Scooter Mishap... Disappointment

by Kimberly S
(Savannah, GA)

I feel like a big dummy. I practiced on my Kymco Agility 125 and I felt like I knew what I was doing, and I drove it for the first time today (I purchased it Saturday, practiced the weekend, and drove it to work Monday) and I did great on the way into work...

I'm still not a pro or anything, there were a few slow moments on the way in... but then on the way back home I had a slight wreck.

Nothing really hurt on my scooter, but a combination of rain while I was at work making the roads slick and the way traffic did, sigh... I made a left turn & went up on a curb & I went flying... and now I have a huge scratch on the front of my Kymco and I have bumps and bruises...

I don't know what to do... I paid good money for this scooter, and I don't want to let it sit idle but I wonder if I'm one of these people that just can't learn to ride one...

I don't know. I'm just very disappointed in myself, and wonder about my confidence level in the morning... and what to do if someone else is an idiot & tries to pull in front of me again or something. I mean no one even stopped to see if I was okay... the jerk just laughed... I could hear him... gah.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Kim with a Kymco


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Mar 14, 2010
A suggestion
by: ScottB

Find a motorcycle riders course nearby. The training you will receive will teach you how to be a better (and safer) rider.

When I took my course, I asked the instructor, "Why are you teaching this?" He explained that he was a motorcycle rider for many years. He only went because a friend of his wanted company. He learned so much and was convinced that he needed to teach it so that others knew how to ride safely.

Now, don't let your Kymco Agility 125cc sit for a while. Your carb will junk up for not riding it and it will cost you a couple of hundred dollars to get it cleaned up.

Mar 10, 2010
Not "If" but "When"
by: Happy Old Scoot

Keep Scootin -- A member of our scooter club mentioned to me, "It's not 'If' you go down, it's 'When'."

My "when" came after I had almost 4,000 miles on my Buddy and I went down in our church parking lot because I got overconfident and took a turn too hot.
Bumps and bruises on me and scratches on my beautiful Buddy. But, like getting thrown from a horse, you get up and ride again. I learned a lot from that spill. Log onto my blog where I get more specific.

If a 73 year-old guy like me, who (people tell me) shows no outward signs of dementia and who still carries a full-time job, can get up an ride again -- anybody can.

Scootering is just too enjoyable to let fear take it away from me.

By the way -- I'm a WHOLE lot more careful in turns!

Mar 10, 2010
Keep on going
by: Anonymous

Should I say, too much too soon?

I only have 180 miles on my scooter and I still feel nervous on the streets. For me, until I am not, it will be riding around the block, where I can encounter a few fast driving cars, but at the same time, I feel confidence I will be close to home and get back as soon as I feel trembling -- like I have. The lucky ones have someone that can coach them and keep them company on rides, count your blessings!

Mar 10, 2010
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
by: Jim Zeiser

Everybody has a moment like yours Kim. My wife had her Honda two days when she went out into the field next to our house. Suddenly I heard the engine rev up quickly and drop to a steady idle. She slipped on wet grass and slid out on her brand new Honda Rebel. She picked herself up, gave herself twenty minutes to compose herself and went out on the highway with me.
As Kathi said. Check the weather report in the morning. Doppler radar in invaluable. I won't go out on my bike if there's green coming and I've been riding for years.
You'll be a much more cautious and safe rider after this. You'll be fine.

Mar 09, 2010
Never Give Up
by: Kathi

Oh Kim... I wish I'd seen this sooner. Please don't give up! I'm sure you have all the ability to learn to ride your scooter safely. Yes, you had a blow to your confidence and you felt silly and embarrassed, but the best thing to do is just to get back on and ride.

My advice is to practice riding in low stress conditions and certainly in good riding weather. Slick wet roads are always a hazard to 2-wheeled vehicles. Keep doing that until you build your confidence enough to be able to ride without stress back and forth to work in heavier traffic. And do read the weather forecast each morning!

I was super nervous when I first got my scooter. Luckily, I had a great coach in my husband, who was an experienced motorcycle rider and also Mr. Cheerleader. But I just kept practicing until I conquered my fears. And one day I realized... I no longer felt the least bit nervous. I was super confident and just knew I could handle myself on my scooter.

But I really believe the only way to get there is through practice. Bit by bit, you'll feel more confident. So don't give up and please come back here & let us know how you're doing. There's a great group of really supportive people here!

Happy scootin',

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