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On this page, you'll find our scooter questions archives, containing questions that past visitors to the site have asked concerning scooter licensing.

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I like to keep the numbers of questions on our current Scooter Answers category pages down to a usable minimum. Too many questions to scan through can be overwhelming. So I've created these archive pages so that you can still find answers to almost any scooter question through search, but the most current (last month's) questions will be easier to scan through and answer or just learn from.

So, this archived scooter questions page is about scooter licensing and laws. If you can't find what you want here, feel free to use our site search box:

Archived Scooter Licensing Questions

Click below to see our archived questions from other visitors to this page who needed information on scooter laws and licensing regulations...

How large does a scooter need to be before you need a license to drive it? 
How many cc can I have in WI before I need a motorcycle license? Answer: According to the page below, any motorcycle or scooter with a 50cc or smaller …

How old will you have to be to ride a scooter 50cc in Texas? 
I've read some places that you have to be 14 and others 5 and others only 15 to 18 years old... which one is true? Answer: Sally, the answer to your …

Why do I have to take a motorcycle test for a scooter? 
Why doesn't the government make a separate test for scooters? Why do I have to study about clutches when my 125cc scooter doesn't have a clutch? This is …

Maryland resident riding in New Jersey? License or no License?  
In Maryland, the state of which I am a full-time resident, I need no license, registration, or insurance to operate a scooter with an engine size of less …

Will a Honda Metropolitan bought in Wisconsin pass emissions in California? 
I moved my 2006 Honda Metropolitan from Wisconsin to California, only to be denied a license by the DMV because it lacked a California emissions sticker. …

Do you need a license to ride a 49cc or less scooter in florida? 
Some people tell me that you don't need a license for 49cc scooters, but I want to make sure.

Does a person age 54 need a drivers license to ride a 49cc yamaha zuma in Murray KY 
My husband and I purchased insurance today for our 49cc Yamaha Zuma, and were told by the insurance agent that the law in our city concerning 49cc mopeds …

Do you need a license to drive a 49cc scooter in Idaho? 
I don't have a license and need to get transportation to and from work. Do you need a license to drive a 49cc scooter in Idaho?

How do I fight a condo association ruling against scooters in garages? 
I live in a condo association and have a 150 cc motor scooter. It is licensed and insured and is parked in my garage not outside. Recently I was advised …

Drivers License in New York, want to Scooter in NJ at summer home? 
I am a New York resident and have a New York drivers license, not motorcycle endorsed. I want to drive a scooter regularly in New Jersey at the shore. …

Do you need a special license for a scooter? 
Can I drive a scooter with a regular license? ANSWER: To whoever posted this question, please take the time to read the many informative articles …

Do I need a license plate on a Honda Metropolitan (49cc) in New Mexico? 
I'm planning to ride a Honda Metropolitan scooter (49cc) and I live in New Mexico. Does my state require that my scooter be registered and display a license …

Do I Need a License to Drive a Scooter in Florida? 
I'm in Florida; do i need a license for a scooter under 50cc? Answer: According to this page on the Florida DMV site, it appears that 50cc and smaller …

Can I Ride This Scooter in CT without a License? 
I am 15 years old and I wanted a gas moped or scooter that you can sit down on that's 49cc. I live in Connecticut; could I ride a scooter like this on …

Do I Need a Scooter License to Ride a 125cc Scooter? 
I'm from France with an international driver license (for car only), and I'd like to know if I can ride a 125cc bike? That's it, thanks for answer.

Do you need a license? 
Do you need a license to drive down the road, (not a highway) with a scooter 49cc or less in the state of Connecticut?

At what age can you get a license for scooters in NJ? 
What regulations cover scooters in NJ?

Do I need registration for a scooter? 
Do I need a license plate for a scooter 49cc in Florida?

Is the 125SC Baja Scooter highway legal in Arizona? 
I want to know if I can take my 125SC Baja Scooter on Arizona highways? Is it legal to do so? It has a top speed of about 60 MPH. Thanks. :) …

What Are the Maine Scooter Licensing Laws? 
At which age is it legal to drive a scooter with 49 cc in ME? Do you need a license?

Do You Need a License for all Scooters? 
I have no license to drive a scooter, and I'd like to know if I need one in my state. Can you tell me anything about the Nevada laws governing scooters? …

What Are the Scooter Requirements in New York? 
I live in New York City (Queens) and would like to know ALL requirements needed to obtain/purchase/ride a scooter. DO I need a special license? DO I need …

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