A Scooter Jacket Is Essential

One of Your Most Important Gas Scooter Accessories

The right scooter jacket is one of the essential gas scooter accessories for protection from both danger and the elements.

picture of scooter jacket choices
A few jacket options for scooter riders...

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When you ride a scooter, it's important to be protected. The right scooter clothing is not just in the realm of gas scooter accessories. Rather, jackets and shoes, among other items, are essential to your safety and comfort when riding.

At the very least, the jacket you ride when scooting should be of a densely woven fabric, or even better, of leather. It should have long sleeves, zip or snap closed and cover your waist area completely.

This will help protect you from wind, rain, and mild abrasions in the event of a fall. Even better might be padding or what is called "armor" to protect you from a high-speed fall onto pavement.

Scooter Jacket Materials

A scooter jacket designed specifically for women scooter riders

Traditional motorcycle and scooter jackets are made of leather, usually black, in a variety of styles, most of which include ample metal accents.

But today's man-made materials, such as cordura nylon, can offer lighter weight and just as good protection. They also come in a wider variety of colors and styles.

One of the down sides of scooter jackets is their prices. It's nothing to spend $100 to $300 on a moderate to high quality jacket.

Now, I know the value you get is probably worth it, provided you have that kind of cash. I didn't... especially right after buying my scooter.

My Solution...

But it WAS important to me to be safe and comfortable (since I started riding in the fall). So, I started out with a heavy denim jacket, which isn't a bad choice, but those kinds of jackets aren't really that much in style these days and kind of hard to find... at least here in Boise.

My next find... for a mere $39 on sale... was a Carhart jacket constructed of a heavy canvas material with a wonderfully soft and snuggly fleece lining. This has turned out to be a perfect choice for me... at least in terms of comfort for the fall into winter transition.

I think the heavy canvas will protect me pretty well in case I ever fall or have an accident too. But recently, I found a nice tight-woven lighter weight jacket. Still just as much protection, but cooler to wear in hot weather, I hope.

But... I Found a Great New Scooter Jacket Resource!

I recently learned (through Twitter!) about a company that manufactures original scooter jackets that are very different in design from ANYthing I've seen before... quite fashion forward... which is going to make a lot of ladies happy. I know I'm itching to buy one!

This is an LA-based company called GoGo Gear, fronted by a lady name of Arlene Battishill. The GoGo Gear line offers cutting-edge, feminine outerwear designed for both motorcycle and scooter riders. All of her coats have robust interior engineering that includes abrasion-resistant fabric, quality CE-approved armor in the back, shoulders and elbows, and highly reflective details.

Her jackets are influenced by European fashion. Some are 60ish modish design, while other evoke military images. But all are comprised of 21st Century fabrics and features. They have everything you'd want in a scooter jacket, while giving you the option to have a coat that doesn't look like typical motorcycle gear.

Here is a slideshow where you can see some of the many designs available:

Mouse over the slideshow to stop it and read a bit about the scooter jacket pictured

GoGo Gear also offers a scooter jacket design just for men

And men, don't despair! If you're a male scooter rider who also likes to look good (Smile), then GoGo Gear has just launched a jacket design for men too. It's available in cordura for spring/summer and wool for fall/winter.

This men's scooter jacket offers all the same great features as the women's line... from great fashion to perfect safety!

NOTE: Eventually, I plan to do an in-depth review of one of the GoGo Gear jackets, but I'll have to buy one first. When I do the review, I'll post it here.

Meanwhile, if you own any of these beautiful jackets yourself (or any other scooter jacket for that matter, feel free to leave us a review here:

Your Scooter Jacket Reviews

Have you found a scooter jacket you just love? Or hate? Either way, we'd love to hear about it so we can make better buying decisions ourselves.

Please use the form below to type in your review... but PLEASE... type your review in using proper capitalization (no all caps or all lower case!), grammar (complete sentences) and punctuation. Otherwise, I'll just have to delete it (no lie). THANKS!

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In Summary

In the end, you'll need to find the scooter jacket that is right for you, in terms of comfort, style and budget. But DO choose something that will protect you adequately if the worst happens.

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