Why is my scooter only running for a short amount of time?

by Brian
(Peoria, AZ)

My Scooter

My Scooter

I just purchased a Brand New Flyscooters GS125 (Motorcycle/Scooter crossbreed). It is 4 stroke, semi-auto, basically had zero Miles on it. I took it home, and rode it for the first 4 days, everything was fine... then I traveled to the DMV which was about 5 miles away from my house.

I think the max speed I can go is roughly 60MPH and I was well over 90km/h. While in 4th "gear" and high speeds I heard the engine just shut off with a pretty low thump. It sounded like it was trying to continue but kept slowing and then completely shut off.

Only thing came to mind was I drew the speed limit. Then I thought about checking the oil... I did and it was completely dry. I tried restarting it, and it didn't start, about 20 minutes later I tried and this time it turned on... I rode it to the store, and got 1 quart of SAE 10w-30 Motor Oil, and put the whole thing in motor.

Took a little while before it turned on again but it did, and I was excited... I thought I solved the problem. I continued home, and then it shut off again, this time I wasn't even going 40mph, it sounds like hiccups, and comes to a stop fast.

My friend picked me and the bike up... I thought I just overheated it big time that day. The next day, it started fine. After about 15 minutes of riding, it shut off again. I touched the motor, it's burning, and the muffler isn't nearly as hot as the motor.

I now can get about 10 minutes riding it, and going slow, I think maybe it's heating up or something is causing it to turn off rather fast?

Any ideas? Sorry, I'm writing so much.. I leave it here... please respond if you can, I don't know who else to ask, and no-one in the internet world seems to have a GS125. May you be blessed in abundance for your time... Thank You

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Aug 12, 2015
You ran the engine dry you blew it up NEW
by: Anonymous

Chinese or not if you drive with zero oil damage is going to happen its not damage that will go away you fffed it up and now it needs a new engine..... Sorry to be the seemingly only one who knows that runng any engine drynwill cause permemant damage and will have to be rebuilt if possible or replaced

Jul 23, 2011
Tired of Chinese scooters getting slammed
by: Anonymous

Anyone who thinks all Chinese scooters are junk does not know what they're talking about. While some may have some issues many others do not. Do the research and you'll find their engines and transmissions are very well built. Our shop services all types of scooters and for the person who knows absolutely NOTHING about scooters and has no desire to learn they are better off in a car. If you don't take care of your vehicles then maybe you're better off in a car. If your total idea of caring for the scooter is to put gas in it when it's getting low then get a car. Even the best scooters require maintenance to run properly but the Japanese ones are more forgiving to the callous scooter owner.

Jul 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I bought one of these and had the exact same problems. Turned out to be the fuel breather canister under the seat. It was faulty and had melted itself shut. We just chunked it completely and ran drip lines down the frame. Seems to have straightened it out.

Mar 19, 2011
Fly GS 125
by: Anonymous

These are great bikes but seem to have an over vacuum problem. Remove the gas cap and put it back on but don't turn and lock it in place. See if this helps.

Also I would override the kickstand shut off. Not a very good design on this.

Mar 02, 2011
Thanks for your post!
by: Brian

Hey, it's been quite some time since I posted this info and no-one had responded. I appreciate you taking the time and posting something. About the scooter, yea I figured that much on how its a cheap Chinese import, with the cheapest parts on the planet. This was supposed to just take me locally from and to work. But in roughly days, it was shutting off.

Your suggestion, the KYMCO... is hott. I really appreciate the suggestion. I will be looking into it, cause so far it looks great and a bit more heavy duty then mine. I'm not so sure if it is an actual motorcycle or not. It looks like one but its 150cc? I don't know much of the terms but will do research to see how reliable those are, I'm sure any are better than what I got. Thanks again for the post!

Mar 01, 2011
Get rid of it.
by: Anonymous

The main problem is: you own a low-quality motorcycle that is made in China by companies that care very little about reliability or rider safety. If you like that size/style of bike you would be much better off on a Kymco Quannon 150 - which is built in Taiwan where quality rivals Japanese-made bikes. Don't save money in exchange for putting yourself at risk on the road - if that crappy engine should fail while you're going around a curve or something, it could put you in serious jeopardy. You wouldn't buy a car from domestic Chinese manufacturer because you'd see as soon as you got half a mile down the road what crap they put out. The same is true for the motorcycles made in China, even under the FLY brand name (which has gone out of business, btw).

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