Genuine Blur Scooter Review

by Paul Sarnoff

The Genuine Blur Scooter

The Genuine Blur Scooter

Nothing but miles of smiles! I could write pages about this amazing entertaining scoot, but the first sentence sums it up!

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Dec 17, 2010
MPG & MPH on Bikes
by: Anonymous

Just to clarify - Genuine, the same as all manufacturers, gets its miles per hour and miles per gallon rating specs based on technical testing using dynometer loads under computer readings. It's a a very regulated standard under a controlled procedure with advanced equipment that the Highway Safey Admin. & EPA have signed off on. So you can have confidence that, while optimal figures coming from optimal riding conditions, manufacturers' MPG/MPH rating are indeed much more accurate than just taking your speedometer reading and running some math.

So why are speedometers off? It's a chronic issue of ALL motorcycles and scooters...whether it's a fast ZX10R or a 50cc vespa. Most (not all) are cable rather than electronic driven and depend on just 2 tires rotating, where size & weight distribution, cable sag, etc. can come into play. (This is very different from a car's set up, which tends to be much more accurate.) On any motorcycle or scooter, the faster you go the more likely the speedometer is to read incorrectly. True, some are better than others. But because this is such a common issue for all cycle riders, I'd be hesitant to ding the Blur on it over any other. And it's more likely to show up as an issue on the Blur over another scoot simply because you can go way faster.

Personally, I'd rather be able to go 75mph real-life and have the speedo read 10mph off, than be relegated to only having 50cc's of power as an option and have the speedo within 3mph accuracy
:-) Most riders just naturally adjust their riding to accomodate, no matter what make/model they choose, to account for this peculiarity of cycle speedos.

Sep 24, 2010
What a GREAT Fun Machine - The Blur 220i
by: Ron

This scooter does what no other scooter has done before – it’s a crossover vehicle. The motorcyclists don’t know if it is a scooter or some new racing sport motorcycle. It is so much fun to ride (so much fun)! Also, it is well made and looks great!

I was planning to buy a motorcycle myself but backed off on purchasing a bike because of ALL the shifting I would do driving it around town. Now I have that motorcycle, but one that is twice the fun to ride! The Blur SS 220i.

It is an excellent vehicle I suggest you seriously consider it if you are looking to purchase a scooter or motorcycle.

Sep 19, 2010
My Experience...
by: Richard Froiland

Actually have had twenty or so motorcycles and finally came to the conclusion that I only like riding around town and - with arthritis moving into the hands - don't like pulling in the clutch lever anymore.

The Genuine Blur was my choice because it has a decent amount of power and mileage. After about three days riding, I discovered the speedometer is wildly optimistic to the tune of 21% and the odometer is exactly 10% optimistic.

This is not acceptable. I am a pilot by training and want data to be accurate. The speedo is useless. I suspect when they say it'll do 85 mph, that is with the erroneous reading. Who do they think they are fooling?

The same goes for the mileage figure. Seventy mpg is advertised - is that with the error? I scored 56 with the data corrected. I wonder if Genuine can be forced to do a correction. After all it is only a program.

Mar 03, 2009
Please Don't Stop There
by: Kathi

Actually, Paul, I don't think that one sentence does say it all. This review is sorely lacking in any kind of detail to help people make a decision. I sure would appreciate it if either you or anyone else would chime in with a bit more information on the Genuine Blur scooter. (Just do it in a comment.) Thanks!

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