TNG Milano Scooter Review

by Kat
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

Scooter Underground

Scooter Underground

The TNG (Twist n'Go) Milano scooter is probably one of the better purchases for the dollar anywhere in North America. Lower price point than others, but not lower performance or quality.

The body metal is a bit thinner and lighter on a TNG Milano than other 150's but the workmanship is still great quality. Not EURO egofrill expensive, more like quick commuter, normal person budget.

Hey, if you have to get to class or to work, the Milano is a great set of two wheels. And if it's not fast enough already, I can do performance modifications.

These make AWESOME rentals because they are really durable. I rode one on vacation and the rental guy said that for a small company, CMSI takes care of any issues, and there is a 2 year warranty. Speaking of durability -

In 2007 the older model was entered in a 24 hour endurance race and TNG Milanos placed 1st and 4th out of 56 entries - despite having come right out of the crate and facing massive factory sponsored competition from team Honda who placed 2nd and 3rd. This thing runs forever.

Sure, everyone knows that 95% of all scooter components are made in the same Asian factories. There is no such thing as a French, Italian, or Japanese product. There are only marketing brands.

What you want to avoid like the plague are the grey market scoots being dumped into the market. Many of these are salvages. There is a reason some companies don't get certified for DOT; it's because they can't pass the minimum tests.

Just like there is no way I'm taking on a car without a Snell or DOT tested helmet, I'm not risking my life on a bad ride.

Anyway, TNG does a dyno test on every unit before shipping it to you at the dealer, and in 2 years I've had ZERO downtime.

Negatives? Apparently some monkey designed this seat when blindfolded. It works, but once you get used to riding - go find a more customized seat. Take care of your butt.

And you might want to upgrade to the highest wattage headlight/taillight bulbs possible if you ride at night or in bad weather. I know there are little halogen bulbs that snap in, but there are also some pretty bright LEDs. Just make sure that you test the LED tailight/brake light to make sure you can always see it at an angle and not just straight back.

We ride year round - so it's SEE and BE SEEN.

The Twist n'Go Milano is fast, fun and really damn affordable.

Go ride. More info on Twist n'Go here:
Twist N'Go

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Aug 25, 2015
Great site NEW
by: Nripa

Thanks for the information. Do you have kids scooter ? I am looking for electric scooter for kids.

Jun 17, 2012
TNG Milano NEW
by: Anonymous

just bought a 05 150 Milano with 150 kms on it for $450.00 needs a battery,but starts first kick every time..just got a new rear rack,trunk and battery for it from dealer in Texas.less than $100 for all including postage here to Alberta .
bought a windshield off ebay,junk, broke first bump I hit.

Apr 26, 2012
Don't buy one! NEW
by: Mark Lacy

I bought one in Nacogdoches, TX and the Dealer went out of business 2 months after I bought it (And the Rat Bastard knowing it when he sold me the extended 2 year warranty too) Nothing but problems.
Gas guage , ignition switch, 3 batteries, can't find correct parts, Cant find the correct headlamp, Always blowing bulbs, broken ground (Wire harness) brake light switch problems, you name it.... I did discover that it does run better on high octane gas
I did fing a good place for parts located in Houston. and they are very helpful.
Also, the scooter is very difficult to start when its cold.

Mar 31, 2012
To find parts.. NEW
by: Anonymous

For the below person looking for ignition parts, Scrappydogscooters sells the entire ignition including the seat lock and gas tank lock altogether. They also sell basically any body part you would need for it as well, gl and ride safe!

Feb 15, 2011
2005 milano
by: Phil Haffcke

had it since new, only real problem i have had is my fuel sender disintegrated when i added gas stabilizer for winter, put in new one and screwed up that one also, mine only runs 55mph wot but that's plenty for me small town no interstates, i did change all rubber hoses right after i got it but i notice now every piece of rubber on it is rotting away will need replacing soon. don't ride mine a great deal just to run errands around town, only have about 3500 mi on it. the dealer i got mine from is out of business so i to have to shop around for parts when need. would like very much to dress mine up like you can the vesper's but afraid to order items on line, may not fit, mine still looks brand new and still turns heads in this small town. happy scootering Phil

Oct 31, 2010
Brakes and ignition lock
by: Anonymous

I bought my Milano scooter about a year ago, am finding parts hard to find. My ignition lock went on it, and to find a back rack non existent...

May 18, 2010
Where to find Parts?
by: Bob

For some strange reason the eagle milano and the tng milano are the exact same scooter. So you can get all your parts from this site. They have nice pictures of everything. I have used them 3 times and they have worked out nice.

May 02, 2010
Parts for Milano 150
by: joanne

I am having problems getting parts for my TNG Milano 150 If anyone knows how to get the steering colom and upper and lower bearing assemble I would love to hear from you.

Mar 26, 2010
Ignition Question
by: Anonymous

I have the same TNG Milano 150 and the ignition switch is gone on it. Anyone know where I can get a new one?

Jul 27, 2009
Parts for Scooters
by: Jim Zeiser

Yes, has most of the parts you could need for any Chinese scooter. Also the body panels for a Milano are pretty universal so a Lance Venice, Roketa Sicily, GS motorworks Milano are the same. You could call 888-400-3253 (GS Motorworks) and ask for John for most of the parts you need since their Milano and any GY6 engine is the same.

Jul 25, 2009
MIght Get Rid of Mine Too
by: Anonymous

I think I might try to get rid of mine as well. I might try for the new Zuma 125. At least I'll feel a little at ease with a Yamaha & availability of knowledge & dealer support.

Jul 25, 2009
Milano's are a cause for concern
by: bonzo big guy

I've driven my Milano 150cc for about 5 months now (350 miles) and good gracious, great balls of fire... it is a cute bike! But I can't imagine it has been dyno tested (I don't know exactly what that means but I doubt it has been tested - can they prove it?.. does anybody know?).... it's cheap (not inexpensive) but cheaply built and unfortunately, it's starting to show severe problems. Brake pads are worn out (already squeaking severly) and electrical issues on my TNG. And the mechanic said that electrical problems on them is a nightmare because the wiring has been changed a number of times on their production (whhich harnesses do you order...?). Plus, locating problems (which shouldn't happen at this age of scooter) can be difficult and expensive. So, I am getting out before it gets more ugly and selling my cute Milano. I give it 1 star for cuteness, other than that she's got issues.

Jul 18, 2009
2005 TN'G Milano 150cc
by: tim

Mine runs great, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting parts due to model #'s not matching up and dealers not knowing either. TN'G(csmi) is taking their sweet time getting info back to dealer so its been parked for over 2 wks now. anyone know a better source for parts?

Jun 19, 2009
So far so good
by: Anonymous

Just bought a used Milano, it was dropped before I bought it and dropped by my kids and their friends since. Nobody is hurt except some scrapes. Both scooter and kids seem tough enough.

Apr 18, 2009
Happy with the purchase
by: sc scooter

I have had the 49cc milano for 4 years and have about 1200 km's on it. So far flawless. I weigh 215 lbs and it will go about 32 mph. It is used for riding around our sub-division. Still looks mint and was a good purchase.

Mar 27, 2009
Great Review, Kat!
by: Kathi

Thanks, Kat, for this long and detailed review of your TNG Milano scooter. It's great to hear about such high quality scooters, and we haven't yet gotten any other TNG scooter reviews. So thanks again for sharing.

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