What do you think about Tao Tao scooters?

by Emily
(Kinston, NC)

I'm a first-time scooter buyer, and I'm thinking about getting one like this:


Does anyone know anything about these types of scooters?


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Apr 11, 2017
overall good NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been riding Tao Tao scooters and atvs for one year now and I have no complaints. I am not big into mud riding so I just like to have something to ride and for the kids. Some do have problems like anything Ford even recalls cars but i think its a good alternative for kids and adults. Some of their models are pretty cool and fast if you aren't mechanically inclined you shouldn't buy any machine these may need some adjustments like the idle and tightening some screws I am overall satisfied especially for the price

Mar 30, 2017
junk NEW
by: chip thee mechanic

I know they are more exspensive, but definitely without hesitation buy yamaha,honda, suzuki, or other proven name brand scooters and motorcyles etc. Purchased four of these motorcycles, atv, and scooters. Junk junk junk junk. No dealer any where wants to get envoled with this drama after they get your money. The manufacture gives the dealer a hard time that the dealer wants no part of. Reputable dealers will not sell this junk. You get what you pay for!!! I had all the same problems that all you people did from day one. Sorry you all had to learn this lesson like me, "the hard way". Finally got my money back after months of agravation except for one and I ran over it with 80,000 lbs loaded tractor trailer.

Mar 30, 2017
junk NEW
by: chip thee mechanic

I know they are more exspensive, but definitely without hesitation buy yamaha,honda, suzuki, or other proven name brand scooters and motorcyles etc. Purchased four of these motorcycles, atv, and scooters. Junk junk junk junk. No dealer any where wants to get envoled with this drama after they get your money. The manufacture gives the dealer a hard time that the dealer wants no part of. Reputable dealers will not sell this junk. You get what you pay for!!! I had all the same problems that all you people did from day one. Sorry you all had to learn this lesson like me, "the hard way". Finally got my money back after months of agravation except for one and I ran over it with 80,000 lbs loaded tractor trailer.

Feb 23, 2017
TaoTao cool little scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

So far I have owned two 2014 VIP Scooters while everyone around me keeps telling me they our throwaway scooters I had just under 10k on the first one I had bought a new one because that one kept getting stolen and add just at 9k on it before just recently totaled it and then looking to purchase another as long as they are well maintained I have never had a problem when the belt finally goes put all new parts on no used parts new variator variator weights clutch and belt it will have no problems the store around the corner from me wanted to use used parts and I had problems the very next day I replaced all those parts and did not have a problem all the way up until the time I totaled it so as long as they are well maintained and not maintained like they came out of a junkyard they will last forever and you have a lot of fun riding them.

Jan 20, 2017
Love mine NEW
by: Doug

I have a 2014 taotao atm50-a1 and i love it, was a little rocky at first but once I got rid of the cheap factory carburetor and upgraded the exhaust she was a beast.

Oct 18, 2016
Frame welds breaking NEW
by: dirtbikeguy1973

I have a 2016 Tao Tao 150cc scooter the exhaust completely broke off,where mounting bolts go to the frameThe welds completely broke off the frame and the cylinder barrel. I lost the whole exhaust on the highway's, and it was nowhere to be found when I went back, otherwise the engine seems to run decent, But I'm very upset about losing my exhaust with only 500 miles on it! The dealer better take care of this,they screwed up a few things already right from the get go !

Oct 17, 2016
Jolly good NEW
by: Anonymous

I am mechanically inept. Don't know the first thing about scooters. Bought a 2016 Tao Tao 49cc, and my only real issue is I throttled too hard in the beginning. Flooded the engine a few times on long rides trying to keep up with traffic. had to wait an hour to start again, but I learned patience and take my time stick to back roads. Just stroke the peacock, ya dig?

Oct 11, 2016
Transmission in the cold NEW
by: Burnett,

It starts an very thing but up north in the cold air the transmission takes along time to get going up hills

Oct 06, 2016
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had my Tao Tao scooter for two months. The exhaust screws fell out and another screw that hold the exhaust system up has fallen out. I got the two exhaust screws replaced but i can not figure out what the other screw is or where to buy it. Any help would be appreciated!

Oct 05, 2016
Not meant to last a lifetime... NEW
by: Unit63x

Tao is my 4th little scoot in 13 years. Though nothing will beat the power and durability of my 2 stroke Zuma, I have not been displeased with either this Tao or the Jonway before it. Please, people it's a consumer item. My phone costs almost as much and that gets changed out about every year and a half.... But like anything else, it shouldn't be abused. Take care of it. Out of the gate, the Tao is smooth and zippy for its size. It has the best acceleration so far too. Did the dealer mod it? Dunno, but it felt nice to get up to speed in less than a block. Time will tell but for now, it's fine for what it is.

Sep 24, 2016
17k miles running strong NEW
by: Jacob

So I bought my Tao Tao early summer and I never once changed the oil. I drive it three towns over daily for work and then all around town and have put a ton of miles on it. It is now at 17,453 miles. It is making some funny noises but still runs faster than 40 on level ground and turns on reliably. A few times I have gone to start it and it doesnt start, just makes a high pitched kind of whirring noise. When that happens I roll it back and forth one or two times and it starts up just fine. I feel I have been very irresponsible with maintenance and yet it is running strong after 17k miles. I guess I just got lucky. I am probably going to sell it in about a week here to move across the country. All in all, it worked great for me. I am not sure I would reccomend them seeing as so many other people are unhappy but personally I am glad I got one.

Sep 24, 2016
Help Please !! NEW
by: Rob

Got my Tao Tao ATM 50 ( I believe this is the model), and it ran fine for @ 2 months. The other day I started it up and rode to the corner store. I noticed the turn signals weren't working as I rode. I shut it off to go into the store, and when I came out it wouldn't start. No power to lights...nothing. So I checked the in-line fuse on the battery cable and it was burned out. I changed it with the spare fuse that comes with the scooter and still wouldn't start. Checked new fuse and it was burned out too. Not sure if new fuse was good when I replaced it (just assumed it was). Has any one had this same problem, and if so, what was the cause? Can I fix it myself? Thanks for the help.

Sep 14, 2016
Taotao NEW
by: Anonymous

Stay away from powermax 150 to cheap of plastic body breaks. Keep oil changed and DO NOT overload them what so ever and they are good.

Sep 05, 2016
Change the engine oil BEFORE riding... NEW
by: Simon Sez

When you buy most any Chinese-made motorsport product, the first thing you do is change the engine oil! BEFORE your first ride. Once you first get your bike running, let it idle for a few minutes to heat up the shipping oil. Then, drain it out. Move the bike back and forth to make sure you drain it all out. There are PLENTY of oil change videos on youtube so you can see what you are supposed to do. Pour in new oil, and make sure you do NOT OVERFILL. Gear oil is probably not as critical to change before first ride, but couldn't hurt, and there are plenty of youtube videos on gear oil.

Once you ride the scooter for a couple hundred miles--change the engine oil again. Then, ride a few hundred more miles, and change it again. By 600 miles, this should be your 3rd oil change. Once you've done this, commute regularly and change the oil every 600 miles.

Proper break-in is key to Chinese bikes! Changing the oil regularly is also key to the bike lasting a long time.

A good group to join is chinariders.net for advice. Members there have really sorted out most any problem with Chinese motorsports, and will keep you running smoothly and reliably.

Aug 05, 2016
Please don't buy Taotao Scooters NEW
by: Bill G

I got a new cy50 t3 taotao 50cc scooter in 2013. I have a problems from the start. We had a hard time getting it titled and registered in Pa. Horn didn't work and the gas meter didn't work. The dealer in Scranton pa. would not help get the parts and get it repaired. now at 1300 miles the engine has to be rebuilt. I tried id contact Taotao USA care line with no response. I also made several calls to Taotao usa no one ever responded. I do not believe Taotao usa is real. It must be a front. The company does not care about anything but sell junk. DON'T buy any Taotao products

Aug 05, 2016
Valves NEW
by: Anonymous

Someone told me that the valves half to be rejected after some many miles is this true I have a 2014 Tao vip other then that it's a great scooter run great

Jul 23, 2016
Don't buy TaoTao scooters NEW
by: b2000316@aol.com

We purchased two cy50-t3 Taotao scooters in 2013. Had problems from the get go. The dealer would not help with the problems. called Taotao usa and they would not help. Now it is 2016 and I have 1328 miles on my scooter and it needs an engine. I wrote and called Taotao usa with NO response. The cycle shop said I was lucky to get 1300 miles on this scooter. they are going to rebuild the engine because of an internal vaccume leek. If you are spending the money get anything but a Chinese made scooter. Your buy cheep you get cheep.

Jul 10, 2016
2014 tao tao zummer 50cc NEW
by: kaye

I bought mine brand new I was so excited. I was back at the shop week 1 with problems. The exhaust wouldn't stay on. Week 2, it wouldn't start. By the second month I had to replace the engine. Its now 1 and a half years later. I've gone through 4 50cc engines. 10 exhaust systems. 5 headers. And probably close to 2 grand just in repairs. Its my daily driver. I couldn't afford a car so I just had to stick with it.
It wouldn't turn on yesterday so I took it to the shop. He said it was fixed. I got home and the exhaust fell off. I'm over it.
Don't buy tao tao. I've spent most of the time angry since my purchase.

Jun 18, 2016
Tao Tao Vip Scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love my Tao Tao Vip Scooter. I keep reading comments about people NOT liking it. I am DEFINITELY NOT one of those people. I haven't had any problems with mine. I upgraded it to make it faster and it IS FAST. Realize that anything man made will have problems here and there. I love my VIP Future performance. Now I WILL tell you this: Once you upgrade it and it runs faster (Mine does about 60-65), the wind will give you problems once you hit a high rate of speed if you are sitting straight up because it is so light. I duck down when going really fast so my head is almost under the handlebars. Problem solved..

Jun 16, 2016
Tao Tao Scooters are horrible, but can be made to work. NEW
by: Anonymous

@Allyson T. Heres a good video series on getting the TaoTao scooters to work.

Jun 16, 2016
by: Allyson T.

Sometimes I wonder if the good comments are really the people that sold these horrible scooters....lol....I really do. We received our's in a crate just yesterday and it has not even run at all. Tried to call the company and their help to us was to tell us to watch youtube videos to get help on the scooter. If anyone wants to get a nice scooter then do not buy a taotao....worst thing I have ever seen or dealt with. I guess we are stuck with something now that will not run.....haven't even made a payment on it at all yet and can't even ride it. Guess you get what you pay for!!!

Jun 15, 2016
junk bikes NEW
by: Anonymous

have had nothing but trouble since new tons of problems.already on second motor.every nut and bolt comes loose.biggest piece of crap ever.selling it and bying a Polaris.

Jun 11, 2016
I have a brand-new 2016 150cc scooter Tao Tao NEW
by: Anonymous

So far I like the scooter it seems to be pretty nice for the most part the only thing I do not like is it does not go fast enough there has to be a way to make this thing go faster than 45 or 50 mph if anyone has any ideas or suggestions without having to change the exhaust or the intake please let me know

May 23, 2016
Love my TaoTao NEW
by: Anonymous

Have a 2015 49cc taotao and love it. Yes, you will have carburetor problems if you don't use a lot or use right gas. But they are easy to replace. In fact, rather easy to work on. I'm a girl and this is my first scooter. Am going to upgrade to a 150cc soon. Great first scooter to learn on. Fun to ride.I live 9 miles from beach and use it to ride there.

Apr 13, 2016
It's. Pink 2012 TaoTao50 49cc. I'm in love NEW
by: AnonymousDarla

My first scooter ever at first glance I saw pink and I don't have any like for pink. But after six months of riding and fixing it. I felt like pink was the greatest thing since ice cream. I'm an older women who is open to all new things. So far having a wonderful time. I'm not going to be in a break down and not know how to fix on the spot. I do carry tools. I have been maintaining my scooter buy watching how to videos on YouTube. Yes there is no guide for my 2012 TaoTao. But now I have the whole video library on my tablet. Now I know a lot of you my want something with a little less time work in on your scooter or are afraid of doing it yourself. But I'm just saying this is my first. And I have worked software on every single one of my repairs myself. And not one time have I needed someone else to do it for me. Yes videos are great to. My taoTao and I have been close. I rebuilt my carburetor. Replaced my fuel line and filters. Put a different fuse holder no more blowing glass.reset my intake and exhaust valve.And replaced most bolts and screws.Put in a fuel cut off switch. Rewrap all of my harness wires with wire wrap instead of electrical tape.And so much more. People if you get a 2012TaoTao. THIS IS NOT recommended for your first scooter. This is considered the nightmare scooter of its time. But if you do. Get videos on YouTube for all the major problems you will find out about as you go. I swear I'm a master machine and could answer any questions you may have about it. And I did it all in 6months. Lol good luck.

Apr 13, 2016
Its s method of trsnsport. NEW
by: Anonymous

So its not a BMW, it only has a 49cc motor, it costs peanuts to run, im on 11000km (Im Scottish hence km). I drive mine all year round in Cincinnati, driven it in minus 15 weather, ok hands got cold.

Yep the rack on the back broke a weld, but that box on the back slows you down.

Replaced front brakes, variator belt, 3 headlight bulbs, insurance including road side asistancect 130 bucks .

Apr 03, 2016
taotao 150 NEW
by: mike

got mine in october. ride it almost every day, now have 2700 km. one night in the rain, my 'high beam' headlight went out. i have not checked it out to see if it's just a burned out bulb or something more (since the low beam works fine). But that is the only issue i have had. I am really happy with it, and other than the high beam, no issues. If a friend or fmamily member asked me if they should get one, i would totally tell them yes.

Mar 27, 2016
used tao tao NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a used tao tao with five thousand miles on it and has run great last two months my last scooter was a VIP but I like the tao better. Will buy another when this one gives out. Cheap transportation at any price

Feb 28, 2016
TT 49cc scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I strongly suggest not buying a Tao Tao scooter.
Original carb replaced with larger carb,
mechanic stated that will fix problem.
Later same running problem.
Bike returned to mech., replaced carb again.
Stated we do not warranty parts.
Only quality gasoline used in scooter. Bought this scooter as a tool to teach girlfriend to ride a motorcycle. It has broken down twice. All in under 20 miles total running time. This dealer/"repair" shop blames all engine ills on bad gasoline. I am selling this crap next week. All of this bs is a total scam. Save your money and buy a used Japanese motorcycle if basic transportation is needed.

Jan 30, 2016
tao tao 50 NEW
by: Anonymous

Got it September,ran well for 300 miles ..Now I push it more than drive it....POS!!!!

Oct 29, 2015
taotoe are not the best NEW
by: R 45

at beginning it was working really good but after 3 months and the temperature drop down it didn't start.... i was on my way to school and in the middle of the traffic. i had to push all away back to my house. so i think taotoe 50 are not the best

Oct 16, 2015
Bulletproof TaoTao 2014. Outstanding NEW
by: Hieronymous Bosch

I used my TaoTao as a truck. And, jump concrete medians, scraping the bottom, constantly.
- it doesn't care !
DESIGN is excellent.
There are PLATES exactly where they should be.
I am rough on the TaoTao, but it takes it.
Plastic is popping out, but no impact.
- load 30 lbs. laundry, regularly.
MILES: I have put 2,000 miles on.
- replaced BAND, once.
* dont buy Jonway.Buy TaoTao.
(and I sell Used models, to get Orlando victims OFF, southern CRACKER Bus System, LYNX.

Oct 16, 2015
Bulletproof TaoTao 2014. Outstanding NEW
by: Hieronymous Bosch

I used my TaoTao as a truck. And, jump concrete medians, scraping the bottom, constantly.
- it doesn't care !
DESIGN is excellent.
There are PLATES exactly where they should be.
I am rough on the TaoTao, but it takes it.
Plastic is popping out, but no impact.
- load 30 lbs. laundry, regularly.
MILES: I have put 2,000 miles on.
- replaced BAND, once.
* dont buy Jonway.Buy TaoTao.
(and I sell Used models, to get Orlando victims OFF, southern CRACKER Bus System, LYNX.

Oct 14, 2015
Need help NEW
by: Anonymous

I put a new vip future champion taotao 49cc coil pack on an a cdi box on an it won't spark what do I do..plz help

Oct 13, 2015
Love mine BUT NEW
by: Bob

I find that some of the connectors like hose clamps, bolts and screws come loose with time. I've only had my scooter since June 2015 and had an air hose come off, front brake caliper come loose, muffler bolts fell out, (all three of them). I have been putting it all back together with new bolts using thread locker and better hose clamps.
I also had to replace the headlight dimmer switch.
Other that that I love my scooter.

Sep 15, 2015
Good but troublesome NEW
by: Amy

I got an ATM50a-1 back in March of 2014. I'll say this:
It's kind of difficult to kill the scooter but over time it will begin to show its age. On a bit of a lark, I drove the scooter from Washington D.C. to Cape Hatteras North Carolina. It ran perfectly the entire way and I had no issues. When I got back, I did an oil change and gave it a tune up to make sure it was good to go. I jokingly called it the scooter that wouldn't freaking die.

Heck, even now, I have a gasket issue or something (Oil leaking from exhaust) and possibly a stator being broke (Or it could have been the rectifier, who knows). Which I plan on getting fixed (I'm actually tempted to do it myself). The downsides: Going up a hill? Say goodbye to your speed. It'll drop from 40mph to 20 in a heartbeat.
There are also tiny problems that crop up over time. The brakes get dodgey, the carb should be replaced quick like, and so on. Overall not a bad scooter but you'll learn how to fix it rather quick like.

Aug 27, 2015
A lot better then a lot of these people say NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my TaoTao ATM50-A1 about 2 months ago, ive put about 350KM on it so far, and havent changed anything on it, its completely stock. It hits 50MPH with ease, stops well and has really been a hell of a help getting to work. My only problems with it are its light construction, me and my fiance weigh a combined 200lbs and it sounds like its going to fall apart when we do ride together, and the front spokes being out of alignment which has caused some grinding on the brakes. Im no mechanic though so i dont really know how to fix any of this, it would be nice if someone commented with a few answers. But all around for 650, with shipping its an amazing little machine, plus mine got here in about 5 days.

Aug 24, 2015
by: Jennifer

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Aug 11, 2015
Tao Tao great NEW
by: Shannon McDonough

I just bought a Tao Tao atm a1 all black.It Nov. 2014 model.it's been great.no problems at all.love mine.

Aug 04, 2015
Junk NEW
by: Rachel

TAO 2014, 50 CC electric Scooter. I have to many complaints to list. It's junk. I could have burned the money I spent, and at least would have produced heat, this P of SH**%$ produced nothing but trouble. PLEASE listen to all these negative reports, they are the truth, Save yourself. NO ONE dares to try to fix them either, 4 different service places practically laughed in my face....
I am sad, and feel soooo cheated,
Still crying in So. Cali...

May 31, 2015
love them NEW
by: kevin in NH.

I bought my first one the smaller tao tao 50 new in July of 2013. I rode it daily even in winter.besides normal repairs..tire.stator.battery and a couple belts. I put 6500 miles on it and sold it in march 2015 and bought a new VIP model in which to this date I have 2700 miles of worry free riding...go tao tao!!

May 14, 2015
TaoTao scooter NEW
by: Kirk

I bought on yesterday.. Very simple to operate. Rides very well. A little faster than I thought it would be.. The dealer, Fenton Powersprots in Fenton, Missouri did a great job going over the scooter.. Looking forward to riding this summer

Dec 04, 2014
Tao Tao Review NEW
by: Richmond Scooter Works

A friend of mine purchased a Tao-Tao 50cc about a year ago. He's put almost 10,000 miles on it and had absolutely NO problems whatsoever.

Here's the thing with Chinese scooters: Some are lemons, just like with cars, or any other electronic device. Most are not. If you change the gear oil using 80W-90, and the engine oil using 10W-40 (NOT 10W-30 like some people recommend), and buy QUALITY OIL like AMSoil, Bel-Air, or Castrol GTX, you should be fine.

Change the gear oil every 750-1,000 miles.
Change the engine oil every 1,000-1,500 miles.

Make sure to do regular maintenance on your scooter. Remember, a scooter is a vehicle, just like a car, and requires regular, scheduled maintenance or it WILL give you problems. You can easily get 20-50,000+ miles out of your scooter/moped provided you follow these steps.

I would also recommend adding some aftermarket parts to your scooter to improve the performance. To start with, a UNI 2-stage air filter will allow for better airflow and reduce gas mileage while at the same time providing a slight increase in horsepower.

The second thing I would recommend upgrading is the ignition coil. This, too, will allow for slightly better gas mileage and improved starting.

Lastly, I would INSIST on upgrading to NGK Iridium spark plugs. I recommend those to my customers, and I use them on my scooters. These are the only plugs I will use b/c of there reliability.

If you want to get into extreme performance upgrades, performance carburetors, exhaust systems, and many other upgrades can be installed to give your scooter optimal performance while not sacrificing engine life.

Hope this helps. Any further questions can be directed to richmondscooterworks@gmail.com

Richmond Scooter Works
(don't bother looking for a webpage, I'm also a web developer and between running a repair shop and doing websites for others, I haven't had the time to finish my own site)

Sep 06, 2014
Junk NEW
by: Anonymous

Ran good for two weeks. After that junk. I have a Tao Tao ATM50-A. When you first start it it idles fine. Then goes 100 feet and stalls. After about 10 restarts it finally runs but the top speed is now 10 mph. It sits in the driveway now under a tarp. I'm waiting till fall and am going to use it for target practice.

Jun 12, 2014
junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a tao tao 50cc scooter. In one word garbage.

Jun 12, 2014
junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a tao tao 50cc scooter. In one word garbage.

Sep 24, 2012
Defective Tao Tao scooter 50 cc NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my Tao Tao scooter at Sun L imports in San Antonio. Texas. I do not recommend anyone buying anything from them. They will not honor the warranty on what they sell. Here are the problems I have encountered so far. 1 Rear wheel hub welded out of center 3/8 of an inch. 2 Gas float dissolved in the gas. 3 Speedometer broke at 50 km. I forced them to replace the first three. They broke the headlamp housing and bored the holes out so large in the helmet holder that I had to put fender washers beneath the box for support. 4 the carburetor linkage was left loose. I fixed that. 5 The front rim hub is welded in 3/16 inch off center. 6 The caliper locked up two times within the first week and warped the rotor. 7 The splined shaft for the rear wheel is welded in crooked. 8 The turn signal switch button used to turn the signals off is defective. Looks like I will have to sue Tao Tao too.

Jul 31, 2012
My first 1000 km NEW
by: Anonymous

Had my VIP Future Champiton 2012 (taotao 49cc) since July 4th so less than a month and I've put 1,000km on it. So far, I've had two turn signals go out (a couple dollars), the horn stopped working or works occasionally, and I had to drill out the air/fuil mixture screw cover. Not bad for as hard as I ride it. Haven't changed gear oil yet (I know, I know) but did replace oil with Castrol Syn Blend 10w30. Have to change oil again now and will replace gear oil as well. Next is spark plug, air filter, roller weights... then I'm pretty much done. It runs great.

Jul 27, 2012
My Taotao NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2012 Taotao CY50-A brand new fresh out of the crate. It was delivered on Friday the 13 July 2012. That should have been a warning because I have been having problems from day one and the first maiden voyage.I most likely need a Priest to perform and exorcism.

My carb was set wrong from the factory and I am getting gas coming out of the air filter box. That is sort of reverse of what is supposed to happen. Then it wont start for hours.I am a mechanic. But the Chinese in their infinite wisdom have cut the bolt heads off the carburetor bowl so that you can't get in to fix their problem without a lot of effort and buying replacement bolts. But nobody seems to know what size they are to replace them. So you cannot go get them to begin with. You will have to wait until you get them out and then take them someplace to get bolts. They also cover over the fuel volume regulation screw. So you cannot get to that either.

The gas cap vent is bad so the scooter develops vapor lock which makes it slow to a stop and die. This is not a new problem from what I could gather from Taotao USA when I called them. But it seems nobody wants to do anything about it.

I have contacted Taotao USA in Texas and they cannot help me with warranty. I have to go to the seller to get help and he has got to contact them. Good luck. You would think that a scooter that is just a couple of weeks old would fall under warranty and they would be glad to at least get you the parts so you could fix the scooter and their reputation would not fall into total crap.

Right now I have a piece of garage sculpture that happens to look very much like a new 2012 Taotao CY50-A scooter. Future Champion my butt! Damn thing wont even run.

Interesting point. The local Peace Sports dealer has a model that looks just like this one. Wording and all. Only they put their name on it to go along with all the other worthless decals.

Jul 12, 2012
Get What You Pay For NEW
by: Culdren

Bought mine 2 months ago and have put 3000KM (not to be confused with miles). Neglected changing the oil and the gear oil at first, but got on top of that (bad habit of mine). DON'T neglect the oil. It burns oil a bit, but I'm told that the rate it's burning is within limits. That still means you need to check it CONSTANTLY!!!

Burnt the stock spark plug up in two weeks, thought the thing had died. Put a new one in, and it was fine. Then there was a bit of sputtering, a hesitation once in a while. One of the hoses was cracking. Replaced that. The rear end is squealing, I hear there is a bearing problem in these scoots...that's next on the list. A nut came loose on the speedometer, I didn't know what it was except it was leaking a lot of grease...got on a forum and found out all I needed to do was screw it back on. EAsy Peazy. Bike fell over, left brake lever broke off, and busted the headlight-bulb...need a new one, thinking of just upgrading to a car headlamp. Took the cvt drive housing off to check the belt and what-not, it's probably time for a new one, looking for transmission upgrades. The center bolt on the rear storage broke off, that has been THE MOST ANNOYING problem. Re-gapped the valves today, that was a piece of cake.

Another reviewer said this is a good scoot if you don't mind tinkering (constantly). I agree. I kinda wish I woulda picked up the $200 scooter I saw on craigslist as a backup. Mine has been a good scooter so far. I've put 3000 punishing kilometers on it in just TWO months. There isn't a day that I haven't redlined it all the way to work and then home. That's 20 miles each way. I'm under 140#, and I get 40mph on a straightaway...25-30mph up steep hills. Of course I want more, but you have to pay for more to get it.

This thing is a trooper!!

Jun 02, 2012
My Orange TaoTao NEW
by: Deb C

I bought a TaoTao50 about a month ago. Changed the oil and drove it from Arlington Tx to Denver CO - NO PROBLEMS. Changed the oil twice and cleaned the oil filter. That's it. I love it.

Apr 25, 2012
killer motorsports are killer NEW
by: scott

i recentlybought a tao tao 50 cc 4 stroke moped from killer motorsports .not only was i impressed with the price my scooter was under 800 bucks and that was with free shipping but the superb user freindly warranty and outstanding service dept these people have my front brake capiper was damaged on reciept of my moped there going to send me my parts thursday the 26th of this month they sent me a email with tracking number and everything never have i bought anything online before and recieved such a superb service in return i praise killer motorsports and all there affliates go carts .com also keep up the good work guys you got great mopeds at great prices with even greater support ty once again

Nov 29, 2011
TaoTao 17 days new and motor bad NEW
by: AggrevatedNLauderdale

Just purchased a brand new Taotao 49cc scooter from a local shop. I've only had it 17 days. I had the oil changed twice and a maintenance at the second change, as suggested. Today the speedometer stopped registering and it won't start. The shop owner said it may be in the engine. Of course the 6 month/6000 mile warranty is only the carbs, electrics, etc, not the engine.

Does anyone know what recourse we have? It's absurd to spend $690 (plus tax and tags) for something that lasts less than 3 weeks, especially when all precautions were met and maintenance performed as directed.

This is really robbery. The shop said he purchases these from a distributor in Georgia and this is the 4th in a matter of weeks with the same problem.

I shouldn't have to pay one cent for this to be fixed. Can anyone guide me?

Nov 10, 2011
tao tao crap
by: Anonymous

i bought my tao tao atm 50 from familymotorsports........they have the worst service. They have replaced the scooter twice. currently waiting on the third engine. Whatever you do do not buy tao tao and definately do not do business with familymotorsports

Oct 29, 2011
peice of junk, wasted money
by: Anonymous

, My taotao 50, has not run right since day one. one week after getting it, the brake line for the front wheel snapped off the shock post ,and rubbed right through the front tire. and blew, while in traffic, on a seven lane street. two weeks later the speedometer cable, snapped and now I have no mileage or speed.

Then it started stalling and sputtering and wont go past 20mph. The vacuum lines were rotted out[and this is a brand new scooter!!!}so I had them replaced. then sputtering again, new fuel pump, one week later sputtering..... changed gas and fuel filter.. still sputtering and stalling, the guy at the only shop around detroit .. says I need a new carb, so I buy one , well guess what it still wont run right, I've had the thing for three months and havent had one single week without a problem yet. It was the biggest waste of money I ever spent.

I would not wish any friends or family to get one and am warning you too, DO NOT BUY TATAO SCOOTERS !!!!!! the us offices are useless, and say'we not manufracturerer, we onwy dealur!!! in a chinese accent... then when you say you almost got hit because you couldnt stop and flew into traffic, they lose their accent in a heartbeat and get serious with you...
The place I got it from , "provenpowersports.com" wont answer my emails and wont take my calls, they wont evenreturn one message, and they even "LOST" my scooter when it was being delivered. to me so my troubles started before even getting the damn thing...I've gotten ahold of a lawyer now and am waiting for a court date to sue for my money back for this lemon...

Jul 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

GSMotorworks is not owned by TaoTao, they just operate within their Georgia facility. They did not have ANY SAY in the building of the scooters, they are chinese. GSMotorworks is USA based. Get your facts straight.

Jun 18, 2011
Best price ever
by: Danny

Just bought mine www.provenpowersports.com
$635 delivered to my door. can beat that

Jun 07, 2011
Plan to care for.
by: Loosegrit

My scooter dealer who sells Tao Tao and Jonway said the engines are the same quality but the rest of the scooter is cheaper made. I have never owned one. But as a owner of 3 Chinese scooters, you need to be a tinkerer, little things will go wrong and must be willing to get your hands dirty.

Change the oil the day you bring it home and at 200 miles and at 500 miles and every 500 miles (or 3 months) whichever comes first after that. Neglect the oil and your scoot will be toast before you know it. New sparkplug every 1500 miles, carb replacement at 5000 miles.

If you live in the snow area make sure you learn how to winterize.

I don't mean to discourage you. I love my Chinese scooter and use it everyday. The fun is well worth a little work.

Jun 02, 2011
Yes, But
by: Jim Zeiser

Think about buying from these guys,


GS Motorworks is owned by Tao Tao and are a top notch online seller. They stand behind what they sell and have the greatest parts guy in the universe. Plus I think they'll sell it to you cheaper. They include shipping in the price. GS had a lot to say when Tao Tao started building scooters and I haven't heard one bad thing about them since they started.

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