Which scooters do you recommend for a tall person?

by Alan McCampbell
(Okeechobee, Florida)

Can you please recommend the best scooters for a tall person, in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability. Thanks

Note from webmaster: Alan... Can you tell us more about you? How tall is tall? I'm only 4'11", so anything over 5'5" seems tall to me. :) But seriously, tall could be defined as 6 feet... or maybe you're like my son-in-law and are 6'6"! Do tell...

Also, how do you plan to use your scooter? Are you looking for recommendations in a certain class of scooter? For instance, you'd get different suggestions in the 50cc class vs. the maxi-scoot (450cc & up) class.

Please use the Comments link here to tell us more about your needs and the type of scooter you are looking for. Approximate weight (yours) would also be helpful...

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scoots for tall people NEW
by: WD

I am a tall lady, 35-ish inch inseam. I had trouble with my knees hitting the handlebars on the Honda Elite 100cc scoot, as well as the Honda Reflex 250cc.
I absolutely LOVE my PCX 150 - I did purchase an after-market seat without the hump which lets me slide back and stretch the legs a bit. It gets between 90-100 mpg, cruises easily at 55-60 mph, can hit 65-70 but takes a while to get there. I did a 950 mile road trip on it this summer and did fine.
I also rented a BMW C650 for a weekend. My knees did not hit the handlebars either, but the seat hump was a little restrictive after several hours. MPG was less - maybe around 50-ish. Had all the power I could want. It is heavy - almost tipped it over trying to maneuver in a parking lot and let the handlebars turn all the way to the side, but it rides very nice, lots of nice features. Hope this helps!

Mar 26, 2016
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Scooters for tall persons NEW
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Which scooters do you recommend for a tall person? NEW
by: Anonymous

Now returning to scooters: All of them square measure equally good: Honda Active, Aviator, and Dior. Hero master. Suzuki Access, Swish. TVS We go. Mahindra - no comments (too before long to judge). For your height once more, eliminate active, we go, Dior. assignment writing help service at AssignmentDone.co.uk . Best counseled Suzuki Swish (or Access), since its most powerful (125CC compared to one hundred ten CC), and tallest to sit down. This could suit you best. Vista is out there currently, but again, it's dearly-won, and should not be sensible for tall folks. The flier is additionally sensible for tall folks; however Honda isn't delivering sensible quality in a pair of wheeler of late.

Jun 13, 2015
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Oct 05, 2012
Don't get a divided seat. NEW
by: Anonymous

The Kymco Agility sits a little higher than many & some versions have a single long seat. It's a reliable ride too. You really need two things, seat height, and seat depth. The ability to shift back while seated is really important, so don't get a scooter with a divided seat that won't let you slide back comfortably. The Kymco People always seems cramped to me because there's not much depth between the seat and the front steering assembly. Some of the more sporty looking bikes like the Honda PCX 150 and others have both a flat foot rest and then an angled one that let's you raise your feet a little on a longer ride.

The best way to know, as always, is to sit on the scooter you're interested in, and see how it feels.

May 31, 2011
Tall? Try riding the Piaggio BV 500
by: Anonymous

You might want to go by your local Piaggio dealer and try test riding a BV 500.

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