Christina Roberts - Proud New Owner of a 49cc Electric Yanglei Scooter

by Christina Roberts
(Vancouver, WA)

I'm on a grand adventure into a great unknown because I've only recently (within the last month!) bought my first (used) scooter, and now I'm on the hunt for a 150cc gas scooter--on a really tight budget!

This last May, I graduated from WSUV with a BA in Creative Media and Digital Culture (fancy way of saying multimedia and design). Because of loans to pay off, I cannot afford anything over $2000 right now. I may get lucky and stumble into a clearance sale at a local motorsports shop, or I may not. That's part of the adventure!

There is no hope for me owning a car at this time, which is why I decided on a scooter to begin with: something sleek, cheap (relative in comparison to a car), very economical on gas, and much lower on insurance.

My parents taught me to be shamelessly independent, frugal, and thrifty, and so never paid for a car, insurance, phone, computer--anything of that nature for me. They always said "save for what you want." To this day I still do NOT have a driver's license--and I'm 21! No shame, just economics going on.

But now it's time, and I have decided, a scooter is the way for me! If I had more money, I would still choose a scooter. I've become addicted to riding them!

However, when I bought my scooter used for $400, I knew very little about them except electric = no money spent for gas. I didn't even know what 50cc meant! I loved my scooter, until I realized I needed to buy new batteries. It's a 2008 Yanglei Chinese-brand scooter and besides that, I know nothing about it! The original batteries were still in it too!

So there went $200.

But besides learning to use my body for balance, becoming more road-savvy, and enjoying how much fun it is to ride, I need a better scooter to commute around town to meetings. I've found that an electric scooter is good for one meeting, but then I must return home to charge it.

My clients ask why I cannot make a meeting at 10, then one at 12. It's quite slow uphill and the pedals only kick in if I'm down to 2-3mph! This is unacceptable.

It's been a lovely scooter. Black, sleek, fun to ride with a beautiful imitation leather skin seat, and I'm quite confident in my beginner skills now, but alas, it's time to save and buy a new one!

As a completely new scooter person all-around, I've spent nearly 7 hours researching brands (and myths on "bad" brands), local stores, Craig's List, proper gear and accessories, speed versus weight, and so forth.

So my adventure only now is truly beginning! I must practice my driving, pass the driver's test, then buy a scooter, attend a motorcycle safety training course, and pass that! All in that process, I will have to purchase insurance for it. And I hope to do all this in a month.

I'm nervous, but very impatient! This investment will wipe out most of my savings but it will be worth it!

I hope I will be able to update my profile in the future to track my progress. =)

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Aug 19, 2011
Great Update!
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Hi Christina... My website software doesn't allow pictures on comments, but if you post your wash & wax story over here, you can have up to 4 pics:

Looking forward to seeing them!

Jul 18, 2011
My first ever wash, wax, and attempted repair
by: Christina

After a good deal of research, I successfully washed and waxed my scooter. It looks so nice! How do I post images on here to show? ...

But I noted 2 tire rims have some rust. Hm. This was there when I purchased it. I may buy new rims but not at this time.

My blinkers have a TERRIBLE sound associated with them! Very similar to a heavy truck's backing up sound--and just as loud! I learned how to unscrew the front skin, remove it, and check for the sound. It's up in the dash board chamber? There were too many cords for my notice expertise to maneuver around so I gave that up today.

I also learned I have 2 bad bulb sockets. I put a new bulb in, turned it on fine; turned it off, then turned it on and it blew out!

Just what, if any, checking and maintenance did the original owner do for this poor scooter? It looks nice, but is that outside only? I'm determined to love it as long as I can, keep it for a long time.

I took my scooter for a test ride after this, and boy the brakes squeak terribly! Next project: learn to remove brake pads and either sand them down or see if there's any scooter-safe brake silence fluid to apply.

It appears my adventures are building!

Jul 11, 2011
Chinese Scooters
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Christina... You'll find lots of help here if you plan to maintain your Chinese scoot on your own. There are many helpful Chinese scooter owners who frequent the pages here.

If you haven't seen our section on Chinese scoots, though, I encourage you to look at it:

Chinese scooters

Jul 10, 2011
Thanks. An Update
by: Christina

Thank you Kathi for your compliments, comment, and for accepting my story!

I'll post some pictures when my scooter's back from the shop. I ran over a rock and popped the back tire tube. I should have it back tomorrow.

An update: I've been talking to a motorcycle mechanic through email and Tumblr all about scooter brands, upkeep, storage--the works. I've even shown him the website I will most likely buy a scooter from.

Least to say, I've been asking a lot of questions, called the company, found out a lot of about them from past to present reviews. This will be a learning experience driving, buying, and upkeep! Looks like I'll be learning how to do more than change oil on one, for I've read, to expect a little extra ongoing maintenance for Chinese scooters. Not that that may be bad though. =)

Jul 09, 2011
Welcome to the club!
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Welcome to our online scooter club, Christina... and welcome to the world of scootering... ain't it grand? :)

It was fun to read your story and of your excitement at owning a scooter. It's just how I felt back in 2007, when I bought my Genuine Buddy... and how I still feel to this day.

And what an extraordinary young woman you must be... your parents raised you up right! Very refreshing.

Please keep us updated... and feel free to send me a pic or two of you on your scooter. Would love to see your smiling face. :)

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