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Welcome to our archives of Tank scooter reviews! You can read our older reviews of Tank scooters models...

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Tank scooter reviews are some of the more popular motor scooter reviews on this site. Love them or hate them... people have strong feelings about Tank motor scooters!

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Archived Tank Motor Scooter Reviews

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250cc Viva-Baron/Tank Review 
Purchased in 2005, I put on over 10,000 miles the first year and a half; it is very reliable, still starts every time, gets over 80 MPG, has enough power …

Review of Tank Touring Scooter 250 
Nice looking and cheap - So I got sucked in -- Nothing but problems - No local motorcycle dealerships will work on them. Sometimes it starts and sometimes …

2006 Tank Urban Sporty 150cc Review 
Well, out of the box it ran just fine. However at about the 400 mile mark I had my first problem, as I was driving home from work at about 54 mph, every …

Tank Sports 250 Touring Scooter Review 
This is a disaster scooter. I did some homework before I got this bike. But the problem was that this version just came out in 2008. I trusted the 2007 …

2008 250cc Tank Motor Scooter Review Not rated yet
I love this 250cc Tank scooter; I don't have any problems with it; it runs great, handles great thanks to the weight of it. All I did was change the spark …

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