Why is my exhaust pipe rattling on my Shanghai Shenke scooter?

by Sarah Huck
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I have a 2008 Shanghai Shenke MP-150cc scooter. A few weeks ago I started hearing a rattle coming from the exhaust pipe. I checked all the nuts and bolts and all the screws surrounding the area. It sounds like a really bad vibration like something came loose.

There is a casing around the pipe itself and I have checked everything. I have noticed it is getting worse. After I reach a speed of about 30mph it goes away. I can hear it in heavy traffic and wearing my helmet, when taking off or slowing down and speeding back up.

Nothing looks bent and nothing feels loose. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate them. Thank you for your time and any help you might have for me.

Yours Truly.
Sarah Huck

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May 25, 2019
Sarah 2 NEW
by: Anonymous

I found amyoutube video on tao tao and yes a bracket on rear of both my mopeds is cracked. This can easily be fixed with a high temp two part epoxy.

May 25, 2019
Sarah NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought two 150 scooters. And they both rattle. I was car mechanic and can pinpoint the muffler. My advise is to be happy it is just the muffler and not something worse. My first moped muffler bolts did fall out. So I got red loctite and now they stay in. The two main bolts ten millimeter on bottom connected to engine. My advise unless you want to pay money for a muffler that may or may not have the same mounting brackets is to ignore the noise.

Jan 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

On the other side of the scoot, under the CVT cover (The big aluminum cover) there is what is called the "Variator" pulley, to the left side (Inside it). Inside there, there are "Rollers" that get wear spots on them. When they do, the rollers "HOP" in there, instead of "Roll". If you do not have the kind of tools that a mechanically inclined person would have, have a shop replace them for you. Probably about a $50 to $100 job. They routinely need to be replaced ;)

Dec 09, 2012
Rattling pipe NEW
by: Sarah Huck

To:Arthur Zdrina

Thank You for your input. My muffler rattled to the point of the metal ripping and taring it self away from the rivets. I Had to screw it back down with regular screws. It is no longer rattling. I know I haven't fixed the problem but it sure is quieter. Thank You all again.
Sarah Huck.

Dec 08, 2012
It was the muffler. NEW
by: Arthur Zdrinc

Very Cheap Chinese Muffler. There was excessive vibration in my engine. 1000$ and lot's of stress later, the issue was resolved and my muffler was replaced. My muffler and trunk cracked and broke due to the vibration. So no doubt one of the bolts holding your muffler in place is loose.

Dec 08, 2012
Shenke Scooter 150cc NEW
by: Shonny

Hi Sarah, I think we have the same scooter. I have a 2008 slingshot 150cc from China as well. I bought it new this February and after about 300 miles I noticed the same rattling. I didn't pay attention to it because it was so minute, then like a week later while I was going like 60 mph two large muffler/exhaust screws fell out. The noise is so loud now I don't drive it. I'm getting it fixed this January. I think it's your bolts needing to be tightened because your muffler is probably shaking loose. God forbid. Maybe these particular bikes have this problem. I think you just need full tune up and your bike will be okay. Good luck.

May 07, 2012
rattle in exhaust NEW
by: george h

i have a 2006 shanghai ,i have the same problem , i narrowed it down to the exhaust header pipe . when i took it off i noticed that the pipe has another layer on the inside of it that must slightly be loose. i hit the end of it and i can hear a rattle . and when it is bolted on i use my foot and push on the pipe not the muffler and give it gas and it quiets down . i just ordered a new exhaust. also i noticed that when i sit down on the scooter the bottom of my carburetor hits the top of the engine and vibrates. but its not as loud as the header. hope this helps

May 06, 2012
Rattling Pipe NEW
by: Sarah Huck

Arthur, Thank You for your comment. I am still having my rattle problem. I can ignore it now. But now you have given me something to check into. And I hope it's number 1 too. Thank You again for you time and suggestion.

May 03, 2012
Same issue for me,,, NEW
by: Arthur Zdrinc

I've been trying to research this rattle problem too. It is most likely not your muffler even though it sounds like it(i thought it was my muffler too). I actually pinpointed the rattle where the CVT belt thingy is. So far from reading online i found two potential answers.
1) Who cares, it's chinese, most chinese scooters make that noise, and apparently someone has driven 3000 miles on their rattling scooter with out any issues. :/
2) There is some bolt loose holding the variator and it's tearing your CVT system apart,,,(this one concerns me, but i am hoping answer 1 is the truth)

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