TNG 150 Grand Sport Scooter Review

by Rick Holland
(St.Paul, MN)

TNG Grand Sport Scooter

TNG Grand Sport Scooter

First off, I have had 31 motorcycles in my life and this TNG 150 Grand Sport is my first scooter. I'm up in years but that's another story.

I am finding out that scooters are not as durable as motorcycles. You beat them and they will break. This scooter I got used. Its a 2008 model that is a real eye catcher. It's got halogen head lights and LED tail lights. As a matter of fact, its got more lights then is really necessary. But that's a good thing.

I have put just under 2000 miles on it and it works wonderfully. It has larger wheels on it so it's very stable at speed.

From what I have seen, there really is very little difference in these machines, unlike motorcycles which can vary so much in engine configuration,drive lines and transmissions.

I bought this TNG 150 Grand Sport scooter because I like the dealer and it's close, so servicing is easy. I think that's the most important thing about picking out the brand of any vehicle... the dealer!

This scoot runs great. Starts everytime. Gets around 80 mpg. Also it has more acceleration then I expected for a 150cc machine.

Oil changes are a breeze and rear end oil is easy. There is a lot of plastic on it, body panels and dash/glove box and so on. I don't like that too much, but I can live with it.

I have read other reviews on TNGs and most were not good but I have no problem with this product and I think it looks great.

One last thing, this thing corners like a house cat with a bad attitude on carpet! I think I can judge that, being I have owned some very fast machines in the past. Besides all that, it's a ball to ride!

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Feb 12, 2017
Satisfied tng owner NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my 2008 tng 150 about a year ago and i realy like it , i mean for an inexpensive little bike the quality aint to bad i also own an older vespa and i had a lot better luck with this tng 150

May 29, 2010
My view
by: rob

It's easy to get them mixed up whe you are looking at lot of them.
I know that the building they were in before is now empty. The website says they are going to specialze in 3 wheelers and electic scooters and drop the other scooters. We'll see.
You can now get parts from MRP.
If you can figure out how to take off the body panels it is quite easy to work on.
I wear gloves when I ride but there is not a lot of vibration that I notice.
I like the GS150 and hope it will run another 5 years but I will spend alittle more next time and buy a big name scooter.

May 28, 2010
by: Susan

Hey Rob,

You are correct, no yellow. I was getting the TNG mixed up with a CF Moto 150 Glory model. The Glory is fuel injected with front AND rear disc brakes. I've been looking at an awful lot of scoots lately and I am more confused than ever. I have read that TNG went banknrupt, do you know anything about this? Do you have any difficulty getting parts? Do you think the TNG has much vibration, I'm especially concerned about the hand grips being buzzy, are they? Thanks in advance for anything else you can tell me.

May 28, 2010
by: rob

They don't make yellow GS150's, only red or blue.
I love mine. Only one problem with the brake master cylinder that neede replacement but since then have had nothing but good times with it.

May 11, 2010
I want a TNG GC reliable are they???
by: Sue

Gees you guys are really making this hard for good review and the remainder not so much. My dealer has a bright yellow TNG Grand Sport 150 for sale for $2,299.00. It's beautiful!!! But I can't work on a bike and I wouldn't know how to fix something if my life depended on it.

The dealer tells me it's all in how they are prepped and put together but I don't buy that. I don't want to get stuck out in the boonies so maybe I ought to look elsewhere. What good stuff do all y'all have to say about the TNG?


May 04, 2010
Cannot service this scooter
by: Lionel

I bought a new GS150 in 2008. Very pleased with it at first, but now I have found that I am unable to clean/replace the air filter because it was either not installed correctly or the wrong part was installed.
I followed the "Air Filter Maintenance" instructions on page 35 of the Owner's manual, but the air filter simply cannot be reached once the air cleaner cover is removed.
There aren't any TNG dealers left in Iowa (Auto Smart in Coralville whom I bought the scooter from is no longer in business).
I contacted TNG for support, but they are ignoring me.
I would recommend buying from TNG only if a reputable dealer is in your area.

Feb 06, 2010
star Is Bad For You
by: Anonymous

Do Not Buy From !! They sell very low quality, often defective, parts as "performance parts". They also do not accept returns on these so called "performance parts". Please don't waste your money! Shop elsewhere!!

It is true, they ship out the items extremely fast. Their OEM parts are of Chinese OEM quality. However, these are the only positive things I can say about them.

I ordered a so called "Malossi Performance Variator". I recieved it in three days after the order. The website listed Vento Triton under supported models for this particular variator. The part I received does not fit my Vento Triton!! It is a very cheaply made no-name brand, not Malossi. Now they don't want let my get a refund/exchange!!

CONCLUSION: Avoid unless you are ordering OEM cheap Chinese parts.

Nov 12, 2009
Fix your scoot
by: TheMathClub

To joel, you scoot uses a gy6, standard aircooled motor. it builds just like a honda gy6. it should have been manufactured by znen?? regardless, your bike is a cakewalk to fix, but you might have to meet some mechanics, not shop reps, and talk to them, tell them its almost identical to a honda gy6 motor, on of them will welcome the challenge im sure and you can get parts for it at or

Your bike will get thousands of km on it if you take care of her, and if you go to

they can help you learn to repair it yourself, so that you can enjoy your purchase. i hope that some of this info is helpful and that you get back scooting again soon.

Jul 26, 2009
My TNG Grand Sport Is Ticking Me Off!
by: joel

I am having a REALLY HARD time taking care of this bike. I just want to get it fixed, but NOBODY works on it and I can't tell where ANYTHING IS on the bike because no photos. I even bought a TNG scooter handbook. Panels break when you take them off. Screws get stripped. I have 5200 kilometers and the bike doesn't run anymore. Can someone help?

Joel in San Diego

Mar 28, 2009
Another Glowing TNG Scooter Review
by: Kathi

Thanks, Rick, for posting this review of your TNG Grand Sport scooter. Seems the TNG lovers are coming out in spades! This is the second TNG scooter review I've published in the past 3 days.

I was aware of the TNG brand of scooters, but didn't know a whole lot about them. So, it's great to hear from owners. And I do love hearing about former motorcyclists who come over to "the other side" and fall in love with scooters and scootin'!

Have fun!

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