Has anyone heard of the SSR Rowdy 150cc by ZNEN?

by Lisa Marie
(Marina Del Rey, CA.)

It looks like a post WWII Australian motorcycle. Very cool. I need reliable local commuter scooter; price is great and is California legal. Dealer will assemble, test drive and register for me. What do you think?

Here is the link: http://www.powersportsmax.com/product_info.php/products_id/1113

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Feb 05, 2020
Taking off seat NEW
by: Rowdy owner

Insert the ignition key and turn it. Leave it in. Pull out knob and pop seat up and off.

Great scooter but wiring not so good. I replaced most of mine.

Feb 05, 2020
need help
by: Joseph J

I'm an experienced mc mechanic, and MX racer (Bultacos).
I recieved a call from a friend of mine who has an SSR Rowdy 150...he couldnt get it started and asked for my help. Happy to oblige, I took a look at the bike (probably just a dead battery) and after 2 hours of diligent effort couldnt even get the seat up. Now totally humiliated, I'm ready to surrender to someone with experience with these. There are three mechanisms at the front of the seat- a key switch, a knob, and a lever (rod). Every imaginable combination and strategy has been tried to get access under the seat... what am I missing?

Sep 28, 2019
Spark Plug NEW
by: Anonymous

We have one and have not had much problems. However, I although it will start, it will not stay started. Decided to check out the sparkplug, because sparkplug is mentioned in the owners manual. Can't seem to locate it. Any suggestions.

Sep 23, 2019
reliabe NEW
by: Roy Boyes

I have had my Rowdy SSR for over 4 years and have put over 11,000 miles on it with very little trouble

Keep up your maintenance and repairs what needs fixing and they are very reliable ( at least my is).

Aug 25, 2019
Rowdy 2013 150 cc Scooter NEW
by: Rad Rover

Have owned this Very nice scooter for over six years. It has provided me with many very reliable miles. I also own a Honda PCX-150 scooter. As far as ride comfort is concerned the Rowdy is a much more comfortable ride. Only had to replace the headlight lamp and the fuel pump. Both of which were very easy fixes. My conclusion, Fun ride easy on the pocketbook.

May 20, 2016
my 2009 Zhonzgeng 'ZHEN' Rebel NEW
by: Anonymous

the Rebel is the original, before they changed the name to Rowdy
150cc of pure fun, the dash plastic is so fogged i can't see anything, the scoot sets out side 24/7 when not being ridden,
i bought in 2010, i have so many miles on it , but i can't see the digital dash
i'm on the third battery bought an AGM in Jan, this one is holding up much better,
replaced the cdi 3 yrs ago and fixed a stripped sparkplug with a helicoil 2yrs ago
still got OEM tires mirrors etc.
no other problems runs grreat
just ordered new brake handles and master cylinders off ebay, it rides on the back of my RV and is my run around vehicle, No car
i'm 68yrs old
can't afford the 5k-6k for the original big ruckus
i paid $1100 for my z150t-24, in 2010
great ride, have fun, be safe

Feb 29, 2016
Best money spent on a 2 wheeler NEW
by: Rowdytoride

Update from September 14 2015..
So I've put 3200 miles on my Rowdy and it's running awesome. I ride the scooter every chance i get. The motor started to break in around 1200 miles. It's still getting around 77mpg and with gas being around 2.50 for gas i fill up my tank with 4.89. This scooter is paying for it's self and it's so much fun to ride. This scooter is worth the money i paid. I do notice the price has gone up on this scooter. I got it for 1.700 hundred now it's 2.400 hundred. I'm glad i got it.TIP. Anyone that gets a scooter. Keep up on maintenance and the scooter will last for years... Good luck to all of you who ride 2 wheels and enjoy the open road.

Feb 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

Did you get it? I'm thinking about getting one in Southern California also.

Feb 03, 2016
Owned maintained since 2012 NEW
by: Dan - Carlsbad

4yr Rowdy owner.
Biggest problem is the wiring! There's manual schematic but the actual wire colors differ in many places making it a pain in the butt to troubleshoot. Most of the problems stem from the cheap connectors. I had to add a piece of solder wire to each wire plug just so each pin would make contact reliably. I can say I'm an expert rowdy electrician.

Valve adjustment at 1000 miles $250

Center stand hardware nut and bolt broke off $20

Fuel pump and Carburetor replaced at 1400 miles. $225

Blew the engine out at 1700 miles because I didn't check oil. Totally my fault. Replaced for. $700.

Front turn signal lights broken from sticking too far out, replaced with chrome lights. $35

3 batteries replaced $75 each

Brake fluid check window modification - JB weld nickels over the Windows. $20

One small tube trunk about the size of a 2 liter bottle , had to add 2 saddlebags and crotch bag. $60

But I will continue to keep my rowdy running because #1 I believe in taking care of what you have. And
#2 I get so many compliments on rowdy, even at intersections during traffic. Everyone loves it's style
It's unique. It's durable . It's a little more manly than a Vespa.

Dec 20, 2015
I own a 2006 Big Ruckus NEW
by: Anonymous

It is worth every penny I paid for it.. I get 72mpg and have gone as fast as 88mph. I live in the Desert so the radiator was a must.. It's a TANK.. I have seen the ssr rowdy copy, not worth the price. Honda runs circles around the rest

Dec 13, 2015
Best chinese generic NEW
by: Rodney

I have owned a dozen scooters the past several years. The Rowdy is the best ever: most comfortable, reliable, predictable 80mpg every time. Others I had were also chinese generics. It's so comfortable for the passenger, too, that she fell asleep and almost fell off, on short ride locally.

Nov 26, 2015
real info on rowdy and other names for the znen NEW
by: sentinelxyz

the rowdy is made by znen but it is called by them as the rocky and seems to come as a two tone painted cycle. then other companies like SSR rowdy seeming to be the largest sole distributor of the Rowdy basically gets exclusive rights and then transforms bike into multi colored line of bikes and then puts their brand on it . something anyone can do in business when importing a product from china . so that's it the rocky by znen is the rowdy by SSR. im going to buy one real soon . they make a lot of Chinese junk but,from what I am reading they (ZNEN) are considered one of if not the best quality of Chinese scooters. im sure there are more on the list of top five in china but right now I don't know who they are .

Nov 17, 2015
Don't do it!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Chinese junk.
Not worth the 'savings'.
Dont do it.

Oct 06, 2015
pricing NEW
by: Anonymous

"The Honda big Rukus is twice the price but well worth it."

Hey, Mike. The Honda Big Ruckus was FOUR TIMES the price of the clone.

Sep 14, 2015
SS 150cc rowdy NEW
by: Scooter rider

So I bought my scooter from that same store you mentioned.I bought it in 1/25/15 I got it two weeks later.I inspected to make sure it wasn't damaged,The scooter was so clean and shiny people thought it was a motorcycle. They sent paper work for registration and got that 3 day after I got the scooter.So I had the scooter in my garage for 8 months because I had some family issues.But finally got it registered.Mind you I live in the Bay area so it took me 61/2 hours at DMV to do a 5 min job.But after that put my plates on it and been riding the heck out of it.You do have to break it in for the first 300 miles.Change the oils and recheck everything on it after the 300 miles.But from what I have noticed is a very well made scooter.The only thing is that this scooter is a cruising scooter its not a fast take off kinda scooter but once you get going it will hit 50mph with no problem.Also on the miles per.fuel Im getting around 77mpg.It has a 3.3gal fuel tank which im paying 319 per gallon.So I fill it with 7dollars.In my conclusion this scooter is worth the money.But just remember not every scooter will be built the same.So yes they might be some lemons out there....I hope you get one and Enjoy it as much as I do...GOOD LUCK.

Sep 09, 2015
i have a ssr gensen ca NEW
by: Anonymous

i had for about a year.normalwear and tear..but if u know how to work on them no prblems..best thousand bucks i wasted brand new..so far 4500 miles with no problems

Sep 05, 2015
scooter repair NEW
by: Anonymous

Sikkskooters.com. chinese scooter repair. Check out the yelp reviews

Jun 04, 2015
Love it NEW
by: The Beast

I just bought my scooter from Craigslist from a guy who bought just to work on it. I am very impressed with it because I was worried that it wouldnt be able to hold me because I am 6'3 250lbs but it holds me just fine. I got it for $750 and so far I think it was a great investment. If I need to buy another one I think that I would buy another one the same. good luck!!!

Jun 09, 2014
Worst NEW
by: Mike

This is the worst. The Honda big Rukus is twice the price but well worth it. This thing is nothing but trouble.

I live on the other side of the country from California so everything takes two weeks to get here. The throttle cable came off the guide so it became disconnected if the throttle is turned past stop. The adjustable seat is a horrible idea, mine would not lock into place from the start. stripped two bolts holes removing the old one. Several of the bolts striped the first time I had to tighten them up when I did the first check. The head light bulb burned out after 50 miles, Everything loosened up even the muffler at 50 miles. muffler tab that a bolt goes through broke at 100 miles. Blinker failed at 100 miles, Kick stand broke off at 200 miles. This was the most frustrating because it has to be welded and the company wont pay to get it fixed.

Kick starter fell apart and the parts had to be completely removed at 500 miles because they were making so much noise. It is a hard horrible ride. slow on starting out and the tires have no traction. The drive belt disintegrated at 2000 miles.

No parts available anywhere in the US for these things. Battery completely died after two months when put up for winter.

The thing is just horribly cheap.

Oct 16, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 23, 2012
Break In NEW
by: Anonymous

did you break them in hard or easy?

Aug 14, 2012
rowdy ruckus clone 150cc NEW
by: twoscoots@scootdawg

The rowdy goes faster with time. Mine has hit a gps tested 59mph on flat level road, no cars, and no wind blowing. Only changes were: 1: Changed to a 1 1/4 inch exhaust pipe. 2: Rejetted to a 110 main jet. 3: Switched to a larger muffler from ebay.
Scooter has 1800 miles on it and I weigh about 225 pounds. Fastest short downhill speed on a freeway was 66.7 according to my gps.

P.S. My other Rowdy scooter has about 400 miles on it and was rejetted to a 115 main jet. Muffler and pipe are same as other bike. Still nowhere as fast as my older one although they are identical except for the 115 jet. Hoping it gets faster with more miles.

Aug 10, 2012
Service for Rowdy Scooters NEW
by: Anonymous

There are several places around Los Angeles that will work on any SSR Vehicle.

You can call SSR Motorsports directly (their distribution center is in the LA area) and they can send you to the nearest repair facility for your SSR.

Aug 05, 2012
Got one NEW
by: Hollywoodsk8R

I have had 1 for almost a year now I live in hollywood ride it around everyday really had any problems with it except for the air filter cover fell off when I replace the air filter cause I did and put screws on all the way. I change the oil regularly myself. Its really easy and takes all about 5 mins. I have had aa hard time finding someone to help me out with working on it, most places won't touch any Chinese scooters(in los Angeles). Any one live in hollyoodca and have a legit place to gget a tune up or value adjustment ....?

Jul 20, 2012
Rowdy in Chicago NEW
by: Scott

I've had mine for two months now- bought it from Motobuys.com. It's a great looking and riding scooter. Back rest is nice. I have, however, had it in the shop three times already. The horn was inoperable so was replaced. It started stalling so the Second City Scooters guys adjusted the idle, but still problems. Finally they went over it carefully and found that the ignition coil was malfunctioning and causing the stalls. So had that replaced. Now it's working well again. If no more problems (for a long time) I will still be satisfied... If you can get this (or an Astro) from a local dealer who will warantee- labor and parts- for 6 months you should do it that way.

Jun 30, 2012
What's the latest 411? NEW
by: Kornut

Did you end up buying the Rowdy? ....from powrsprtsmax??? If so, what are you're thoughts on it?
I ask because I own one; bought it new in Nov. of Last year (2011) & I have had just about the same amount of Good experiences as Bad one's - since I bought it.

May 30, 2012
Greta scooter NEW
by: Randy

The rowdy is a great scooter. I did some homework and research on SSR before I made my purchase. I have had my scooter for just over 4 months now and have only had to change my oil per required maintenance schedule. Scooter Runs great and I get comments all the time while riding it. I got mine from buyscootersdirect.com . I picked it up at their shop assembled and ready to ride home for just under $1300 with the extended warranty.
My one suggestion is to make sure you ask where the idle screw is located because when they are new and start to break in the idle with get lower to where the scooter can stall at some times when you come to a stop. I located mine by looking in the users manual. But someone showing you in person would be a lot easier.

Apr 20, 2012
all about the dealer NEW
by: pg

great scooter, rides more like a bike, which is good
make sure you buy from a dealer who sets the thing up before they deliver to you
it is well worth the money

Jul 17, 2011
Just Got One
by: George

I just purchased one and I am impressed with the scooter. It starts easy, handles well. There is no way this scooter goes over 50 MPH. I had a friend follow me and the speedometer exaggerates the speed by about 7 MPH. However, I realize that these machines need time to break in and as they do they get stronger and faster, but for now I say it is a 50 MPH scooter at top end. When the scooter has 300 to 500 miles I will review it again. If the quality hold up it is a fantastic deal for your money. So lets see how it hold up.

Jul 05, 2011
Got one
by: Mike Cain

I bought one of these almost 3 years ago, and all I have had to do to it, is oil and a belt. I put the kevlar belt on it about 2k miles ago. I have over 4k miles on this little scooter, and for the price, I dont think you can go wrong. I also purchased mine from J&J. Great guy over there, and he puts these together well. Only real issue I has was the insturment panel got dinged one day, and I had to replace it, but I took it up to the shop, and 15 minutes later I was riding all over town again.
These little guys ARE highway rated, but I think you would be a fool to take this tiny, quiet bike out in the world of semis and speed demons. It will hit 55 or 60, but thats downhill and with a light rider. :)

Hope you enjoy yours!

Mike Cain

Jun 15, 2011
i have one in la
by: tom pearson

it is great 80 mph and i commute on it daily 1600 out the door reg inc.j and j motorsports el monte

May 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Im getting one of this for 1600.00 OTD (includes everything) with one year IN STORE warranty. i hope its a good reliable scooter, cross our fingers :)

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