters & cheap scooters - good value or ripoff?

NOTE: I use the term "cheap scooters" in quite a few places on this site, particularly here in the Chinese scooters hub. If you read my content, I think you'll realize that I try everywhere to provide balanced reporting on what is certainly a passionate issue for a lot of people.

I use the term "cheap scooter" not to be judgmental in any way. I use it because it's a popular search term. How popular? Try 58,672 searches a month! This site is meant to be found. As such, I sprinkle wording throughout it that is aligned with how people search for information about scooters.

I think I provide valuable information about Chinese scooters on this site and I want people to be able to find it. In addition, I don't think of the word cheap as having a negative connotation.

I often search the Web for "cheap" products. I love to save money too!

So I hope that helps my readers understand better why I use the words I do.

Chinese scooters are some of the most intriguing scooters around, simply because they are so darn cheap. Those low prices are extremely tempting when you enter the market as a prospective scooter buyer. These are the scooters you can buy over the Internet or at local locations such as Pep Boys, used car dealers and anyone else who is looking to cash in on the scooter trend.

But are you going to "get what you pay for"? In other words, not much? Well, opinions seem to vary quite greatly on that point. Some people swear by these cheap beauties, while others relate true horror stories.

I present two opposing views here for buying such scooters online:

In the end, only you can be the judge on what works for you. But reading the reviews here may help, so have at it...

I'd love to see more reviews for Chinese/cheap scooter models, so please feel free to use the form below to submit one. Or, if you're just here to read the reviews, then click here to skip down to them

WARNING... NO Text Speak Here!

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This is MY website, so I make the rules. And one of them is that I don't publish "textspeak" here. If you leave a review or a comment, PLEASE use proper capitalization & punctuation! There's so much free information here, so I hope you'll be respectful and take the time to type intelligibly. I get dozens of submissions every single week & I just don't have time to do heavy editing. If you type your review in ALL CAPS, all lower case, don't use punctuation or spell check, then I WILL delete it! No exceptions.
Thanks for understanding,
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Share Your Chinese Scooter Review

Can you speak firsthand about a Chinese scooter? If so, that's great... I want you to share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about your Chinese scooter. The more detail you include, the more meaningful this review will be for future visitors to this page.

A review that just says something like "Awesome scooter! Love it!" has no real value because it doesn't tell us what you liked... or didn't like.

At a bare minimum, you should include info on the following factors:

  • Appearance & design
  • How well it runs/performance
  • Reliability
  • Price vs. value
  • Customer support from seller, if applicable
  • How long you've owned this scooter

OK... please share! :)

Other Chinese Scooter Reviews

Click below to see reviews from other Chinese owners...

2012 TaoTao CY50-B Italian Style Scooter Review 
I have wanted a scooter for as long as I can remember. Paying 6k for a Vespa just wasn't in the cards, so I found a dealer on Craigslist, Dallas Power …

2011 Ice Bear Compeller Trike Scooter Review 
I own a 2011 Ice Bear Compeller Trike style scooter that I bought from Here is a summary of my experience with this scooter... Pros: …

Eagle Sporty 150 Scooter Review 
This scooter is a piece of crap. I have spent more time trying to fix it than I have riding it. I have had problems with it from the time it was delivered …

TaoTao ATM50-A 50cc Scooter Review 
I recently bought this scooter and so far it runs well. It will do 35-45 m.p.h. and for the longer drives I have taken has driven quite well. The price …

2008 Roketa MC 54 150 Scooter Review 
Bought this Roketa MC 54 150 scooter with less than 300 miles on it. It was a floor demo model from a local car dealer, and to be honest, it was a nice …

2011 TaoTao 50cc Scooter Review 
Ive owned my TaoTao scooter for a little over 2 months and have almost 2500 miles on it and it runs strong! What's funny is I also own a Kymco Super 8 …

2008 Daymak Saigon 150cc Scooter Review 
I bought my Daymak scooter in Guelph Ontario in 2008 and now have 1900klm on it. I added a bicycle speedometer to it as the speedo that comes with it reads …

2008 xingyue t-260-4 Scooter Review 
This is Dan again, I purchased my scooter April 2009, still has not ran, In fact the scooter wires got so hot they all melted together. So I rewired it, …

CF Moto V5 Motor Scooter Review 
I purchased the scooter/motorcycle for my wife to ride (her idea). She fell in love with the Legacy and CF MOTO. I got the bike via the internet - not …

Taotao Retro Sicily 50cc Scooter Review 
The Taotao Sicily is a nice looking retro-style scooter and is a cheap way to get into the game. My wife and I bought two of them a few weeks ago just …

My CF Moto/QLink Pegasus 150cc Scooter Review 
I purchased a new 2008 CF Moto/QLink Pegasus 150cc scooter at the Yamaha/Honda dealer in Knoxville to ride to work. I was immediately surprised at the …

Eagle XY-150T 150cc Scooter Review 
This was my first scooter purchase as an adult. I had a Honda Spree (49cc) in 1985 with no concerns at all! Anyway, I purchased this Eagle from ATV Discounter …

Prodigy 150cc Scooter Review 
I am not too happy with this Prodigy scooter, and I'm starting to think that you get what you pay for. An amazing $789 for a 150cc, 16 inch wheels. Nice …

2009 Roketa Sicily 150 Scooter Review 
I own a Roketa Sicily 150 scooter and I like that it cost only $800.00 brand new. Assembled ready to go. The styling looks great. It starts on the first …

My Peace Sports VIP 2010 Scooter Review 
Hello, I have 6,300 miles on my Peace Sports VIP scooter. From day one, there was a sound in the front end like plastic was rubbing. I brought it back …

Review of a VIP Future Champion Scooter 
We paid $1100.00 for our scooter, storage compartment, two helmets and a 30 day seller warranty. It looks nice and sleek (we have red wine color). The …

Roketa MC-02-50B Scooter Review 
I bought this for my wife... the scooter was purchased for $150.00... all the plastic was in good shape and it had about 8 thousand miles on it, but the …

2010 Icebear PST50-4 Scooter Review 
I bought a 2010 Icebear PST50-4 scooter. It was inexpensive, $850 delivered and assembled. It has had its share of initial "issues" but nothing that has …

My Review of a 2011 TaoTao 49cc Scooter 
I purchased my TaoTao scooter 8/11 new from a dealer in Dallas, Tx. Purchased for my granddaughter to ride to and from college and work. Cheap price for …

Bashan Peace 49.5cc Scooter Review 
I bought a Bashan Peace 49.5cc scooter and I have gotten the value out of my $699 purchase the past two summers. The motor scooter has 1300 miles on it …

2011 Taotao ATM 50 A1 Scooter Review 
I purchased this scooter about a month ago, it was delivered to my home in a crate, it took about 2 1/2 hours to assemble it. I had ordered a red one. …

X-Treme XB-502 Scooter Review 
After reading some of the bad things on the net, based basically on the fact that it is made in China, I began to wonder why when they have been doing …

Geely Phoenix JL150T-30 Scooter Review 
Hi, I'm an owner of a Geely Phoenix JL150T-30 scooter. First, its a really cheap price (AU$2500 on road) for a 150cc scooter. It came with 16" wheels and …

Review of a Peace Sports 840 VIP 150cc Scooter 
The price on my Peace Sports 840 VIP 150cc scooter was right. The scooter needs to be checked regularly. I would advise to anyone purchasing a new scooter, …

Click here to write your own.

VIP 50cc Scooter Review 
A VIP 50cc scooter is nothing but problems. Please purchase with caution. Better yet DO NOT BUY. Please do yourself a favor and save up to buy a SYM, Kymco, …

Kymco Like 200i Gas Scooter Review Not rated yet
Kymco is in a mood to take no prisoners. They are delivering a level of quality, performance, and low price that dares any competitor to match. With the …

AutoMoto Scooter Review Not rated yet
I bought my AutoMoto scooter new last year for $3800+. It's a 3 wheel with a roof, windshield & trunk. I use it primarily when the car is in the shop. …

Sling Shot Scooter Review Not rated yet
My Sling Shot scooter has been very reliable right of the box. I drive it 30 miles to work and back daily and it hasn't let me down yet! I like that it …

Vento Zip Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
I bought 2 of these Vento Zip scooters in 2005 and loved them. The 2 stroke engine was very responsive and would run over 40 mph with no effort. They had …

Review of a 2007 Sunl 150cc Scooter Not rated yet
I own a 2007 Sunl 150cc scooter and I love this scooter! It's so much fun to ride around town and even off into the country. It goes 55mph and is quite …

Click here to write your own.

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