125cc or 150cc Scooter Engine Size

The "Just Right" Size?

You might say the 150cc scooter (or slightly smaller 125cc scooter) is the perfect size scooter... not too big and definitely not too small!

150cc scooter picture
Motoring on a 150cc scooter...

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150cc scooter-Diamo Retro

This size scooter is more what most people think of when they think street legal scooter. I know it was the size I was most interested in...

Big enough to seem substantial against cars and other vehicles on busy streets, but not too big to lose ease of control and balance.

Actually, what I'm referring to on this page is a class of scooter engine size that can be either... 125cc or 150cc scooters.

The Genuine Buddy you see pictured in my header design was originally designed to be a 125cc scooter, although starting in 2008, the international models like mine were upgraded to a 150cc scooter. (The plain-colored Buddies are still 125ccs though!)

Is There a Big Difference Between 125 and 150cc?

In a word... no. There really isn't a significant difference... in size or performance. The Diamo Retro scooter pictured above is a 150cc size motor scooter. When I sat on both it and my 125cc Genuine Buddy, they basically felt pretty similar in size.

At any rate, whether you go with a 125 or a 150cc, this class of scooters will usually accelerate to speeds of 55 to 65 MPH and can safely navigate both city streets as well as some freeways.

In other words, a 150cc scooter size is a good all-round size, when you want a bit more pep and ability to go a distance than the "around town" 50cc scoots, but you don't have a need for the heavier, pricier and bigger scooters.

In Summary...

So, if you want a gas scooter with more pep and size than the traditional 50cc scooter (and many people do eventually upgrade when they realize the limitations of an entry-level scooter), you might look into moving up to a 150cc scooter. Even if you're small like me, you should be able to find a comfortable fit on this size scooter.

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