Tameka J. Cobbs - Proud Owner of a Carino ZNEN 150 D 2008 Scooter

by Tameka Joleice Cobbs
(Melbourne, Flourida, USA)

Hi... My name is Tameka J. Cobbs I am a new scooter owner. I just got my scooter on April 22, 2011. I have never driven a scooter or anything but a bike and unfortunately the day I got my brand new scooter I broke my leg learning how to drive.

I did not fall but I was going a little too fast and stuck my foot out so I would not hit the curb. But that will not stop me. I have to be off my feet for 3 months and as soon as I'm all healed up, I will get back on the saddle and ride with a little help in learning how to drive it.

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Thanks GigiKW
by: Tameka Joleice Cobbs

Hello, GigiKW! Yes I got my girl from Green Earth Scooters, cool thank for the tips... I will print this check list out and give it to my stepdad, so that he can do it for me. He is a self proclaimed mechanic; don't know how much he knows about scooter but he's a smart guy.

I got my cast off about 4 weeks ago but the doctor still want let me walk or ride my scooter. The only reason he took the cast off is so I can get the movement back in my ankle. See I have another surgery to go to.

I have a screw holding my ankle in place that has to be removed. I get that removed in about 2 weeks and hopefully that's all she wrote.

by: GigiKW

John said that we should stay between 25 and 35 mph for the first 400-600 miles, and to avoid running our girls at a constant speed for more than 2-3 minutes during that time, too. He said the engines need variance in speed to thoroughly season the metal during the breaking-in process, so we should accelerate up then let off the throttle and coast back down then rev it again/repeat. "Don't try to open her up while she's young; wait till she can walk before you let her run..." (stay under 45mph until after your 600 mile tune-up).
I'm sure I'm forgetting something or the other, but it'll come to me, so I'll sign out for now.

P.S. When do you get your cast off?

A clean bill of health, so far...
by: GigiKW

Hey, Tameka! I visited my girl today, and my mechanic is suitably impressed by our pride and joys! I don't know if you purchased from Green Earth Scooters, but I did, and I thought I'd give the the rundown on my experience so far, since we're basically starting at the same time.

John started out by draining and replacing the engine and transmission fluids - these babies were in storage for years, and the gunk he got out was the color of espresso instead of corn oil. (I don't know if he replaced the brake fluid, but I'll ask next time I see him.) He changed out the headlight to a halogen bulb for better visibility, and of course did the basic attachment of the handlebars and front wheel, etc. (because of the way the freight box was packed - standard, I'm told.) I bought the matching trunk which he assembled and bolted it on, though it's a bit loose and rattle-y at speed; he suggests putting some latex/silicone caulk (the kind that sets soft and rubbery) around the top rim, lay a layer of Saran wrap, and then close the lid and let it set. He swears by the technique - I'll let you know how it goes.

GES suggested replacing the tire valve stems on Day 1, but John inspected them and suggested waiting til the 600 mile overhaul, cuz to replace them on a rear wheel with disc brakes you have to take off the whole wheel, so why not wait till we're removing it anyway?

More to follow...

by: Tameka Joleice Cobbs

Well because i have not had a chance to ride my scooter or ever start it up in 3 or so months because i can walk a this time well long story short i cant get it to start now. what happen and how can i fix it? Can anyone help please and thank you.

Welcome to the club!
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Welcome to our little online club, Tameka! I'm sorry to hear of your accident and broken leg, though.

When you're ready to ride again, can I suggest that you sign up for a Motorcycle Safety class? They'll teach you how to control it so you don't have another accident.

You can read about classes here.

Meanwhile, hang out here with us... there are lots of scooter lovers on this site every single day!

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