2007 Vento Tritan GT5 Scooter Review

by climberjohn

Can't compare it to other scooters I haven't owned, but seems to run great (until now). Jeff (owner of USA Scooters in Indpls) says only he can work on them due to his experience (what a crock), and non professionals can only mess them up.

Guess I won't even be giving him any more parts business!


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May 12, 2010
No Help
by: Anonymous

Don't have a Tritan but have a Phantom.
Even when Vento was in business, which it appears that they are no longer in the USA, they were extremely non-responsive to problems, even during my first year of ownership. It seems that everytime I found someone to work on the scooter, they went out of business within a year.

When it drove, it rode great, but I've given up and am looking for something else.

Mar 01, 2010
Vacuum Line
by: Jim Zeiser

It's definitely a vacuum line. After you first 100 yards the choke opens and the carb goes off the enrichener circuit. Now the open air line is causing the bike to starve out. Start the bike and listen for a hissing noise. I had this same problem and it was a bad valve in a clean air device stay open and suck air. I plugged it and everything was fine. You may have had a hose come off your carb or charcoal canister. Check every vacuum hose. Definitely the problem.

Jan 15, 2010
solution to your problem
by: Anonymous

Try checking the gas cap for a blockage or fuel line. possibly even the vacuum line. This is definately a fuel delivery problem - ie, the fuel level in float bowl becomes too low resulting in a lack of power. :)

Dec 08, 2009
Vento Tritan Review Update
by: climberjohn

Heavy enough for a relatively smooth ride,even with passengers, more take-off power than any other scooter I've ridden, highest speed so far is 52mph (wind at my back), but usually 44-47mph.

Almost always ride at full throttle/speed, up to 40 miles one way to job sites, so far no problem (until now). Got on the other morning, started right up,died 100 yards down road.

New plug, full of 2-cycle oil, drained tank & added new gas... Starts at first touch of starter switch, but still dies after about 100 yards (when cold).

Once it has been ridden for its now maximum journey of 100 yards, it will still start at the touch of the button, but will no longer pull itself forward more than a couple inches before it dies. Let it sit for awhile, and it's the same story all over again.

Why can't I find any tech info on the best scooter I've ridden? Don't want to buy a slower, less powerful scooter, just want to fix the (almost new) one I've got.

Enjoy doing my own mechanical work, have done it for at least 35 of my 52 years, but Jeff at Scooters USA in Indianapolis says that there is no way I can do any work on it myself, no one can work on it but him, and no one else can learn (guess he's special).

Guess anyone in the Indianapolis area who has scooter problems shouldn't be asking him for any tech tips, cause he sure ain't sharin'!

I highly recommend 2-wheels, they aren't trying the old con that the rest of the world is too stupid to learn self maintenance on their scooters, they seem to be willing to give advice and sell you parts without insisting you aren't capable of doing any of the work yourself.

Dec 07, 2009
Need More Info
by: Kathi

This isn't really so much a review, as an opinion... can you give us a bit more info on what you do and don't like about this scoot?

PS I moved your question to our question forum, where it is more appropriate. Look for answers from our resident experts there. (Might take an hour or two to appear.)

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