Magnum Chariot 300cc Trike Review

by GSM

I bought a Chariot 300cc trike, called Magnum 300cc, 2010 model online in March from County Motor Sports, distributed by Ice Bear. Came in a crate,still 149 miles & not once went or came back home without problems.

85% of the time needed a jumper to start it. On an average of 10 miles the exhaust comes loose & I have to tighten it again in the street. By now I have the scooter trike full of tool, I have my battery jumper, battery charger when I go to work & I have to use the lights later, wrenches, duct tapes...

Other than the $5000 i paid,wasted another $650 so far on the fuel pump, stator, carb & valve adjustment, fan... You cannot ride this scooter 20 MPH & make a curb.

The rear tires lift off the ground or roll over easy since it's got no rear suspensions. It's like a go kart or a kid tricycle. All 3 wheels are joined in one frame without rear suspension that you cannot lean at all when you make a turn.

All 3 wheels stays on the ground like a train on a track, a little speed and you're gone off the street. The rear shocks are there for the seat only.

Engine overheats, to change tires or work under, you have to take off the rear apron & by now I got mine all cracked & scratched. To fill the radiator, you have to take off the whole darn front panels & windshield.

They claim it does 85MPH but not a mile more than 65MPH, handlebar wobbles. There is not one screw or bolts and nut that is not lost & replaced because of the vibrations & cheap kind of nuts.

So far the front shocks already bottomed out (cheap). What makes it worse are the vendors & the distributors that got approval from the government to import this scrap.

They don't even know anything about a scooter let alone this trike coupe. Engine is not as advertised 300cc nor a GY6. It's one of them Yamaha clone that got no parts & it's water cooled too.

Don't have a manual, don't come with it even though it's promised. Tech support is a joke. They referred me to call China. Once they received my money,they told me it's an employee or public Co.

No boss,no owner & the money is invested in stocks, nowhere to complain. You have to take out the whole carb to adjust the air/fuel mixture since the adjustment screw is at the bottom unusually.

What makes these junks are the agents & Companies around with big names, website & their adds. Beware Chinese scooters & their vendors are there to get us. These scooters are not in any way close to Italian made or Japanese made & some of their prices is more than a decent scooter.


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Sep 28, 2016
by: Ray Rogers

County Motors are Sorry, no good people. They took advantage of a crippled old man. 2014 Tornado has less than 300 miles on it. I was a small engine mechanic for 40 years and I can't keep this POS running . First thing wrong was gummed up carb, the carb was made so that it was very, very hard to take apart to clean. Then fuel pump quit. replaced it with a Japanese one. Then the plug quit firing. Took a year and a halfto find a replacement CDI box and coil. still no fire. I leave it out with key in ignition hoping that someone will steal it. I can't bring myself to sell it to someone else. My reputation is worth more to me than that . I have run Chinese engines on generators water pumps and have got my moneys worth . Not so with ICEBEAR and County Motors I hope KARMA bites them in the ass.

Feb 14, 2016
What to buy 150 cyclone or 300 Zodiac Ice Bear NEW
by: JRecord

Reading so much info is anyone with Pros and Cons on why should because you can't beat the prices.Thanks

Feb 13, 2016
Rubbish NEW
by: Anonymousgheefrenchie

I bought this trike in 2014 then that was fine , then done 300 miles by 2015 and the trouble start, the water radiator start to leak, and the plastic elbow between the water pump and the block motor . Taking apart all the pieces to access to the radiator was hell. Then replace the radiator then put the parts back , to find out the plastic elbow was melted by the heat, when I undo the elbow I found out all the the elbow was blocked by a white stuff and no water paased through. So I did order a plastic elbow to replace the leaking one , now the water don't leak but the heat goes off , nothing is leaking but it is over heating so tomorrow I have to remove the water pump to see if it is booked by shit white stuff . I let you know about the following repair . Good luck for you fox

Sep 22, 2015
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Aug 09, 2015
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Nov 20, 2014
300magumn problems NEW
by: Anonymous

ialso have 300 magumn it was in our bike shop being serviced the customer was so displeased with it he sold it to me 750dollars he paid 4.786,oo i new ive got 44yrs exsperiance in motorcycle bussiness so far it 70miles on it battery starter two starter clutchs one wrong sise carb kit fluid change on everthing ride it i mile aday just makesure its in ck valves to tight got hot flushed fluid red crap came out fixed drove fifty miles two aday then it got hot noticed milkey oil mine 72mm said manual69mm iveput new head gasket didnt fix brought new piston and cylinder now cant get 72mm head i brought to make little now its bought waterpump gear plastic another starter new exhaustchina sent me two cylinders stuck with one never had bike200mlwith this much in china there laughing

Oct 11, 2014
chinese 3 wheel trikes NEW
by: Anonymous

I also baught a 300cc water cooled three wheel trike frome Nathan Carlson (president of the company) at Ice Bear. I had about 400 miles on it when the fan and parts flew off into the radiator ruining the engine. Ordered a new engine (took three months for it to arrive) Ordered new radiator and fan-never showed up even after many calls and E-Mails.

Now it sits in my garage collecting dust! the new engine, or parts quit after another 100 miles. Vibrates like crazy and all the bolts and screws fell off!! Exhaust pipe came loose, rear brake came off and fell into rim making a hole into the rim noow I have a flat tire plus a ruined rim. ALL THIS AND I ONLY HAVE A TOTAL OF 600 MILES!! W#hat a piece of shit!

Sep 23, 2012
Cheap and bad clone NEW
by: icmwebcom

I have a made in Japan Yamaha Majesty 250 (4D9). I freaked when I saw this Magnum Chariot, it's a bad Chinese copy of the Yamaha. Look up the specs on the Yamaha and you'll see it's light years ahead of any copy from China. Yes, there are made in China Yamahas but only the small displacement scooters or bikes are made there. If it's going to be sold in Japan, the quality is usually very good. You get what you pay, but let's not support some fly by night company that's selling a product that might kill someone due to low quality and bad design. Buy the real thing and you'll live longer and happier! Buying and riding cheap junk gives our sport a BAD name.

Aug 29, 2012
how muc NEW
by: jsmes

how much do you want for the trike

Jul 01, 2012
2011 Tornado 300cc tryke NEW
by: jcamaro

I just bought one of these Icebear Trykes and at first like anything new I loved it. But with less the 200 miles on it the rear decking is cracking right where the mounting screws go through. I have lock-tite everything and parts fall off and drivers behind me run them over. What am I going to do when the rear deck falls off? Icebear is selling a defective product and knows there is problems and I don't know how they get away with that. They are unsafe with bad tires that have no warranty mine where not even balanced. The people at Icebear won't even talk to you and the guy who answers the phone Kristian will hang up on you. Don't waste your money you will get sued by a driver that hits your falling body parts or even get someone killed. Spend the extra money and buy a good bike. Elizabeth at the factory thinks she is above everybody and will not put you through to the parts dept. This is a piece of shit unsafe and defective product that you will be unhappy with sooner or later. With 200 miles on it I am scared to drive it. Anybody want to buy it?

Oct 02, 2011
300 Magnum Trike
by: chtent

I recently purchased one of these Trikes in July 2011. I purchased it online and was told that the Trike would be inspected and tested before it was shipped to me. Unfortunately that was an outright lie. I was also told that it would go 75-80 mph and that also was a lie. All the problems that you hear about these Trikes are indeed true. It is very important that you have someone very knowledgeable about these Trikes perform the PDI. That will save you tons of aggravation. I finally have mine up and running and it truly is a lot of fun however be prepared for the vibration and noise. It is a bit annoying and the Trike is just outright noisy probably due to all the plastic parts. If you can tolerate the vibration (which isn't really bad) and the noise they are decent Trikes.

Aug 23, 2011
2011 PST150-11 Icebear Trike
by: PhillyMark

I own a 150cc just bought it in May of 2011.

It's not a bad bike, it's not a great bike! A few things!
1) There are alomst no dealers with a bikes in a showroom that you can walk in and drive out. All are dropped shipped. Icebear has two locations they ship from one in Atlanta, GA the second somewhere on the west coast.

2) If you but one these bikes you will need to PDI and maintain it yourself. So, if your not good with tools don't buy one.

3) No matter what size bike you buy thay are not highway safe! Back roads black top only.

4) Once you get them running it takes a little work to keep them running.

5) Out of the box there are a few things that need be up graded to make the run better and get a higher top end speed. Variator weights and clutch springs, exhaust down pipe and muffler, the spark plug, adjustments on the carb and air filter. These few affordable things work well and the bike runs better. There are a list of other things you can do as well! At this point for me I'm happy!

Last, it's a fun ride takes a little work and you need to keep on top of things. But all in all not bad a worth the money when you consider the next thing up on the same format os over $9000.00

Jul 17, 2011
In Canada
by: GarryA

I, too, wish to buy one, and if it works well will buy more. I can estimate about 70km (50 miles) a day on it for my job. The problem is finding a dealer that will ship to Canada. Then to find a reputable dealer to ship to Canada. Some say they will but answer my questions with one word answers as if I am wasting their time. Other say yes, they ship to Canada but break off communications, or couldn't be bothered.
What to do.
I realize they need a trained mechanic to give it a going over and cornering is not optimum but the issues I hear on this forum should not be amongst the problems of a new bike. A competent dealer would be on top of it before it arises.
So anyone know of a good, reliable, conscientious dealer to ship to, or in, Canada?

Jun 06, 2011
I have 300cc Trike
by: Roadhog1

I have a 300cc Magnum. Had for one year. Arrived in crate. Had to put together and change all fluids. The water is under the front hood panel. Lots of problems in beginning with vibration, shimmying. After another $500. and then friend that has a custom bike shop got most of the vibration from front console. It turned out the vibration was from out of round tires.

Finally replaced them and runs great. I do need to replace the horn but can't find it and the manual that came with the bike is not for this trike. Things are not in the same place as the manual.

I have never tried to hit top speed but cruises just fine at 60mph. Never been more than 30 miles away on it, never heats up. Couldn't ask for better ride but if sharp turn you do have to go slow. I love it. My husband put underlights on it, it looks really cool. People always pull along side and shout at me that they love the trike.

May 10, 2011
OK in town but stay off the hwy
by: Charlie

Wow , Glad I bought the Honda . Made a ride to Ar. with a friend that has one of these. He did ok But I found myself on my honda waiting on him alot. It will not cruse at 70MPH like they say. It will do it for a few miles . But the poor little thing is screeming. About 62 MPH seems to be a good hwy speed for it. And it did not make the round trip. total trip was 425 miles. We made it to Ar. but then had overheat problems. Then came the battery problems. Would not stay charged. We had to ship it back home and rode back double on my bike. So if your riding around town. Its OK but if you are looking for something to last Stay far far away. Go with Honda or Suzuki.

May 10, 2011
how far can i ride
by: frank

can i ride from dallas to new olearns on a 300cc trike

Apr 29, 2011
Magnum 300
by: Jim

Lee in AR, i just spoke to Jim in Milltown, Wi, and he says these are fun to ride. My question to you is, what's the farthest you drove and the stopped to let it cool down? Can you go 60, 70 miles or so?

Apr 04, 2011
Magnum 300cc Trike
by: Diane

I bought one of these last year and LOVE it. I am scared to death of 2 wheels but love the trike. It does want to fight you on the turns because of the crown of the road most of the time but it's not a big deal. It does vibrate at very low speeds but after you hit 25MPH that stops. I have had mine at 70 MPH without it being maxxed out. This is a great starter scooter for the price. I would use it to commute back and forth to work with no problems. The biggest problem that I have found is that the brake and blinker lights are not real visible. I am looking into getting some lights down on the apron cover.

Mar 09, 2011
Need Info interested in the 2010 Contender
by: Charlie

OK , I'd really like to purchase one of these trikes. But Everything here except for the dealers responding is bad.

Will these run 65 MPH without been maxed out. I don t want to be wide open all the time.

Does anyone use it as a commute bike. I drive 20 miles per day. Mostly speeds of 60 MPH.

Are they stable in curves at high speed 45 to 60.

I read they are capable of speeds up to 85 MPH . At 18 HP that sounds like a streach of the imagination. Anyone tell me the top speed they are getting and your weight.

Just tring to figure if buying one of these at 4000. will be worth it. Instead of buying a Honda Silverwing or Suzuki burgman at 6500. 2500 is alot in my shoes.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Jan 28, 2011
water tank empty refill
by: john minor

magnum300cc trike how do you get to it and where located 2010 new
need instructions thanks

Jan 27, 2011
Ice Bear Trikes
by: Campus Scooters LLC

I have two of them. I am a Dealer in Cape Girardeau,MO. The big difference between many of the comments are where they were purchased. Professional Dealer prepping is so important. If you can buy from a local shop you are more likely to have less issues.
I have 1200 miles on one of them and 700 on the other. They all have suspensions and other than basic maintenance issues they will supply you with many reliable hours of enjoyment. I have been an IceBear dealer for 3 years and really have not had many issues. I did have one broken belt housing on one that we sold. Simple phone call and had a replacement in 3 days. Local dealers will probably sell them for around $4200-$4500. These will be fully prepped, adjusted, Loc Tite on bolts and all Fluid changed. Not a Bike leaves my store without me personally riding it for at least a few miles. This is the biggest difference between online and local sales. We sell them online for $3599-$3999 depending on which model.

Just remember that if you buy online, remember that the money you are saving is primarily the Dealer Freight and Dealer prepping and assembly. freight to dealer is about $250 and another $150-200 for prepping. that is the difference. Mechanically, these machines are very sound. the Batteries are not the highest quality, but that is an easy fix by adding a little Battery electrolite after 30 days.

Hope this Helps.

Todd Rapp-owner
Campus Scooters LLC
817 Broadway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Dec 09, 2010
Ice Bear Trikes
by: campus scooters LLC

I am a local dealer for Ice Bear. People have to understand that when you buy online these bikes are never professionally dealer prepped and assembled. We as a local dealer spend hours assembling, changing fluids, testing and adjusting before they ever hit the show room.

Most customers are not motorcycle mechanics and think these bikes will run perfectly right out of the box. This is simply not the case. Not just Icebear but all brands, including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris and all brands. That is why the local dealer price is more expensive than online pricing.

We have sold numerous of these trikes mostly 150cc models and like all bikes when they are new, there is a break in period. Bolts will vibrate loose. Use loctite or any thread sealer to prevent this from recurring. Harleys are horrible about bolts vibrating loose when new.

The air mixture screws are not located on the bottom, it is on the side. That is the bowl drain, and would explain some of the issues you are having with the carburetor, also the different seasons will effect the performance as well.

Bottom line is find a local dealer with service dept. so you can test ride one and get service. Parts have never been an issue with Ice Bear, they are pretty good about fast service.

We have actually stopped selling bikes online because of the service issues of bikes not being properly set up. There was a 75% service issue within the first month with online customers and only about a 5% service issue with locally prepped bikes and most are minor adjustments or loose connections.

We are Campus Scooters in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Dec 01, 2010
Bought one
by: Lee

I too have a 300 trike from Ice BeaR. I love it. The newest model has 4 shocks in the rear and an actual differential. It runs great for a scooter. I've replaced the little orange reflectors in the rear with sequential running/brake lights that are LED.

You must check the scooter a lot for loosening screws and such or you can lock tite them...your call. I have not fully broken this scooter in yet but I know it will do 55 and still has more to give.

The only thing I didn't like about it (other than the rear lights) is the low handle bars. That was remedied with 2" handle bar risers (7/8" handle bar diameter). Keep the oil fresh, check oil regularly, check nuts and bolts regularly and you shouldn't have any problems.

It is a little hard starting when overnight and cold but if I pump the gas 2 or 3 times before I start it it does fine. No wobble, no vibration issues. By the way look on golf cart sites for the tires.

Oct 29, 2010
300cc magnum
by: biker2

I just bought the 300 magnum for my wife. I only have 50 miles on it right now. I haven't had any problems yet except for the windshield mounting screws.I bought mine from extreme scooters in Georgia. All I had to put on was the mirrors and windshield and check all bolts and electrical connections. It had 1 mile on it when I received it.

They even changed the oil before shipping. I don't know what kind of tech support I will get yet because I haven't had a problem, but I'll find out. The price was 3499.00 total including shipping. I forgot, I had to put the rear body panel on too. So far my wife loves it!

Sep 10, 2010
I agree
by: Tim

Lee, I'm with you! I've done the same thing. The dealer you are talking about is County Imports in Calif. They have several names they have used. Two of my friends have been screwed over by the dealer.

I have found some decent remarks about the 300 Magnum on scooter forum. Rapid repair (see another comment here) has begun to sell them and all though he is a little bit more expensive than most, he does check out every bike before he sells them and stands by the product (so it appears).

I think I too am going to wait until more is known and more is done (an owners manual for one) before I sink any money into one of these trikes.

Sep 03, 2010
Research and Caution
by: Lee of AR

Folks, I too wished to purchase one of these 3 wheel scooters but I have yet to find a favorable review on them. Some dealers are much worse than others and I would recommend that anyone considering buying a Chinese made and inexpensive scooter to do your homework.

One dealer in particular (in Calif) has an unbelievably bad reputation. I really want one of these scooters, but until I have some proof they are road worthy, I'm shying away.

Anybody out there have a good experience with the 300CC Magnum/Chariot?


Aug 12, 2010
Not all dealers are created equal
by: scooterguy

The dealer you bought from has had many complaints. Check out . They seem to be really honest and willing to help with parts and tech support when you need it. The Chinese scooters are okay if you set them up correctly from the start. The problems come in when someone who is not mechanical buys one and trys to work on them by alone. Like any motor vehicle you sometimes need a knowledable mechanic.

Overall the new 2010 Ice Bear trikes have been really good. Stay away from any 2009 or older models, thats where the problems lie. Ice Bear was smart and dropped the reverse gear in the 150cc 2010 models, and that has made all the diff in the quality and performance.

Aug 11, 2010
by: kymcopartsonline

In a time when fuel costs are sky rocketing, one obvious advantage of scooters is fuel economy. Filling the gas tank of most scooters involves only a fraction of the expense of keeping a typical car's tank full. For those on a tight budget, the cost of keeping scooters in running order is insignificant compared to automobiles. Since scooters such can be equipped with extra storage compartments and maintain City Street speeds, many local errands can be run on one tank of gas or a full electrical charge.

Jul 16, 2010
by: ron of ky

What is the difference from the trikes that was bought in the month of January to May and the new model 300cc Magnum that has the rear end suspension upgraded to have a better ride? Is it the same trike? I'm curious.

I am buying from the warehouse out of City of Industry, CA, Motobuys Pacific rim.) Their website is Brought this trike for $3975. There has to be someone who is not having trouble with their trike.

Jun 23, 2010
Help My Be On the Way
by: Jim Zeiser

It's no wonder you're having trouble. You bought your trike from the worst online seller in the business. Contact Jim Martin at

Jim is a stand up guy and recently starting selling Ice Bear Trikes. If anyone can help you straighten out your problems-he can.

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