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If you're looking for some top notch green living resources, then this page of related scooter resources is the right place for you.

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Check out our related scooter resources & green living resources

We pulled together this list of recommended scooter, green living, and environmentally-friendly resources to help our site visitors who haven't found the answers they're seeking on our site.

Take time to look through each category. There are some real winners here, in our opinion.

NOTE: Though we DO recommend you take a look at these other resources, remember the adage, "buyer beware." Content and offerings are bound to change over time and you need to carefully consider what you find on other sites. We can't guarantee their accuracy or customer service or anything else. After all... they're not OUR sites. So just use common sense, OK?

Scooter Sites

Genuine Scooter Company – In my opinion, the best scooter manufacturer in the US.

ScootDawg Forums – I'm not a big forum participant (other than my own!); I'm too busy. But if talking scooters is something you enjoy doing, then one of my scooter mechanic experts here on the site, Jimmy Z., highly recommends this forum. Look for the handle there of "kz1000st" and you will have found Jim. (He uses it in our forum too.) – This is another site recommended by Jimmy Z. as a great place to find all sorts of parts foryour scooter, if you like to tinker with it yourself. You could also refer clueless mechanics to this site!

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Green Living

People who ride scooters often do so at least partly because they like the idea of helping the environment by consuming less fuel and producing less exhaust in the air. But there are many other ways you can contribute to the environment too. Here are a few resources I've found along those lines... – Life is too short... feel and look terrific always! Manic? Living green, organically, and off the grid can add to the anti aging process, as well as helping our environment! – Saving the planet one family at a time. provides simple, practical tips for living a "greener" more earth-friendly lifestyle.

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Other Environmentally-Friendly Transportation

I happen to think scooters are one of the best alternative transportation methods you can choose. But I also know they may not be right for everyone. For instance, families may need more room, people who live in a rainy or cold climate may want better protection. Here are some other alternatives... – Get the scoop on this cute little car that is new in the US this year. Find out if this is the right environmentally-friendly car for your needs.

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Please check back often, as I plan to update this page periodically!

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