2010 Honda Elite 110 Scooter Review

by Dan
(Hamilton, OH)

Honda Elite

Honda Elite

This is one of the new kids on the block for Honda, along with the SH150i. I originally went to look at the SH but was taken right away with the looks of the Elite.

Wanting something that was passenger friendly with adequate power and storage without a hefty price tag, this was the winner.

I was riding a 09 Vino 125 for several months but it was only a one man scooter and my wife really wanted to be able to ride with me. I will admit I like the features of the Elite more but will never belittle the Vino because I had a blast on it as well.

The first big surprise was the 108cc engine. After riding the 124cc Vino I wasn't expecting much from the lesser Honda. Because of the fuel injection and other technical differences the Elite could more than keep up with the Vino, easily topping 50mph and more. This power wasn't lessened by a passenger or climbing hills, I was very impressed.

The storage was also larger than the Yamaha. The underseat could carry two full face helmets and there was an additional front glovebox for smaller items. Other features were pull out foot pegs for your guest, a locking ignition key cover, parking brake and Honda's combined braking system. Squeeze the left brake and it puts equal stopping power between front and rears giving it reliable stopping power.

I can't say enough about this scoot and for under $3,000, it is worth a look and ride. Throw in nearly 100mpg and you can't go wrong. I'm looking forward to warmer Ohio weather; I've had limited riding for the few months that I've had it. We've been getting a lot of snow lately. Honda has another winner!


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Jul 31, 2015
nice scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

this honda motor looks really nice,great scooter.
USB 3.1 Type C
type c hub

Feb 18, 2011
Honda Elite 110 Scooter
by: Maui Rider

I just bought my scooter 2 days ago and put on near 150 miles! It's really a great bike, smooth, quiet, keeps up with traffic at 45-50 mph, lots of room under the seat for my macbook, ipad, files, water bottle etc. I have an app for my ipad and found that is was getting exactly 98 mpg, keeping in mind I'm 250 lbs. I didn't have any problems going up hills either.....if you're considering a scooter, buy this one. I'm having a great time with it and leaving the car at home.

Aug 06, 2010
Continuation of bchbumm@hotmail.com review
by: Anonymous

At intersections where we were in front, giving full gas and we very pleased to move out ahead of most cars for the first 50 feet. Scrappy little things. Big question in my mind... what about the hills?

After we left the area of Dana Point, we had to make it back up the hills we came down. The Elites handled them well. It will not go up some of the longer uphill runs at 50mph but you can count on 35mph.

Brakes are great, no complaints or lock ups. I mostly used the left hand lever as it combines both front and rear brakes for you.

Mileage? I don’t really care. I know it's up there. We filled up once. It wasn't the point of buying these, but it is a fringe benefit.

Ultimately it does everything I wanted it to do. We have big smiles every time we ride our Honda Elites and find ourselves going out for small rides just to get some fun in our day.

If you are looking for something fun, reliable and easy to ride, buy one, you will be very happy. I got mine at Huntington Beach Honda. I checked all other local shops. HB Honda made it easy and had the best price. Good luck, if you get one in our area, send me an email. I would love to hook up for some area rides. All Smiles!

Aug 03, 2010
real time user
by: bchbumm@hotmail.com

I purchased two Honda Elites at the end of July, 2010, I had checked the reviews by those of the industry and have owned Hondas in the past.
I am a regular kind of guy, 6?2? 320lbs. OK... Regular BIG guy. My wife is more the model style, beautiful and graceful (can you tell I have been married for some time?)

I say this only so you get a better feeling when I discuss performance. I am also not a writer or a motorcycle trades person. Enough of the disclaimer.

I bought two scooters, so the wife and I can get out and enjoy the beach areas here in So Cal. The Elites were dropped off at our place in the hills of Laguna Niguel. Shiny and sporty. I got the brief once over (took twice) on how to start it, it?s actually very easy. The Elite started immediately when cold. FI must work well.

The key also pops the huge under seat storage compartment that can hold two helmets easily but with a trip to the grocery store found it also held a gallon of milk, box of wine (mother in law is in town) and four bags of goodies. Wow.

Sorry, back to my first impressions. The bike felt good. Not big by any means but not so small that I felt cramped or unsafe. A few other pointers by our sales person that personally dropped off the bikes, Brennan with HB Honda and we put on the helmets and rolled out down the first public street hill.

OK, it's downhill, but you can feel it has power. We turned onto the Pacific Coast Highway toward Dana Point. This area is pretty flat and we were able to hit 50mph. Yep, I said it, 50mph with 320lbs on its back. We were a bit skeptical about the speed but found a test area where the local police had one of those stations that told you your speed and flashed red if you were over the limit. At 35mph we were dead on so it may be reasonable to say the 50mph was accurate.



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