Gas Scooters Basics

What You Need to Know About
Gasoline Scooters

When you're investigating gas scooters, you need facts, not just opinions. Gasoline scooters may not be right for everyone.

Gas scooters come in many forms...

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In this section of the site, you'll find all kinds of information having to do with what gas & motorized scooters are, the difference between motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters and more. I'll also cover why you might want to buy a scooter. It's not all about the fun, you know!

But, seriously, when I started to look into buying a gasoline scooter, finding factual information was important to me, but hard to do. So, take time to go through the various pages of this section and I assure you, you'll know more when you're done than you do now!

Gas Scooters Basic Facts

Gas scooters come in all shapes, sizes and styles

Gas motorized scooters come in a wide variety of sizes, from the little putt-putt 49cc/50cc models to full-featured 650cc models that offer similar performance to a motorcycle.

There are also different types of motor scooters. Some are suited to commuting around town and to work and back, while others can be used for off road adventures and racing. There are even touring scooters that can go long distances at high speeds... comfortably.

You might be wondering what the differences and similarities are between motorcycles, mopeds, and gasoline scooters. I've got the answers!

And what's the big deal about scooters these days anyways? Why have gas motorized scooters become so popular? Is it just a fad? Whatever your questions are, I'll try to answer them in this section and in other places around this site.

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In Summary...

Is there a gasoline scooter in your future?

Gas scooters have proved to be so much more than a fad, even though they do have many passionate believers, including me. Although scooters are great fun, super cute (or cool, if you prefer), they also make sense in today's environment and economy.

Gas scooters are fuel-efficient, going as much as 100 miles on one tank of gas (with a tank holding only a gallon or two). The 4-stroke version most popular in the U.S. today are also low in emissions, so they're good for air quality... or at least better than most cars, trucks and SUVs.

It's also pretty cheap to buy a scooter, and to keep it running... at least as compared to most 4-wheel vehicles. And gas scooters keep you much more in touch with the natural world all around you! Fresh air, sunshine, even a raindrop here or there... nothing like it!

Learn About Gas Scooters

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