My Scooter Story

by Lee

Me and my hubby

Me and my hubby

Let me start from the very beginning. My husband, 4 kids and I bought our first camper 4 years ago. We started camping because my husband was always out at the lake fishing and we thought it would be a good way to see him more.

So after a couple of years of being the one chasing the kids around the campground (we have really big COE campgrounds here) on a bike and having to put heat packs on my knees at the end of the day, I started asking the camp hosts questions about the cool scooters that they would ride around the campground.

Then I started hinting to the hubby that I sure would like to have one. He was like no I am not spending that kind of money on something that will only get used once a month. Take note that he has a four wheeler in the garage that he uses maybe 3 months out of the year for deer hunting.

After researching the different brands of scooter I fell in love with Honda Metropolitan. He finally told me that he might buy me one for my 40th bd (2 and half yrs away) if I still wanted one. $2,500 is a lot to spend on something that I might purchase and not really like it but I could not stop thinking of how bad I wanted one.

So I stopped by this small engine shop and got a price of $650 for a cool sports 50cc. I know the reputation about the Chinese scooters but this guy has a shop and guarantees that he could get all the parts for the scooters he sells and will do maintenance work on it.

So I went home and successful talked my husband into letting me purchase this scooter. The seller only had black and I wanted something bright so I called and told him I would get my husband up there to order one as soon as we got back from vacation in Pigeon Forge.

While in Pigeon Forge, we saw scooters and motorcycles everywhere. My husband has never talked about wanting a motorcycle but I guess with the thoughts of ordering a scooter we both was taking notice to all the 2 wheel vehicles on
the road.

While on the way home I stopped at a Harley Dealer and picked me up a half helmet. As we were leaving the dealer my husband says to my two youngest (my two oldest don't hang with us too much anymore 16 & 19) what you think about daddy getting a scooter.

In one way I was thinking what the heck after years of begging now he wants one but the other way I was kinda of excited cause we could ride together. Well the next day we go up to the small engine shop to order my Yellow Scooter (GO STEELERS) and as soon as we walked in the door my husband fell in love with a 250cc scooter.

That's all he talked about that night. How nice it would be to have one when the 2 youngest got older and him and I could just take off on it. The next day he calls me and a friend of a friend was selling scooters in the town my husband works in.

He had fell in love one a 150 the guy had but another lady that was there told him a 50 would plenty for campground use. The man had a couple of 50s left that he wanted to get rid of for only $500. So my husband said he would think about it and call him back.

Last night I went and picked up my scooter. I had to leave as soon as I got home with it to go wk on Father n laws computer. I had a chance to ride in yard one time and noticed that it only had 2 miles on it.

When I arrived back home I was looking my new scooter over and noticed that my scooter now had 20 miles on it. What the heck I said. My hubby acted dumb at first and then admitted that he went riding some country roads and then circled the subdivision several time.

Guess what my hubby drove his truck to work today with the plans to go get the 50 but told me not to be mad if he came home with 150.

Isn't it funny how at the beginning of this story hubby thought it was a waste of money?

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Nov 09, 2015

Those men always think they're the smartest ones and know everything better. But at the end it somehow turns that women s ideas are almost always great!

Jul 12, 2009
Me Too
by: Ron Goldwyn

In my family my wife and I also shared in the decision making process. I made all the major decisions, Like should Russia remain part of the UN, and she made all the rest.

Jul 12, 2009
Reply to comment
by: Anonymous

I wish I was that independent but with my small town southern raising it just comes natural to respect my husband wishes. Now don't get me wrong I do not bow down to him but we discuss any purchases. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Jul 11, 2009
You are old enough
by: Ron Goldwyn

I like your story, As for me, my baby is now 43 and she is the mother of two teenage boys. The one thing in your story that upsets me is why all the begging.

Let me give you an example. My wife went into a Caddy dealer and asked to see a certain model and then went for a test drive. Afterward she went to the salesman's office where she learned the cost of the car. As she rose to leave the salesman said to her "when you are ready to buy it come back with your husband." With that statement my wife said to him "Mister, you just lost a commission as I came here to buy the car." With that she walked out and never came back. She bought her car at another dealer.

My wife was still in college when we got married with one year to go. Her father said to me you married her you pay for the rest of her college education. WE did and that included a Masters degree. I treated her Masters degree as an insurance policy in that she would have the ability to earn a living should anything happen to me. Well that is the case as I'm now unable to work and she supports me.

She doesn't ask me if it is all right to purchase a new bra or a new car. She is a Democrat and I'm a leader in the town (City) Republican Committee. After 48 years of marriage I have a loving independent woman.

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