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Issues with Engines, Starters and Related Issues

On this page, you'll find our scooter repair questions archives, containing questions that past visitors to the site have asked concerning issues with scooter engines, starters and related issues.

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I like to keep the numbers of questions on our current Scooter Answers category pages down to a usable minimum. Too many questions to scan through can be overwhelming. So I've created these archive pages so that you can still find answers to almost any scooter question through search, but the most current (last month's) questions will be easier to scan through and answer or just learn from.

So, this archived scooter questions page is about strange sounds in a scooter. If you can't find what you want here, feel free to explore the other archived topics listed here. And actually, the easiest way to find anything in our database of questions and answers is probably to use our site search box:

Archived Questions About Engines/Starters/Valves

Click below to see past questions and answers regarding issues about engines, starters, valves, etc. in a scooter.

What size roller weights should I use for a Wildfire scooter? 
I have a Wildfire 50cc scooter and I want to put new roller weights in the C.V.T. I have seen a lot of info on choosing the proper weight for optimum performance. …

What should the head torque be set at after replacing valves? 
It appears I have to replace the valves on my x150 7 XINGYUE scooter. I have the gaps at .004 intake and .005 exhaust. Question is at how many #'s should …

How do I change a spark plug on 2009 Peace: TPGS-811 50cc scooter? 
I can't seem to get to where the spark plug is, or even find it (the "manual" is totally useless). Someone told me I need to take off the bucket under …

Can you help with my 250cc Qlink Commuter carb problems? 
I have a 2008 Qlink 250cc Commuter scooter. I cleaned the carb and replaced the fuse that was blown on the electric choke and it still won't start. And …

How do I remove the head off my Sym Fiddle 2 scooter? 
How do I remove the head off my '09 Sym Fiddle 2 125cc (4 stroke) scooter, and what size heli coil do I need? OK, so the spark plug hole is stripped. …

Why is there no voltage coming from the stator? 
I've had the voltage in my scooter tested and even had it re-wired, but still no voltage coming from it. Can you tell me what to do next?

How do you repair the throttle on a Shenke 50cc scooter? 
I have a problem with the throttle cable, it sounded like the cable snapped or came loose? How would you repair the throttle cable on a 500cc Shenke scooter …

What would cause my engine to seize on my scooter? 
I just bought a VIP 49cc scooter with less than 460 miles and it seized. It's been sitting, I got it worked on for not starting and was told it had a short. …

What vaccum line goes into the intake manifold of my Roketa m-3 150 scooter? 
I need a diagram showing where the fuel lines etc. are, as well as the carburetor. Can anyone help me out with this or give me some tips?

What gap should I set my sparkplug at? 
I need to change the sparkplug on my 2008 Roketa scooter and I would like to know what the gap should be set on? Thanks

Do I need an idler pulley for my Hyosung Ms3-250 scooter? 
Do I need this thing? If so, where can I get the bracket, idler pulley, belt tensioner, belt roller etc. for the Um X-PEED 250i Scooter or Hyosung Ms3-250 …

What would have made my wife's scooter engine seize?  
My wife bought a new 150 cc scooter 4 weeks ago and she was driving it going 35 miles an hour. Then the motor seized up. The dealer said the scooter …

How much do the cvt rollers weigh for a 2006 Yamaha Morphous? 
I am looking to buy aftermarket rollers for a Yamaha Morphous scooter. Can you give me an idea how much they weigh?

How to you adjust the valves on a Shenke scooter? 
Can anyone tell me how to go about adjusting the valves on a 2008 Shenke Scooter\model #SL250? Any help would be appreciated.

Why can I hear the weights spinning on my Roketa scooter? 
When I replaced my belt on my 150cc Roketa weights to 12g, why do I hear them spinning or at least that's what I think I hear? The guy who changed …

Why don't I have spark when I turnover my engine? 
The engine turns over, but no spark. Checked the coil and it's good. Anyone have any idea what might be going on and what I could do to fix it?

What should the OHM resistance reading be for an ignition coil? 
Thanks for your time. I'm looking to see if I have a faulty ignition coil for my Kymco scooter. When ohm'ing between the two spade terminals... I get nearly …

Why can't I get the throttle cord off my scooter? 
I cant get the throttle cable off my scooter. It snapped and I am trying to replace it. If anybody can tell me how, I would greatly appreciate it. …

Why is my scooter blowing the fuse when I put the key in the start position? 
I have a Linhai scooter, and every time I put the key into the start position, the fuse blows. Can anyone help me figure out why this might be happening? …

How do I check to see if my stator is grounded? 
I'd like to know how I check to see if my stator is grounded. Also, can I add a wire from the cylinder head to my frame? I have no lights, turn signals, …

How do you replace the solenoid on a 2009 50cc Diamo Velocity? 
I need to replace my solenoid. I know it is under the seat but I would like a diagram. Can anyone here help me find one?

Where is the spark plus on a VIP Future Champion scooter? 
I have a VIP Future Champion scooter... I can't find the spark plug on the engine. Any ideas why I cant find it? It's back firing really bad and I need …

What kind of sparkplug do I need ? 
I have a 2008 Diamo Velocity 49cc scooter and I have no idea what kind of spark plug to get for it. And what kind of tool do I need to get it out? …

Can you help me figure out what I did wrong when changing the carb in my scooter? 
I have a TGB scooter with a problem after a carb clean... help please! I removed the carb off my 50cc scooter for the first time ever today. I have …

How do I get my Diamo Aero 50 GTX to produce spark at the spark plug? 
I have had this problem before (last week) so I changed to coil and spark plug wire and that worked. Now I have NO SPARK again... HELP!

Where do the lines from the gas tank hook up to the carburetor? 
I have a Baja SC125 scooter, the carb was off. Can anyone tell me where all the rubber lines hook up from gas tank to all the lines on carb itself? …

What kind of of spark plug do I use? 
I have a 150cc 2006 Velocity scooter and I can't figure out what kind of spark plug I should use for it. Can anyone help me?

Why do I not have any spark from my sparkplug? 
I have a 150cc scooter trike. I am not getting any spark from the spark plug. I changed the coil, CDI, and Stator. Still no spark from the plus. What …

What will make a 4-stroke scooter not fire? 
I have a 4-stroke scooter will not crank, it's not firing. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong and how I can fix it?

Where is the vacuum line? 
Hi... Where is the vacuum line on a 06 lrx scooter? I got it fixed by putting a new coil on. Now I have to re-plumb it. I have a denki carb and the scooter …

What size screw do I need for my electric choke? 
I have a SYM Fiddle 50cc daily ridden with a high performance upgrade larger main jet, rollers and exhaust. It was running fine till last night. When …

Will modifying the air box hurt the motor on my scooter? 
I just set my valve on my 150cc motor to: Intake .004 & exhaust .005. I was then having problems running at mid throttle. Spitting and sputtering. …

What is the proper setting for both intake & exhaust valves? 
I own a 150cc scooter. I need to adjust the valves, I have no clearance in the intake or exhaust valves. My question is: What is the proper setting …

Do all gas scooters have a choke? 
Do all gas scooters have a choke?

Am I missing a ground somewhere? 
I have an 06 lrx scooter with 256 miles that needs a wire harness for the ignition and won't produce a spark to or from the coil to the plug but when I …

Why am I not getting any spark out of my spark plug? 
I had to replace the CVT belt on my 150cc scooter. After doing so, the bike started for a short while and then cut off. I cleaned the carb. Put a new fuel …

Which nozzle on the carburetor does the fuel filter hose attach to? 
I have a 49cc scooter and I took the carburetor out. Now I have forgotten which hose goes to which nozzle. I have the hose that is connected to the fuel …

Does anyone know what needs to be replaced ?  
My 250 cc Tank Scooter battery just replaced 5 days ago and it won't start again, have to jump start. I took it to the battery place and while running …

Is my engine done? 
my Gy6 150cc engine shut down seeming to have seized up, power to the motor, but will not turn from engine, I removed the cover of drive train and found …

How do I tighten my throttle on my Lance Venice scooter? 
The right handle(throttle) is kind of loose. It's not really affecting my driving, but it's starting to get annoying... haha. I can't seem to figure out …

Can you help with my scooter problem? 
My scooter has a loud clank or knock, what ever it is, coming from the electric starter area. My scooter is not been used hardly; it has a little under …

Can you help with my Jaling scooter problem? 
I own a 50 cc Jaling scooter. I have no fire at the plug. I have 3 volts going to the CDI unit and 2.5 volts going to the coil... any advice? How many …

Is my engine on my VIP scooter a Gy6 engine? 
Is the GY6 engine on the VIP 4stroke scooter?

Where is the voltage regulator on a 150 cc scooter? 
I was riding the 150cc scooter and the speed dropped and then later I smelled a burning smell. Noticed the voltage dropped from 14 to 12 volts and below. …

What kind of motor does my scooter have? 
I have a Rocky limited edition 150cc scooter and believe it's a 2004. I need to get a CDI module and a voltage regulator for it, but not sure what kind …

How do I adjust the carb? 
How do I tune it for performance?

Where is the spark plug? 
Help! I am trying to locate the spark plug on my 150cc Velocity scooter '08 (Chinese). Can anyone help?

What Wire Goes From CDI to Coil on a Strada Scooter? 
I have a 150cc Strada scooter 4 stroke. I'm having a firing problem... no fire at all. I put a coil on it + new plug. The starter is firing when I turn …

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